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Engine Stalls


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I'm having the same problem, but mine seems a bit more severe. It's worse when the engine is cold and when i lift off the accelerator, the revs drop and don't catch at the idle, just keep falling. Sometimes it catches it at 300 or so rpm and after a few seconds picks back up, sometimes it just stalls. It also doesn't idle very steady, lots of movement on the needle. When it stalls out, and i restart i have to pump gas to get it to start - i'm thinking its the fuel filter - so i'll look at this first.

Basically it could be one of a thousand things - you need to look at whether it happens all the time or just when air con or lights are on - this means it is electrical. It could be:

Leaking vacuum hose

Faulty plugs, leads, dissy cap or rotor

Faulty fuel pump, filter or injector

Timing out

These are the main problems, but it could be EGR valve, blocked air filter, or loads of other stuff. If you can't find it, look at taking the car to toyota dealership for a diagnostic machine run.

Good luck


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