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    Hi John, I don't suppose you've owned your Carina for the 27 years?
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    The Hybrid system of the Prius+ is almost the same as the Gen 3 Prius, whereas the Gen 4 Prius is improved significantly (I get about 100 extra miles per tankful in the Gen 4 compared to the Gen 3 Prius), despite the Gen 4 tank being 2 Litres smaller. The other main difference is the Prius+ has a LiON battery (presumably to make it fit in the armrest), whereas the Prius (Gen 3 & 4) have the less advanced HiMH. Some owners of the original PiP (plug-in Prius), which also used LiON technology, suggested it performed slightly better then the standard Prius because the LiON battery had some performance advantages over NimH, although I've not seen definitive proof one way ro the other.
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    Prius+ Pros: it's quiet, comfortable, spacious and one of the best looking MPVs IMO. Cons: slighly less economical than the Prius hatch (G3 and 4), the CO2 being over 100 takes it into the next VED bracket (still cheap though) and although they fold down, the 3rd row seats can't be removed. Other little things, the tyres are cheaper, even the 17" are a higher, more common profile (55) than the standard Prius (45) and there is more storage under the boot floor, but less in the centre console (the HV battery is in there). I absolutely loved my Prius+ but SWMBO didn't and because most of my journeys were single occupancy, the 3rd row seats never got used and the second row very little. The Gen 4 came out and it suited my requirements better so I traded it in.
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    German Osrams in mine from the factory. That doesn't mean they are superior though being German.🙄
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    I think it is the quality of the socket holding the bulb and the wiring. If the earth contact corrodes or the bulb contacts get damp, bulbs will fail. Constant vibration does not help. I noticed when upgrading headlamp bulbs when I bought my Yaris (and my Jazz more recently) that both had electric grease liberally covering the terminals . I don't know if other makers do that..Makes contacts far less susceptible to corrosion.
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    MOT history check - https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk Also has outstanding recall
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    Auto wipers that need constant adjustment . Ah yes, yet another Toyotism, the rear screen. It's fine at speed, just dont stop! Mind, on the Gen4 I found the wiper was great for a left hand drive, hardly cleared much at all for a right hand drive. Unusual for a Japanese car, that is normally a European modified for right hand drive quirk. As for RainX I found that builds up and yellows, then starts to peel. It looks as though the rear glass is treated like the side front windows to repel water, just need stronger gravity for it to work! Dictionary explanation of Toyotaism. It's reliable for a long time, just does not work as you want it too.
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    Hell! That's some going for one car, cant say ive owned a car for more than 2 years! I have a Suzuki Swift Sport that i race, and my daily is a little Aygo, that i'm loving. of course....its not standard...KYB Gas Shockers and Apex Springs..for now!

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