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    Here are photos of the Scion iQ Owners Cruise 2014 Canyon to the Coast event held on Saturday August 2, 2014. The starting point was Chino Hills CA and the final destination was Huntington Beach CA. We cruised through the Carbon Canyon and on the Pacific Coast Highway. We stopped for a photo shoot in Newport Beach and had lunch at La Choza Mexican Restaurant in Huntington Beach. Thanks to the companies who donated prizes for the charity raffle to benefit CHOC, the Children's Hospital of Orange County, FIVE:aD, Beat-Sonic USA, Wak Shop, Primo Powder Coating, O-NEX and Jeff Lushe. Enjoy the photos...
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    theres a bolt on the steering rack that comes loose and just needs to be tightened, try that. toyota have replaced racks over this issue thinking it was something bigger than it actually was....
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    Just updating, I have booked in my corolla for four falken ziex ze 914 ecorun 205 55 16 at my local tyre fitter, purchasing through blackcircle. Price is £249.96 all in. Thats a saving of nearly £50 with same make 195 55 16. I will let you know how i get on with this tyre size.
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    I found that I had to have the music player running on the phone before it would be picked up and play via Bluetooth on the car.
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    As you probably know all that i incorporated one in the top of the TNS350 housing and works fine. What i don't like are all these gadgets that are "add-on's" where they all have to fit into the cigarette lighter/ aux sockets and trail numerous cables all over the dash. If its a temporary thing maybe satnav, then you store it away, then thats fine but things like scangauge where they also plug in the OBD2 socket , i find so messy David
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    Thanks for the reply's. I have almost made up my mind to go with the 205 55 16 tyres alround. Has anyone done the change, i just dont want any clearence issues. The speedo readings are not going to be out by much, so no worries there. There is so much better choice with the 205 55 16 compared to the 195's and cheaper too. thanks.
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    The Prius gen3 (2009-) has had this or something very similar since launch. The later versions don't display SatNav instuctions but the older ones did. Work that out :) I find the HUD the best thing ever. Even just leaving it on the speed and hybrid indicator display it's great not having to remove ones eyes from the road. I rely on it so much I actually almost forget to check my speed when using a car without a HUD. It can be switched off if required and the brightness can be adjusted too. All vehicles should have one.
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    I think you'd have to think twice, three times and then once more before visiting Spain in your car these days; http://legal4spain.com/new-spanish-traffic-laws-come-in-to-effect-on-9-may-2014/ "If the Guardia Civil observe a motoring offence and note the vehicle registration number, this provides sufficient evidence to prosecute- no need for them to stop vehicles." Call me a cynic but I have a feeling foreign registered cars driven in Spain are going to be hammered, just like they were back in the 60's and 70's. Spain is skint and what better way to get a few €uros into Police coffers? And now they can transfer the points onto your UK licence. A counter argument is not to speed, but the town limits appear to be reduced to 20 kph (12 mph!) and the fines apply if you go over by 1 kph and the Police don't even have to stop you. Open to abuse or what? I for one won't be hiring a car or driving to Spain again. EDIT: Further link added; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2711713/Holidaymakers-Spain-face-325-fine-going-just-1km-speed-limit-points-taken-licence.html
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    The procedure is: Jack vehicle safely off the ground,remove wheel and tyre. Remove axle retaining nut. Remove balljoint nut and bolt,pry down on lower control arm,and disengage balljoint and lower arm from spindle. Now the axle can be released from the hub,but leave the other end of the axle in the trans,just set off to the side out of the way. At this point,there are two ways to change the bearing.The wheel bearing is a double roller,cartridge type with the hub containg the wheel studs,pressed into the bearing. Remove the entire spindle assembly from the suspension strut,OR leave the spindle attached to the strut,and remove the bearing and hub from the spindle. Some guys swear by taking the spindle to a press,and pressing the bearing assembly out with a bottle jack. I just use a bushing driver set,and ball peen hammer,and remove the hub from the bearing...then remove the snap ring retaing the bearing in the spindle,then drive the bearing out of the spindle with the hammer and drivers. There you have it. Reverse procedure for reassembly
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    It does. 13 foot turning radius. Had a great time.
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    VERY IMPRESSED! Errrrrrrrrrrr i think you put the steering wheel on the wrong side, haha! Mike.
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