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Hello, cheers for the comment, I'll give you the details:

I have 4 blue cold cathodes from eBuyer, they are about a quid a tube, take a minute to warm up, but there's no point spending 20 hard earned notes on some StreetGlow or Max Power stuff.

I have a tube under the dash either side AND a tube under each seat, so the rear glows as well, you can see a little bit on the photo. Under the seats there is like a metal bar which is can clip to fair easily with a cable tie, passenger side with slightly more awkward as there is a tray there. Under the dash I can't remember exactly, but there are some kinds of bars under there, which they can go onto, just have a look under there there's plenty to go by.

The wiring; now these come with a 2 white wires which go to a plug and plug into an inverter, all good. The then have a plug and wires which is supposed to go to a computer plug, so it has a load of yellow wires and that attached, they can all come off until you are left with just a red and black wire (I guessed that these were the 12v supply, so cut off the rest, and it works, it should be obvious how to do this once you get to it, I can't remember specifically)

Now that I basically had 12v => Inverter => Neons I put the 12v wires into the back of the cigarette lighter. This is a bit fiddly to get too. The dash needs to be taken off practically. The speedo thing comes off, then the rest pulls forwards and the radio can be removed then you should get to the back of the 12v, I can't remember this specifically, I think there are guides how to get the dash off on the forum, or a Haynes manual will explain all.

On the back of the 12v there are a couple of plugs which I just unplugged and put my wires into there. This of course means the 12v plug won't work. If you want this to work you could easily cut the wires and solder together the 3 parts, I didn't do this because 1) I'd prefer not to cut it, for ease of replacing when I sell the car, 2) to avoid overloading it, 3) I didn't care about the 12v supply.

I'll just note as well that you will need to cut and extend some wires to get to the back, and you don't want to be extending the white wires too much, they don't work after the inverter, I guess the voltage/current isn't high enough to handle the resistance of the long wires. They are okay to extended a little though, but extend the 12v wires to the back of the car, and put your inverter hidden somewhere under the seat too. You'll find all these wires can be tucked under the trim, so you can't see a thing.

Take the time to do the job properly too, don't just twist and tape them (like I did the first time) will just cause you problems, get them soldered.

I also whacked in a switch (one comes with eh cold cathodes, which you can cut off and solder into the main 12v supply)

All the 12v ends will have to meet and go into the supply together, it IS important which way around they go into the supply, so try them before you solder and put the dash back.

Hope this helps :)

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