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    Think before you buy a battery on-line, I bought a Varta G7 from mega battery sore good price etc, but it let the wife down, the AA jumped started the Rav4, they also checked the belts and charge rate, I contacted the mega store who said I had to get the battery checked locally, Kwik fit checked it with their computer battery checker and condemned the battery, battery mega store only do a charge and discharge test they passed the battery, The battery is high resistance and the alternator believes the battery is fully charge because of the high resistance, I had to buy another battery, it also takes time sending it back etc, if you want a battery buy locally and save the hassle
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    I'm sure that someone will be able to help you with a copy of the owners manual. This particular model is excellent with no particular problems - however loss of 5th gear isn't unknown. If you can't establish if the cambelt has been changed - it really is worth doing it. I would recommend replacing the coolant pump at the same time or you could well be doing the whole job again - well before the next scheduled belt change! It's within the capability of someone with reasonable mechanical skill and it makes the job very much easier if you remove the ABS pump in order to gain access - this will require the brakes to be bled when refitting. It's also a good idea to change the transmission, transfer box and rear diff lubricants if you don't have any history.
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    tbh Mr T's fixed prices aren't bad, the product is guaranteed & you have peace of mind.
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    Years back I had a 96 primera petrol. I bought it with 20k on the clock and sold it as a runner with 160k miles. When it got to a hundred thousand miles, I stopped spending any money on it. It was dented and cosmetically rough by this age, so not worth anything as part exchange. In it's latter years, I changed the oil once and that was all I did under the bonnet. Eventually, city life turned it into such a wreck that my wife demanded it had to go, so I sold it to a mate who just needed a runaround. 160k miles, original clutch and exhaust, never a fault. It was probably the most reliable car I've ever known.. I can't help but feel that modern cars are very much built to a budget and not built to last. When you look around the roads today, there aren't that many cars over 10 years old. It's one of the things that attracted me to Toyota, the reputation for build quality that seems to be lacking from a lot of the European rivals.
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    Be nice to relax in the knowledge that all Euro-built Jap cars are still built to the original Japanese spec quality standards, and that those didn't get diluted at all once Europeans got involved.
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    Welcome Steve - I'm sure you'll enjoy the same dependable nature as your Scandinavian machine gave. It's surprising just how many of the old 240 & 740 series are still around, 20 years on !
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    Hi, Welcome to the club... Enjoy
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    So I did the above and removed the rear back box to see if there is any difference. As it turns out there is a small amount. You can hear the turbo more, and it sounds a bit deeper. But apart from that, that's it.
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    Do you pop the lid back on at all? Nice clean install btw!

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