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Screenshot from Torque Pro

Screenshot from Torque Pro


Here's a screenshot taken this evening from my phone which I've be running Torque Pro with several of the plug ins associated with it.

Only been using it a few days and not really had the chance to really play with it on the road, just on the drive to and from work.

The speed and fuel consumption seems fairy accurate but I'm not so sure about the power figure... best of 104 approx at around 3,300 rpm..... yesterday I got 134 around 4,000 rpm. These are meant to be from the wheels aswell (for which you can assume a rough loss of 20-25% through the drivetrain) so it's kicking more at the wheels than when it was new despite being totally stock, as I hadn't wanted to upset the emmisions before it's mot.

Let's just say some more fine tuning of all the apps parameters and vehicle profile before getting anything near realistic power figures.

I like the 0 - 60 time of 11 secs though. I was waiting at a junction waiting to get on the dual carriageway and booted it, wasn't trying for an acceleration time and had a nice bit of unintended wheel spin aswell so it would be interesting to take her to old disused runway near mine where theres no issues with it being on the public road and seeing what she'll do :)

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