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    just an update from my previous posts just back from the dealer and they replaced the timing chain and other components and now the car sounds perfect, i am so happy the problem has been solved thanks to all who helped
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    Hello I have a Avensis 2012 i like to upgrade my firmware, so i have downloads the Touch and go program and make a fingerprint of my Touch and go but there is no new firmware to download only new map. I have firmware 1.7.3L and map EU20110321 Why is there not any new firmware only maps?
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    Went to the BTCC Launch today at Donnington Park. The cars looked better then ever. For us Toyota fans the Avensis ended the day quickest of all in the dry. Managed to meet the man himself Tom Ingram who pilots the single Toyota this year and he is s very nice fella. The car looks great and the best it's ever looked it's just a shame it's will be it's last year I think. Some pics from the day.
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    Wow, I think that is the first car bra I've seen that didn't look complete *******! Good catch!
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    Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply. The issue is not with my car but with hpy above. My car was the dome fuse. I' sure he'll see your post. Thanks for the advice.
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    You need a special sealant to bond glass together. I repaired Yaris front window after it stopped working .. see http://tinyurl.com/yad2fa8t Hum over 40 mph.. sounds like a wheel bearing. I'm getting too old to repair cars:-)

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