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  2. Blimey.. How long is your drive.... Reversing 2 miles!!!
  3. I have Auris 2010. Right tell-tale bulb/lamp is not working on the dashboard, otherwise indicator outside is fine. Toyota has told me strange thing that it will cost £670 because apparently they can't change bulb/lamp only but will need to change whole unit Please guide how to fix this issue? Is tell-tale light required for MOT? Thanks
  4. To be honest no way would I leave that on thye car without it being checked and classed as safe by a professional tyre fitter. Asa other posters said that is the only contact you have with the road.
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  6. Totally agree with to the point that toyota should not have put on the reserve to achleve a greater goal.Too much of that in football without bringing that into a solid business which could damage their reparation.
  7. Although mines a 2adtftv the egr opens fractionally one way and fully turning (by hand, plastic cover off) the other way. Rgds
  8. Hi Glenn. That split in your tyre is what's known in the trade as 'motorway blowouts' and is very dangerous and if the Police do a tyre check on your vehicle for any reason you could get a fine and 3 points on your licence. I personally suggest you get it changed asap. Incidentally what's your spare like f you have one that is. If you do have a spare but it's low on tread get a new tyre on there and also the tyre with a split in it and get them fitted to the car, some people will tell you to have the 2 new tyres fitted to front axle while others will say on the rear axle, ask the tyre place for their advise. Regards. Mike.
  9. eygo

    advice on tyre

    i've had a full set of cross climates and they where great during the winter & summer months sure footed at all times good grip dry & wet and very quiet. why have a set of winter & summer tyres when you can have just 1 set of tyres for all seasons that work really well in both seasons.
  10. Hi all I have a 2002 t22 d4d avensis and I cannot get rear fog light to work I have changed bulbs,fuses and relays and still nothing and no dash light showing me they are on either When I take relay out and check socket with fase tester I am getting permanent power in one terminal all times with no ignition or lights on but when I try ignition or lights on it just stays the same And also if I short the fog lights across from the side lights at the rear light cluster the fogs come not a bother so that's rules out the rear clusters Any help would be muchly appreciated as it is baffling me totally Regards CGM
  11. Thanks for your reply. I haven’t had any luck at all with my enquires in the U.K. Good luck finding something.
  12. It is the same on the new Corolla, you only get the 3D view if you are actually using the Satnav. The issue of retaining the settings has been raised with Toyota UK and a 'fix' is in the pipeline.
  13. You can check here too:
  14. Hi Craig, welcome to the club.
  15. Hello guys, I just bought a automatic Corolla AE110 with a dead engine and instead of simply replacing it I am thinking about swapping and also I am not a fan of automatic transmission so I want to change that too... I am looking for powerful but simple and practical solutions not headaches otherwise I will just stick to the original engine, HELP ME!!!!
  16. Thanks for the link. F1 autocentres is where I'm trying to get the tyre from but they can't seem to find one, I'll try pointing them to their website maybe that'll help.
  17. Any one found a video for this, (2AD-FT preferably) , although I'd like to remove the air-intake manifold but have no idea how complicated it is? Great pics Rgds
  18. Sorry to hear this but, buying anything require some research. Why Toyota used BMW engine: At the time when Toyota has their main focus on hybrid means they didn't want to invest in diesel. They got their vision right. Spending money on diesel to meet Euro 6 was not worth the investment. I didn't want a BMW engine packaged by a Toyota skin, that's why I opted for an older car. So what ever car you buy, always spend times researching it and read reviews of the problems they have and to look out for.
  19. Sorry just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing. Are you referring to the hole directly behind the EGR valve (as you are looking from the front of the car) that the EGR valve covers when fitted, ie behind the EGR valve flap itself essentially.? If so this isnt clogged, we dont appear to have any clogging within the EGR valve, within the pipe to the EGR valve (and where that pipe connects to) or behind the EGR valve flap. Should the EGR valve flap move when the plastic (presumably control unit/solenoid) is attached? I seem to remember this valve flap moving a lot more when we were cleaning it but now its back together with the plastic control unit on it only open a few millimetres at most.
  20. As Paul mentioned, the valve itself isn't the part that clogs up it's the part as it enters the manifold, i remember mine was clogged solid at 20k ! just after i'd bought it. It's simple to take the plastic cover off the valve mech and operate it by hand to make sure it moves.
  21. You can fix it yourself with tyre puncture repair kit of amazon or eBay, right at the edge it’s no problem, only can’t repair it at the wall. Other option for you is to get a spray can that is for temporary repair , leave the screw in, get the tyre low on pressure and use the spray bottle to pump in some air and glue like mixture that will seal the gap between the screw and the rubber, set it to the spec pressure and here you go. Can drive like that till get your tyres low and need replacement. CAR VAN TYRE TIRE PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT WITH 15 STRIPS BESTSELLER 3X EMERGENCY FLAT TYRE FIX SPRAY INFLATE PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT
  22. If you don't find an outfit who can vulcanise it as above, then the size of tyre you need to buy is one of the most popular sizes available! An upside to that is that the prices are very reasonable. In case you didn't know, that Bridgestone (that you can't find in stock) is priced at from £59 fitted etc. from these bods:- I have no idea what stock they hold, or if any of their depots are very near you. But they currently have an online voucher (google it) for another £2 off at the online checkout for all tyres. I have no link to the company whatsoever (perhaps I should look into this!), but I did post this about 4 hours ago - If nothing else, you could use these people's price as a bargaining tool to get the price down somewhere else?
  23. Hello Craig - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  24. Moved to the Avensis club
  25. Craig F


    Hi i could do with some help to diagnose the fault with my 2005 avensis d4d 2.2 diesel estate. Which has steering wheel, pedal and front left wheel juddering on load, goes away once dip the clutch, only started yesterday, it also goes less noise once im at a constant speed
  26. When I bought my Gen 4 Prius 3 years ago I had some overseas travel plans and wanted to take 2 keys with me and still have a spare back home, so I ordered a 3rd fob. The fob was £164.22 plus setup with car's security software at £19.80. From memory, if I'd wanted the emergency key as well it was somewhere in the region of £150-£180 so I decided one can have too much insurance... (I think I got a little loyalty discount to get these prices too). The RAV4 fob has an additional button for the electric tailgate, so I imagine this and inflation will take an additional toll! Most things seem to me to affect renewal - Insurers seem to emphasise things that won't affect the discount, in the hope their customers will lose sight of the possible effect on future premiums. In the past I've been told a windscreen claim has been part of the reason for a premium increase, plus in 2001 and 2002 I had two serious collisions, the first causing an 11 month old car to be very close to being written off (I'm sure if it had been over 12 months they would have written it off, but the policy paid for a new car if the write-off was during the first year) and in the second my car (a different one I'd only had 6 months) was written off. Both incidents were adjudged 100% the other parties' fault, and I also had NCD protection, but my premium almost doubled at the next renewal and didn't settle down until about the third year after.
  27. It probably can be repaired but you need to find one of the very few companies that can do proper, vulcanised repairs (these are often companies that mostly deal with commercial tyres which can run into the thousands of pounds so are repaired if at all possible). & you need to have a spare for whilst it is in being repaired (big, expensive to run oven so they often build up a large batch rather than doing small nos.).
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