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  1. if you are planning on spraying your car in the garage make sure it's clean put water in the gun first and spray the garage walls roof and floor with water to damp it down stops the most of the dust dropping on the paint make sure to run a bit of thinners back through the gun before putting the paint in. when buying the paint make sure to get enough activator and thinners to match the amount of paint you need and make sure you prep the panel tidy before spraying get some scotch pads tac cloth's and some panel wipe before spraying hope this helps you when spaying do a couple of fine coats and don't go to heavy with the paint allow about 10 mins between coats to let the paint flash off
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  2. I use lighter fuel.. you can also use a little petrol, but be carefull.
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  3. Would T Cut do it ?
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