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    sorry misread the question...... could be the clutch
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    I'm sure they are the same box. same box except 6. gear ratio. corolla's have 0.815, celica's 0.725
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    This question gets asked a lot, perhaps we should make a thread with all the different full to empties for each variant and sticky it? maybe
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    I own a Corolla (year 2000 model). I had P0171 fault few months ago. After internet search and discussion with my mechanic, I added one bottle of fuel injector cleaner available in Walmart. The check engine light (CEL) disappeared very soon. It however came back after few days. I repeated the same few times after each fueling. I also started adding mid-grade gas instead of regular grade. Further, one of my friends told me that I should run the car on highway after each time I add injector cleaner, to force the deposition to dissove faster. I was mainly using the city roads as my work place was very close to my home. So, I started taking my my car to highway more often specially after adding the injector cleaner. Now it has been over two months that CEL didn't reapear. I am very happy with all the efforts and analysis I did on this subject and saved $500-1000 on repair. Hope my experience will help other people also.
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    i have 2001 corolla in canada. I had very annoy problem with P0171 code :censor: I just did the same thing with cleaning inside 2 silver wires in the MAF senser. Little did I know I only clean the outside one and i didn't work. so I just clean the inside ones too and freaking worked like new car. Now from ****** to I can start up faster at red lights. I fyou have the same code just use the throtle body cleaner to spray the inside and outside of the sensor. If you don't know what is MAF sensor it's located on the air filter box on the right hand side. only 2 screws holding it. I hope yours get cleaned up too. Saves gas too :P

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