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How To Remove Front And Rear Speakers?

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The front are a pain in the :censor: :

Ive only half done it cos chickened out

there are 3 main bolts, 1 in the arm rest, 1 under a flap in the handle and another near the bottom somewhere.

there are also two poppers on the door card next to where the door hinges.

take all these out and your door card should supposedly come off giving you access but Ive not tried it yet

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Yeah you might be able to. I have electric windows so my door card is a little different.

The rear Speakers look like those I had in my old primera. I just basically ripped the plastic covers off and then popped out the Speakers. I had to cut away at the metal shelf afterwards so I could fit my 6 x 9's in. If had to do it again though, I would fit Speakers that fitted straight off.

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If the car is like mine, here are the steps.

Remove all the skrews. Door lever, handle etc.

Gently pull and slip youre finger between the door and the cover, and pull away from the door,

it uses a plastic pin to hook into the metal, looks like a Yen (Currency) sign.

There should be 3 to 4 in the bottom, two on the inside of the door, and 2 on the outside.

When this is done pull the cover upwards, and bobs your unlce, first time is hard. there after its real EASY!!

Dis my own install and doing competition with my baby, think the standard is 4" Speakers. Toyota loves thier 4" in the

pre-2000 models.

Me running: Boschamnn 6" Split in front 300w

Boschmann 6" Mid range in the rear 400w

1000w RMS Calibra Evolution V-12 sub

1200 1ch Blaster Amp.

Boschmann Competition Series Frontloader, 60x4, 5 Channel output, Dedicated Sub out RCA

Happy Listen

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