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    lol and I suppose you should expect some G&T with your Aygo ICE
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    Konrad...seriously...cheers mate, i will be on these vids tonight, i actually look forward to doing this job, yes im not familiar with diesel engines, and this engine looks complex to me, no space at all, but i and my other half should accomplish it, i admit i feel lazy to take off the wheel and arch liner lol, but hey, my late father was a mechanic of nearly 60 years, its in my blood...i think! bless his resting soul, so i should not be defeated by a belt, im proud to say that i havent paid a mechanic in donkeys years lol, having to pay Toyota in 6 months time for a service is a killer for me just to keep the extended warranty void for the next 2 years, servicing at home is something i always look forward to, but hey ho...such is life. Thanks again mate.
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    One could argue that a burning smell should be expected in an Aygo Fire… … I’ll get my coat.
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    Hi Thom, yes I would say have a go at home servicing. I change my oil, oil filter, air filter, plugs, leads and coolant. Once you have bought the drain pan and any tools and sundries like paper towels, cat litter ( to mop up any spills), brake cleaner / degreaser to clean up drain pan and disposable gloves you are set up. Getting rid of the waste oil is a journey to the recycling centre / tip but otherwise you can do a service on a driveway. IMO it is worth buying a workshop manual illustrated with plenty of diagrams and photos. After your first successful job I reckon you will gain confidence and you will be saving money and not taking your car off the road for work as often. Go For it. Matt
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    Hi, Welcome to the club... Enjoy
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