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    Hi I've been looking at getting a replacement circuit board (PCB) for the steering wheel stalk, so that it would be possible to use aftermarket head units for the pre-facelift Corolla. I've currently been using a Pioneer HU for about a year now, and been missing using my steering wheel remote... My plan is to design a new PCB that can be assembled to be able to use several head units. It will be a DIY kit, where the plug for the remote must be salvaged from the old PCB, so some tweaking must be done, but my plan is to keep it to the minimum. Would anyone be interested in modifying the remote? I'll be designing the PCB, and the more people interested, the cheaper the PCBs would be. Let me know which head unit you have, and I'll see if I can get the design to suit it. I'm not doing this for my personal gain, and I'll try to keep the price around £20, but that depends on the number interested. By the way, does anyone know any really cheap PCB manufacturers? :)
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    Loving the new plate Fella👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌 Hi all, been a while since I’ve looked on here never mind logged in. Got some personal stuff going on at home etc but getting they’re. Any how not done much to the Rolla really since last post. Bought some red washers with chrome bolts for the engine (not fitted yet). Also new interior dome light (not fitted). Chrome oil cap (not even fitted that haha). Re fitted the original tail lights with my 6yr old sons help (got pics somewhere) Looks miles better imo! Service is due December but she’s just getting oil n filter with a general check over. Only done 2k since last service ha. The secondary air pump failed so that’s got to get done again. The one from the scrapper failed. My mechanic said it’s easy though, jack up front passenger side wheel, take off the wheel n arch trim. Few bolts n swap over done. Plug n play. Got my breaker to put one aside for me, including a driver seatbelt I need. Turning 40 at Xmas so the midlife Crisis might be kicking in. Scary stuff 😱
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    Yo Steve both cars are looking great. One should be sounding better too ha. Great news on 2nd place. The Zorst looks aces buddy, oem but with a twist. Shinny one n all👍
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    Result mate, nice one. I think Geri has only taken her Carina out of the garage once this month, if we go out together we use the Camry, only if she pops to the shops or something does the Carina get used.
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    i have recenlty cleaned the jets on my IS300h(same style as in video) ,after removing the jets i used a sterilising tablet (something that fizzes)in some hot water in a jug and using a spare washer pump i pumped the fluid through the jets continually this really helped to get them working well again, now the water is hitting 3/4 up the windscreen and not in the lower half, the water afterwards was quiet mucky.
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    We used to have a contributor on here from S$%&^(*)Ihorpe, he had the same problem. That is Scun thorpe without the space.
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    Agreed, some cars are notoriously picky. The wife's Golf insists on a particular expensive grade of screenwash, or its cunningly fan-shaped nozzles get coked up. Best screenwash I know is Lidl's finest W5, which is German spec, and they know a thing two about winters out on the Polish border where I used to live. Apparently it keeps the nozzles clean. Anyway, it always sells out pretty fast when it comes into the stores, so it's worth keeping an eye out for. It's bright blue, in 2.5 litre bottles.
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    Yes, I do. Please PM me, and we can discuss the details in private.
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    Modified stalk has now been mounted and tested. Works perfectly! Some pictures: PCB with components. Switches are taken from an old CD player. PCB assembled. Notice that the green PCB is the original board that I've just transferred. Also notice the socket for the plug that I've transferred from the old PCB. Unit fully assembled. Plugs straight into the OEM plug. Wire for my Pioneer. It connects the tip and ground pin to the stalk. Plug for the stalk is located. Wires attached Works like a charm!
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    Thank you for your reply. I’ve not had a full explanation from the garage but i’ll Speak more next week. The O2 Sensor is the Llambada type which they said cleared the fault but this is a new one. What valve it is...i know not. They’ve ordered it up and i suppose i’ll Have to wait ans see!!!

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