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    I have a pdf copy of the manual for a 2003 Rav4 - might be for the US market but I would have thought most of the info would be OK. If you send me a PM with your e-mail address I can forward it to you.
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    Aye.....very possibly Don min.......but ah suggest it is NOT done first to Charlie's, as this is the longest lasting engine he has had for YEARS.....LOL.......ah propose Webblers.......any secondisers? Bad Kev
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    I thought an update may help anyone who has blanked the radiator and is worrying about overheating now that Spring is showing signs of arriving soon. I've still got the top radiator clear and bottom radiator completely blanked and was a bit worried last week when I did the trip from Provence to the UK. Result was that there was no problem at all running all day at 80mph with outside temperature around 12o.
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    Fuel quality comparisons are rather old hat and a rather subjective and unsubstantiated subject - been going on for years. I get my fuel from the last source to give me a discount whatever. Yes I've used Tesco - Sainsbury - Morrisons - Asda [when I don't have a voucher as they are the cheapest in town anyway]. I have even used Shell with vouchers from Waitrose, BP and Esso with discount offers. My challenge at the end of the day is, study my Auris MkI HSD consumption data over the 28 months of use and then tell me what fuel I used based on the consumption figures. Result = you won't be able to because the fuel source is immaterial. For hybrids the important factors are ambient temperature, journey topography, driving techniques, and tyre pressures, and forget about playing with the three "performance" buttons they are a complete waste of space. But this is a society of freedom of choice, so if you convince yourself that divesting yourself of extra dosh gives you added benefits then that is your choice, far be it for me to deny that to anyone. Cheers TerryB

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