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    Not for me, as an avid modifier the availability of compatible parts for the BMW on eBay from other models, the quality of the plastics that don't snap when you dismantle them (looking at you here Toyota), the way they designed a data bus that worked on models for features 20 year before they became available, the availability of full schematics and diagnostic software online, the pages and pages of photo DIYs, the online parts catalogues, the online parts, the wealth of second source and OEM parts, the future-proofed wiring splices, and the reliability all make them a great car to own for me. My BMW cost £1850, so I don't think it says anything vulgar about my finances and it's quite !Removed!, and I couldn't care less what people think.Unfortunate thing for all diesels, not just BMW, is the constant drive for a highscore MPG figure and more and more stringent emissions regulations. It means they keep adding in new technologies that only last a few years before they are replaced. Swirl flaps, high pressure fuel lines, high pressure fuel pumps, DMFs, variable geometry turbos, EGR valves, common rail injection; all these things are just a few years old, and relatively new compared to the petrol engine which is largely lagging behind on the developments. Diesels are no longer the reliable workhorse they were in the 80's when PSA was making agricultural but bulletproof ~90BHP diesels. I certainly wouldn't want to own a modern diesel out of warranty. £2k for a turbo and £1600 for a clutch soon wipes out the fuel savings.
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    I bought the RaceChip Pro for my Auris 2.0 D-4D and it was delivered on January 10th 2011. I've only ever messed around with it for a day or two after getting it and I've had the left switch set on 1 and the right switch on B. To be honest, I couldn't live with the car without this box attached to it, you feel the difference instantly, it's like driving a completely different car. BUT...... the problem I've had is the car going into limp mode like once a month, to remedy this problem, I've removed the harness from the common rail, replaced it with the original, then used a diagnostic machine to reset the freeze frames and any error messeges, then turn the car off for 10-15 minutes, stick the Race Chip Pro back on and we're ready to go for another month. On a very, very serious note, limp mode and Toyota = a VERY dangerous combination, unlike my previous Peugeot 307 2.0 HDi Rapier, which had the annoying 'Anti-Pollution fault', which reduced the revs to a limit of 2000rpm. The Auris just dies, no power, no nothing, it just grinds to a halt, you could be driving and the doomed check engine light comes on, you can't give it gas, because the car just won't do anything, you'd have to be lucky if noones tailgating you and your in a position to stop safely and put your hazards on, then turn the ignition off, wait 5 seconds then turn the car on again, but this time although the check engine light comes on, you have full power from your car, but the fact that the cars first response to a check engine light is to completely shut down, is very, very dangerous. Luckily I've always been in a position to stop safely without causing any other drivers to suddenly brake, when traffic is flowing normally. I haven't got around to messing around with the settings to perfect it for my own car, so it completely eliminates the check engine light. Your probably wondering at this point, 'you've got a diagnostic machine, so what's the error?' The answer to that question is, the fuel pressure sensor is either reading it as high or low, due to the fact that the RaceChip Pro manipulates the fuel pressure and makes the ECU think that something is wrong. I can only try and fiddle with the settings a little more. Has there been any developments on this box from other users?
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    Dont you just love it when a plan comes together! (Extract taken from the "A TEAM" Lol) So you'll be joining the ranks (Like me) of the new engine owners! The new engine will run nice and quiet and you'll see your mpg go right up. Well done mate and well done Toyota for looking after your customers in such a 1st class manor. And very well done Mistermena !!!!.... what a great call that was! ( at least I wasn't totally wrong then ;) ). Great result for you Springy, I bet you don't feel sick now then . Three cheers for Toyota GB . Best regards .... Pete.

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