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    On the Multidrive petrol there is a raised piece to the left of the brake pedal and in line with it. That's where I place my left foot anyway. It's only covered with carpet but serves the purpose. I would imagine the hybrid is the same. It's enough to keep the foot at approximately a right angle to the leg.
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    Hi, Welcome to the club... Enjoy
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    Hi All Just an update I choose to go with the Wolfrace Assasins which I think is a modern design, What do you think?
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    Sorry, just playing. I sell loads of things i regret later then spend fortunes replacing them. David
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    I have a pioneer underseat sub. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pioneer-TS-WX110A-Saving-Amplifed-Subwoofer/sim/B0052T4KIW/2 I used to have a proper sub in the boot of my previous car. Comparing the pioneer to it - I'm now older and don't have the need for bass bass and heavy bass! The pioneer is perfect for normal listening but can also produce some meaningful bass if required! The bass isn't too deep though since its so small but I'd highly recommend it.
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    Cheers for that, it's nice to hear :) I've been learning and testing quite a lot to achieve this. I think you're not the problem, but maybe you will figure the problem out after reading my post...? Please take a look here to see which products I'm using and here to see how I'm using them. It's not all there so I will briefly describe the process here: The waxing First when you start you should wash your car with alkaline solvent to remove dirt, oil, metal etc, then you can optionally use some clay bar in order to remove all the dirt, even the smallest particles. This is also good for small black dots which are tar or something like that. After that pre-wax cleaner like Dodo Juice Lime Prime suggested in my post I put a link to. Buff it and then add one coat of Collinite 476S wax. Not much, very little actually. Usually people put too much of it. Then buff it and add second coat which you buff off too, obviously. Like this you will get all spots covered at least once in case you forget to add wax somewhere at first time. Then you can detail the rest with black plastic & rubber products, add something to the rims or use the same method as when waxing the car etc. When you've done the first time it's enough to wax one or two times in a year. To maintain the effect you need to do the following: The washing DO NOT use solvents or alkaline products, only WAX SAFE products which will not damage wax. Get a foam lance and some fluid for it, for example from Valet Pro. I described this in my linked post. Spray it to the car according to instructions, let it dwell for 5 mins or so then rinse off with pressure in order to wash most of the dirt away. Then take a bucket of water and add Dodo Juice Basics of Bling Shampoo according to instructions. The shampoo adds shine and helps the wax to stay on the surface for longer. Wash the car with washing mitt, it's the best for the job as it will not damage the paint. After that rinse the shampoo off with pressure and dry with a highly absorbent special towel. The towel in my post is superb as I don't necessarily need to take water off from it. I can dry the whole car at once! All of the products have been bought from cleanyourcar.co.uk. I have also bought polisher and tried it last summer but didn't actually like it. It's heavy and hands get really tired on vertical panels. So I apply wax with wax applicator and buff with buffing towel. This is not very difficult or expensive once when you have bought everything and only need to top up :)
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    Your seller seems to have passed on a wiper that is clearly not compatible. I had bought a similar wiper from Biltema (a large cheap car parts chain store in Sweden) and guess what the slit in the wiper for the hook was too narrow and the hook would not go through no matter what I did. I finally ended up changing the rubber( and the thin metal strips that go with the rubber), from the new to the old wiper frame. And, talking of wiper arm, your seller has no clue!
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    Would love coilovers didn't think anyone did them or did you go custom
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    Remember it isn't all the cars fault when you don't achieve your 60 MPG claims. Wind, road condition, road gradient, road direction, tyre pressure, vehicle weight when driving, servicing internals and interior controls such as air conditioning and heating system can ALL hamper your MPG figures. That is only a few to mention. The IQ is a very fragile and small car so the slightest turbulence of wind can massively affect the MPG as I have witnessed many times. Traffic is also a huge factor, sit on a straight road and your MPG will shot right up, sitting at traffic lights, going through roundabouts all point the MPG figure down. Not saying your car wont manage the 60 MPG your wanting, as you seem to be achieving this, which is impressive but very little things DO affect the MPG in this car as it's so small. I'd be very happy of what your getting Bob, how many miles are you returning from your MPG?
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    My minimum target MPG is 60 MPG average if my IQ gets less than that on a ongoing basis then there is something wrong. If I could not average at least 60 MPG I would replace my IQ for a better MPG car. I have the 1.0ltr manual so 60+ average MPG is possible for me. I am still looking for ways to increase it beyond 60 MPG and have not come up with any cost effective methods as yet !
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    I've just refilled, so to give people an indication of recent fuel economy here's my last tankful results: On JET fuel: Managed 330 miles until the last bar started flashing, averaging 54mpg. I take note of my miles covered when the last bar starts flashing or 5 miles into it. I've used every fuel for a good month or two for positive results and can tell you my IQ likes JET fuel. Asda I get around 50mpg and any premium fuel is around 45 - 48mpg. Very interesting you might say.. I'm quite light footed in the IQ as I bought it for this in mind as I do some driving for work.
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    Are you going to Give 'Tesco Momentum 99' a try and see what their 99 Octane gives you. ? If it gives the same MPG as the Shell V-Power Nitro, you will be able to get at least 1 litre more for the same cost, so that would be an extra 13 miles or so covered. http://www.tescopfs.com/our-fuel/specifications
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    Most of my BP Ultimate now used and back on shell V Power MPG back up to 60+ MPG I have checked this by: Manual Calculations IQ Average MPG gauge Two Scan gauges monitoring my MPG All methods of calculating tell me that shell V Power gives me 60+ MPG Any other fuel I have tried (I have not tested them all) gives me less MPG I use the same pump at the same shell petrol station and fill up the same way every time.
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    Hello Gomoca, I had exactly the same need, and I found The solution: All you need is plugging a small dongle in the OBD (diagnostic) plug under the driving wheel. This device communicates on the CAN bus to check your speed, and it will automatically lock your doors when you reach 10 mph. Whenever you stop the engine, or in case of a huge deceleration (accident), it automatically unlocks the doors. Of course, the manual button is still functional at any moment, as well as the internal door handles. I am using this device on my IQ and I love it. I bought it for 19 euros (with freight) on : http://www.cubikts.co.uk/wholesale/obd2-can-bus-speed-lock-device-for-toyota-nissan.html#na_write_rev Hope this info can help you. Christophe Mod Edit This web link has been corrected as it was showing as unavailable (404)...

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