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    First check, with the car stationary, that it is receiving signals from the satelites. Give it a few minutes with the igniton on to locate the signal. There will be an icon on the top left of the screen. If you have had anything such as window tinting done, the metallic content of this will affect GPS reception. If you have a signal and the current location is wrong select SETUP from the menu and scroll to the third page and select ADJUST. Select POSITION/DIRECTION and touch one of the arrows to display the map screen. Adjust the cursor, using the arrows, to the correct current position and press ENTER. Fitter
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    to be honest if you got a pick of the wheel bolt holes would be able to tell would say the short ones you need at least 10 turns on the nuts to even think of been safe. Would say the short ones the MR2 long wheels nuts are VERY.
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    Ordered this"]this last Friday received it yesterday the 28th.Bit unsure if it would work or not,but Toyota must have everything for CC wired up ready for use. Just fitted the CC stalk switched on, the green cruise lights up on dash. Test drive to check brake,clutch functions etc works ok.Will post photos later.
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    I object to what I personally see as blatant profiteering by Toyota. If there had been no £5k grant the PHEV would have been £26k anyway. Just watch the price drop down once the grants are all used up. You could say it's just business practice but that £5k grant is OUR money.

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