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  2. Hello and welcome to the TOC Patrick.
  3. Confact the dealer and get them to look at it.
  4. We have BP, Shell and Tesco local to us. Tend to use BP or Shell. Sometimes use Tesco fuel, but if I do, I use Tesco Momentum premium grade which has their best additive package. Toyota owners manuals state a minimum requirement of EN228, 95RON or higher.
  5. Hi I have attached a 1sec clip of the sound. I have taken it from a Video Recording which I edited to reduce Noise and Amplify the sound. It's not as loud in real life as I've amplified it so it can be heard in the mp3. Hope it helps. Yaris - Squeaky Noise.mp3
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  7. Hi which petrol do you use ? I had this conversation with a Vw service manager when I was running a Vw Tiguan diesel last year , he was telling me supermarket fuel we advise fuel injector clean every year, big four shell/bp/ ect injector clean every 3 years .picking up a new RAV4 Excel awd Wednesday. What do you use thanks again
  8. Hi RAV4 AWD Excel Obsidian Blue placed my order 6th March picking up my car Wednesday 19th June 😄
  9. I am on the hunt for a jack and wheel brace for a 2014 Auris Touring Sport. Are they common parts to a range of Toyotas or does the touring sports have specific ones? Thanks
  10. See
  11. Thank you for that great information ☺️
  12. Thank you both for your help. I think I will contact a local garage tomorrow, and see what they say.
  13. furtula


    You can check on if you want to be sure, i used this site when buying new rims, info was always spot on.
  14. As furtula says you can buy sensors for MUCH less than what Toyota want. My first action would be to have the sensor changed, either by yourself or get a mechanic to get one and fit it, and see what happens to the light. If it goes off and stays off, problem solved. That should not be too dear.
  15. You can buy a non OEM sensor for much less than what Toyota wants, after all it's just a sensor, not some complicated electronic module. You can drive the car just fine even if the sensor is currently not working, replacement should be pretty easy, you just unscrew it, screw another one in, and it's just a simple plastic connector, go for a few miles drive to clear the code. The car is using the data from the sensor to adjust the mix of air to fuel, and to keep emissions in check, but i guess once the sensor is broken, it goes to some default mode, i had it broken and fixed, i never noticed any difference in performance.
  16. Official Toyota have a bank1 sensor 2 sensor on eBay for £193. Are you suggesting that I don't need to worry about the sensor? Some people talk about turning off the EML warning light. I'd rather get it sorted out. I also rent my car out online. It means it is being driven by a variety of people. And it has been rented quite a lot over the last 6 months particularly. That may be something I need to review. I don't drive it many miles myself. I think it had done around 20000 until a couple of years ago. I might try a local garage, to see what they say. I don't know what could have caused it.
  17. Changing the sensor would take a local garage very little time as it is easily accessible once the car is raised, so I don’t think that could cost too much. The sensors themselves , from limited research, don’t seem too dear either. The catalytic converters on Argos seem to last well, at least there does not appear to be much forum activity discussing them which normally is a sign of a recurring problem component. If the cat. has failed the emissions will be not acceptable for MOT standards, but if only the sensor has failed I don’t think that will be the case. I would find a reliable, friendly local garage/mechanic and have a chat is a common problem with older cars. 50,000miles on a Toyota 1,0 litre engine is not a big mileage, they seem to go on for ever if looked after! I hope you have a successful outcome. By the way, I think £850 for a clutch fitted at a Toyota dealer is a good deal!
  18. I had the whole dash taken out recently, and it's not a hard job to do. First you need to remove the part in blue, wedge plastic trim removal tool, or flathead screwdriver wrapped in tape, push out, it pops out easily. Now you need to pull on the red part, you only pull from the side which is marked on the picture, i think that should be enough, as you only need some clearance to get the glovebox out. After this you open the glovebox, you take the small plastic tray which is inside, you have 2 screws, unscrew, take the glovebox out. This video should also be helpfull
  19. Mike169


    Hi Paul. I am only guessing but I think the answer is yes. Regards, Mike.
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  21. For the avoidance of doubt go easy on it, literally a metal polishing block or very fine wet and dry lightly over each side of the break, you just need to expose some bare metal so you have a decent surface to conduct from and to, not get the angle grinder out and cut a trench 😄
  22. So close now mick, it will all come good 👍 The car looks great with white on white wheels combo too 👍
  23. That'll be it 😳 In my defence, the last time I did it was on an Datsun Cherry, and that didn't need sanding, the metal was exposed. Thanks !
  24. Hi I'm having this sake problem rite now can someone tell me wat vacuum hoses need blocked off etc had to go back to standard air box I've done everything instructions said and a new maf
  25. I just don't have the equipment. I wouldn't even feel confident jacking the car up safely. If I could access it through the bonnet, I might give it a try, but I will have to take it to a garage to deal with it, I think. As you say, it might not be the sensor. I don't even know the part number of the sensor. Not for certain, anyway. Although I could get that from Toyota. They recently charged me £850 for a new clutch. They wanted £1000. So I don't want another large bill. I will see what they say on Tuesday. They charge £150 just to diagnose the fault. It's a 10 year old car, with 50,000 miles. Until the last month, it had cost me nothing in repair costs.
  26. According to the Westfalia website, they do a rear bike carrier for the Aygo 2014-. Contact them for advice.
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