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  1. With the age of your car I urge you not to use an engine flush fluid, I think it would better to drain it down and put in some cheap oil and run it for 1000 miles and then change it again.... change the filter each time to make sure you keep the oils clean. As for gearbox and steering fluid it would be best to simply drain and refill.... goodluck
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  2. When I used to do my own oil changes I always bought a 5 litre can and had a bit left over for a top up or two. As for transmission fluid..... I guess your car is an automatic then If so don't change it unless there has been a problem with the box. Auto fluid, in general, never needs changing.Just buy a litre of auto fluid and top it up
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  3. LMAO, Sounds simple really.. If you dont know anything about ICE instalations & you cant do an instalation yourself because you cant get the door trims off to see what is already there & you think its just a case of changing speakers without wiring & connection upgrades,. 'Step away from the vehicle' & Get a professional to look. It will take him/her all of 5 minutes to tell you what you have already & what you might fit & what cost. (they are used to giving quotes & it really should cost nothing for a look see & advice.) I happen to really like the speakers & the sound thats fitted as standard, but then i am not an audiophonic person i dont need oomph in a small space.. have fun with it. george
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