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    Hi guys, My name's Ammar, I'm from Glasgow and I've recently purchased a 58 plate auris 1.6 sr from salvage auction. It's got 40500 miles on it with 3 previous owners. It needed two new doors, a wing, front bumper repaired and the sill repaired. All the works been done now and I've taken the Toyota lettering and auris lettering off the boot lid. I've also rerouted the cold air feed to behind the bumper. I've got some parts on order from parts King. These are rubber mats, under parcel shelf storage unit, front netz badge and centre arm rest. Below are some pix. For the past 11 years I've had Honda civics - an imported hatch 1.6 Vti, a UK 1.6 Vti hatch and then a UK 1.4 hatch. The 1.4 is 17 years old now, it's only done 74000 miles but it was time for a change.
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    have you looked on http://www.toyota-tech.eu ? some info will be chargeable but you can download it for future reference.
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    It should come with some sort of warranty. My point was to compare what you were being offered. If interested in Toyota's offering, ask Toyota like they say here => https://www.toyota.co.uk/caring-for-your-toyota/warranty/extended-warranty.json I don't know any other details. The HHC has been part of the standard servicing schedule (at Toyota) for well over a year. The printout should be with the service records, but from postings here it would seem that they can be retrospectively reprinted.
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    how did the clutch change go on saturday ????
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    I just need the bank balance to get one
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    aye bit of radiator or barbecue paint should do the job
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    You can now get the 2.0 and 2.2 remapped ... there's only one company so far that can do them from what I've found as the owner has an Auris. Mapped the 2.2 to 215bhp and 475nm. I went from a tuning box to a map completely different so much better afterwards.
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    there is ( quite close to spring metal) brake pad guide shaped metal inserts they go between the cast calliper and the brake pad bet you have one or more missing you usually get these with new callipers and not seperate it is an annoyance but not lethal and your best getting salvage from a breaker stupid fitters lose them or chuck them thinking they are a nuisance due to new brake pads being tight on fitting causing brake drag when if you know what you are doing remove these during a pad change clean rust build up off cast calliper clean these (shims/sliders) refit with copperslip or suitable silicone grease or whatever you use fit new pads nicely bing bang bosh some folk just need educated
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    Long time since I visited the forum last time. Now some updates: Full dark optics done. Now have smoked side blinkers installed. Tried HKS muffler but did not like it because it's louder and not as classy as my Remus. If someone's interested it's for sale now. Installed darker tints on all front windows, even the windshield. Now they're done with 50% Crystalline instead of 70%. Also have 5% dark stripe on top of my windshield. 50% is really dark compared to 70% as the old one had a blue-ish hue and more of the mirror effect. This one is just dark. But I like it! Installed a new horn set with compressor. The new kit works together with the old horn. Loud and nice!
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    I find on web how to do it manualy (its relly simple you just need to connect (using jumper wire) 4 and 13 terminal on obd socket. I will do it on Saturday as my gear change is so jerky on first and reverse gear. Many people done it and they said that car drive like new and cost you nothing(Toyota service can do it but they will charge fortune for plug in their scan tool IT2)

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