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    Went to John Roe Toyota Hull this morning to pick up a 1L top up of 0W-20 oil for my fathers gen3 Auris HSD. They swore blind that they only use 5w-30 in all the Hybrids (with agreement from Toyota technical apparently) and were very reluctant to order it for me. Come service time they are obviously going to fob him off with the wrong oil. I have submitted a complaint to Toyota in the hope that they will correct them. Mark
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    i think they look great together, after fitting the osram nightbreaker plus bulbs the side lights looked crap with the yellow tinge to them on the standard bulbs, now ive got the ice white side lights im well happy
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    Don't get this out of proportion! You have spent £24000 on the car You have spent quite a lot of time and energy emailing Toyota Would it not have been a better idea to spend a few pounds on that phone call to Toyota Technical help line Surely the relatively small cost involved to answer your query would have been far less hassle? Suppose it depends on how quickly you want a reply One dealer tells you an option is unavailable Another dealer has fitted it. You have to pay Toyota to tell you which is correct! Perhaps the Toyota technical department needs to recover the cost of the phone call to Japan that they must make to find the answer. Welcome to the wonderful world of Toyota GB. Over the last ten years we have had four new Toyotas. During that time, Toyota support has deteriorated from first rate to one that has no clue, and really doesn't care.
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    great build thread nice to see after all the hard work you finally reunited with it looking forward to seeing more :)
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    lorna 2 Thank you for wasting your time and posting a reply to the thread ! I suggest you read the thread in its entirety before posting your reply ! This question has been asked in the past and will be asked again in the future and it has been stated in this thread by some members they found it interesting. I do not know if your reply was just to score Brownie points of favour with the SUPER moderator but that is what it seems like . Just for your benefit I will sum it up for you I have no intention of having front sensors fitted if they are not approved by Toyota no matter how close or far away the dealer is. While I find it not a problem not to have front sensors another driver of the vehicle does It is a simple question why are the front sensors not able to be fitted to a vehicle with IPA not a very time consuming question to answer and a question I am sure many other Prius T-Spirit Generation 3 owners would like to know If you are not able to offer a constructive post as other forum members have on this thread please waste your time on a problem in another thread in which you may be able to help with and make a contribution to the forums
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    Blue Verso, if one dealer tells you the front parking sensors can be fitted and another dealer is saying they can't, why not go to the dealer who says they can't fit them and say 'I was at ... and they can fit the sensors so why are you saying you can't do it?' Maybe the member of staff you spoke to dosen't actually realise they can fit the sensors - who did you speak to, sales? service? Maybe not very many customers at that dealership get those sensors fitted so the person you spoke to didn't know. I'm only trying to look at this from all angles. The dealership that can fit the sensors,is it very far from where you live? If not,maybe you could just let them do it. Or if its the other dealership you prefer to use, get a written quote from the place that will fit the sensors and show that to the ones who say it isn't possible.
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    Blue Verso,regarding some of your posts; You said Quote' I have a new Prius with no front sensors and to be honest do not find it much of a problem and I am £466 better off .I was just curious to why Toyota are saying they are unable to fit them when they can’(end of quote) So you don't have enough of a problem with parking to need the front sensors and by not having them,you save £466.What’s the problem then?You say you don'’t need the sensors,yet your only reason for asking your dealer and another dealer,and for contacting Toyota customer services,is by your own admission,your curiosity. Surely that's a waste of your own time,the dealers’ time and Toyota customer services time, they have genuine questions to answer from customers,they aren’t there to satisfy your curiosity. You said Quote; '‘Regards going to the dealer that will fit them a 700 mile round trip is not really in the equation’'(end of quote) So why did you contact that dealer if it is too far away? There must be other Toyota dealers closer to you than that. You said Quote; 'I would like to know the technical reason why they are unable to fit them rather than they cannot be fitted full stop with giving an explanation ...it is hardly an in depth technical question to which that I will benefit financially from it is more a sales enquiry’' (end of quote) You seem to be contradicting yourself,you say you want to know the technical reason,then you say it isn’t a technical question,but a sales question. Its not a sales question as you are not looking to buy anything. You said to Red Yaris,Quote; ‘'You seem to be trying to blow this thread up into a full scale argument well that is one way to increase forum activity'(end of quote)’ I don’t think Red Yaris is trying to create an argument,he is just giving you the facts.There is no need for any attempt to increase forum activity,as this forum is already quite busy every day. You have already had suggestions from other members,yet you are not satisfied. Someone even gave you the email address you wanted. Kingo has explained why you have to pay for the call. I have yet to come across any customer service department for any company which does not charge a premium rate. Maybe you are hoping someone will give you a DIY way of installing these sensors?
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    Blue Verso Please show some respect to other forum users Lorna was just offering her honest opinion on the subject and in my opinion was not needing to score brownie points with anyone on these forums as her posts are always very much to the point and helpful to other members If you wish I will close this thread as your attitude has become rather personal and disrespectful to other forum users

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