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    Fuel filter is located on the bulkhead below the windscreen slightly to right of centre when looking from the front of the vehicle. It has two rubber fuel pipes attached & is easy to spot. Spark plugs are normally changed at 60,000 miles as they foul very little with the lean burn engine. A long socket is required as they are low down & do not do the new ones up too tight or cross thread in the alloy head. Beware of very cheap brake linings- get a reputable make. It's pads front & rear &, I know there are two different types for the rear. Don't mess with very cheap linings or pads, the bonding is often poor-your life depends on them 100%.
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    Ok, it depends on what outputs your phone is capable of? The B9004 unit in the T180 will not receive high(er) quality audio over bluetooth (A2DP). The later units will. (B9017 for example). Does the phone have a "standard" 3.5mm or 2.5mm audio output socket or similar? As Anchs says there is no aux input. There is in later EU market RAVs. Just to clarify US headunits and setup are different. If you are not to bothered about getting the best audio quality the system will allow, one option would be an FM transmitter based thing e.g.: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=fm+transmitter+for+ipod&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=10153155286&ref=pd_sl_4udb3fgsxh_b which might be the simplest option. Otherwise, you will I'm afraid have to pull the satnav out and plug something in the back. Toyota do an ipod only adapter. You won't get ipod text displayed with it on that satnav though I believe. There are several manufacturers of aux input boxes that plug in. Not an exhaustive list but two that spring to mind: http://www.connects2.co.uk/ http://www.gromaudio.com/index.html I had an old connects2 aux adapter that was incompatible with that headunit. I've played with the grom unit. Good spec on paper, but it was slow to respond. That might give a bluetooth option too. There are other adapters. I'm sure other members will advise.
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    They probably wanted to avoid the embarrassment of having two digital speed displays within inches of each other showing wildly different speeds. Take a peek at this thread...
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    Hi from Formula 1 the tires for a Gen3 T spirit are £135 215/45/17 Primacy HP
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    ?Thanks B&J If I reset Trip A or Trip B and maintain a constant speed (based on the main speedo) for a short period, the average trip speed (AVS) is always lower than that indicated by the speedo (e.g. travelling at 50 mph indicated the AVS might settle down at around 45 mph). This is another experiment that supports the idead that the 10% error is just added in (assuming the car uses the same signal for both measurements). As others have said I find that the mileage is accurate when compared with sat nav or tools like Google Maps. Fuel consumption, however, is not (out by about 6%) and Range is literally miles out. 10% seems overly generous for a modern vehicle - my back of an envelope calculations suggest you'd need the tyre diameter to change pretty dramatically to get anywhere near misreading by that amount; I would have thought a 2-3% over-read would easily be enough tolerance to ensure the speedo never under-reads.
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    2 Excellent posts from Kingo and Rick showing 2 sides of the coin. +1 to both.

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