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    Well as you probably know my paint work on the roof and rear quarters is going downhill and now the spots have turned into blisters. I am now in the process of ordering a black gloss wrap and goibg to wet sand off the clear to make a smooth surface to wrap my car. It will have blsck roof the bits above doors and rear quarters. I've uploaded a photo of the paint condition and also where is going to be wrapped. I also managed to get the dent out my car without any specialist body shops even though the dent looked bad it popped fine. The scribbled over one is what's going shiny gloss black I can't wrap it red as it will be a different shade. Last photos the dent before and after Before you ask why I spend so much on an old banger I go to local car meets and make lots of friends and meet some nice people and it's nice to think someone is representing toyota haha I also get discounts on everything so I'm getting all that amount of wrapping done for 200 all in.
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    Similar to previous discussions on these forums as to whether premium fuels are better than standard fuels. Some people will say yes it does work, and others will say no it doesn't. Some members on the IQ club have, in their opinion, found it to have benefits in terms of smoother running, etc - some early IQ's had issues with what was thought to be the EGR valve. If it seems to benefit your car, then fine.
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    I run a tank with some form of cleaner occasionally every 2 months can't do any harm uncloggibg injectors etc
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    Thanks for your help.👍👍👍👍👍 Computers and me agree to disagree. 🤪
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    Glad that you are sorted. I gather from your photo of your screen, rather than a screenshot from the system, that computers are not your thing ...
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    Did the invoice state the grade? It doesn't guarantee that's what they actually used, but if it states the wrong one...
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    Noup, heater knobs off, under there is 2 screws, jiggle/pull the instrument cluster collar off, 4 screws in the cluster and there you have it. Easiest dash to take a part.
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    In cold weather the gear box oil viscosity creates a drag effect slowing down the engine - with clutch pedal down this drag is reduced and engine speed rises somewhat. When engine and gear box warmed up the drag effect is reduced and engine speed-change effect is reduced . Normal in winter in most cars I've owned.
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    It would seem to be the case that the sensors are pulsed by the controller every half second or so. As a very rough guide to a proper connection to the bumper sensors, if you put your finger onto the centre portion of each of the sensors you should feel it buzz momentarily every half second(-ish) when it's operating. This is more easily felt with your finger nail. Some years ago I had some aftermarket (Cobra brand, same as the alarm company) sensors mis-triggering intermittantly. I read on a forum that someone with a similar problem had used a very short squirt of WD40, directed in the direction of the circular gap in the sensor head, that had fixed the problem for a while. I was a bit disbelieving, but I tried this, and when the car was sold 2 years later the fault had not reappeared, odd. But the same attempt at a fix made chuff-all difference to a failing OE VW sensor on a different car. On the sensor kits I've fitted, a sticker on the controller warns against disconnecting the sensors with the unit in operation, as it can damage the unit. I don't know if they all can suffer similarly. And In the cheaper kits the instruction warn that if the sensor is too tight in the hole that it can give a false reading, but this seems to settle down over time, so probably not your problem here. Given that all the sensor holes are made with the same drill bit, this advice in the instructions is a bit perverse. On another install I had to mix a Valeo (quite expensive kit) with the controller from an Amazon budget kit. It all worked perfectly. So it would seem there is some (unintentional!) electrical compatibility with certain aftermarket kits. Those two kits had the same connectors/sockets fitted, which made it all easy. HTH
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    Put a search in for sunroof on this forum and will find many mails regarding leaks inside the cabin , with possible causes/cures. Hope this helps

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