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  1. Hi mate, Sounds like you need to check the error codes. With the engine off, lift the bonnet and you'll find the diagnostic box near the passenger side suspension turret. Open it up and using a bent paperclip push one end into terminal TE1 and the other end into E1, now turn the ignition on so that the dash lights illuminate, do NOT start the engine. The engine management light will start flashing, if it flashes constantly then no eror codes are stored. As an exmaple: if it flashes 5 times and then pauses and then flashes 4 times then you have code 54. If it then does another sequence then you have more than one code stored. Try it and report back with what you findings HTH
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  2. Hi mate, check the car for error codes, link on my sig. off the top of my head i'm going to take a guess at it being low level in your charge cooler and it'll just need topped up, you'll need to use the same kind of coolant thats in the system already, it should be toyota's own finest 'forlife' coolant. doesn't cost any more than ordinary coolant so might as well use it. if your looking for a good garage to do work on the car i'm in one most days in Kilmarnock, just drop me a PM for details
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