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    The fact that it peels off says to me it's been resprayed at some point and not very well. Maybe an incorrect primer. Even if there is a stone chip a jet wash won't make it peel off if it's good paint. I had some extra plasticiser put in some arches I had on an old car and you could practically bend them in half and the paint stuck fast. If the prep is good there shouldn't be any issue and I'm sure the factory doesn't do it incorrectly, so my money would say they have been sprayed at some point. When I machine polish customers cars you have to go easy on bumpers as the plastic/paint heats up a lot quicker than on metal and can bubble. A good job shouldn't have any issues with a pressure washer and anything above point blank is ok. You can stand right in front of one after a few inches and it's just mist.unfortunately it's going to need a respray to sort that, and be prepped correctly.
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    Consider the aircon button and light as 'A/C Enabled' not on, i.e. ready for use when the car decides to use it depending on the other climate settings selected.
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    Are you selling the Yaris D4D without a spare wheel? Why not just order the spare wheel, jack and tools for the new Yaris from your Toyota dealer.
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    Just as a diversion slightly off topic, you should really charge up your 12V battery (overnight) with a good modern smart charger capable of charging an AGM battery. Don't rely on the car's charging circuit to do a good job. It will only do an adequate job of lifting the battery's charge, but you need to fully charge it ASAP with a good outboard charger to ensure a good healthy long life. Most damage is done to a lead/acid battery by leaving it for any length of time in a discharged/semi-discharged state and not charging up fully after a deep discharge. My 2p.
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    Frankly, after my one and only (ever) experience with Ford, I wouldn't buy a tricycle from them, never mind something that may need expert attention!
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    I do hope Ford push their hybrid and plug in hybrid Mondeos more than they pushed their Focus EV. You'd never have guessed that they have had a Ford Focus EV for sale in the UK for a year now. In that time they've sold 12! 12! and that includes until June this year. They sold 7 last year and 5 this. You'll be hard pushed to find the car on their website, though it is there if you look hard enough (it's not under 'Focus' in their new car section. You'll find the link in the small print at the bottom of their main page). https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/ford_focus_electric#!tax http://www.ford.co.uk/Cars/Focus-Electric/test-drive http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/ford/focus/first-drives/ford-focus-electric-first-drive-review So whilst the Mondeo hybrids sound good and whilst they're popular in the US, they're unlikely to be any threat to Toyota UK. Ford UK just don't want anything connected to hybrids or BEVs. Prove me wrong :)

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