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    Hey all, Thought I'd share my story with my SR180 and the fuel economy and power. I've posted a few thing on this forum over the years I've had the car. About the fuel econmy and power on how bad it was - I finally got off my **** and did something about it and put my hand in my wallet. I was literally getting 28-30mpg on average on the streets and I done a drive to heathrow last year, cruised at 70mph and got 39mph. Long story short, I needed to improve it as I would start doing 95miles a day back and fore to work so did the following things: Terraclean - £110 as its a 2.2 litre Cleaned out the EGR valve - actually followed the post on here, it was straight forward. DPF cleaner - Wynns brand I was very pleased with the results! On a good day I can get 60mpg out of the car on the motorway but I'm guarenteed 55mpg+ on the motorway. Street driving im getting a respectable 45mpg The turbo lag and power has also improved greatly!!! Hell of a difference. Being completly honest, Im only getting these figures on the motorway by doing 55-60mph and not throwing the car everywhere, and driving with my pedal to the metal everywhere , but just wanted to post this as im very pleased with the results as I never ever thought the car could reach those types of figures. Here are some pictures of how dirty the EGR valve was. Even though the above things helped, it definitely takes driving like a learner as well - If you can like that, enjoy starting to save some money and fueling up less often
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    came home from work today and told by other half the r/n/s window sounded really rough i stripped the door down thinking i would see some teeth missing / worn on the regulator or loose mounting bolts for the regulator , unfortunately i didnt see either the motor was also tight, i decided to put a little grease on the regulator teeth and also in the window guide rail where the regulator wheel moves this has now stopped the noise and made opening the window nice and smooth again, i never thought it would of been a lubrication issue although i'm not moaning it cost nothing to fix.
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    Hopefully mate! The car has been looked after on the service side of things (full toyota service history) but in terms of the egr valve, using things like redex and dpf cleaners etc. every so often I never did to be honest. I love the car never had any issues with it and dont plan on selling it anytime soon. Think I'll stick to cleaners every quarter or something and a terra/egr clean once a year, and hopefully those figures wont budge - And of course driving with patience and a light foot! Never the less good for a 2008 2.2 i think
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    Nice figures for a 2.2 Job well done, hope the figures last long.
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    The Carina looking good and 24 years old! when it is all sorted will look really good, used to be into BTCC around 1997 when Alan Menu was racing, got a bit sick of F1 at the time. I've added a VVT-i badge and the Toyota Club Badge to my car and that was nerve racking enough lol, same cold here as well, it went then back again, well be out cleaning the car again when it let's up again, keep up the good work look forward to seeing the Carina when it is all done and dusted.

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