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    Strictly off topic, I know but . . . the dealers have had full prices and specifications since early December. The Toyota ordering system allowed my dealer to place an order on 7th December but without a specific delivery date other than "May". Rumour has it that FWD demo cars will start appearing at some dealerships within the next few days. You will have noted that the European press launch took place in December in Spain which is why lots of reviews appeared around the same time. The press were able to drive both FWD and AWD versions. Whether these early ones come by sea or get wings I don't know. I am "RAV less" at the moment. My previous car was about to need money spent on it, new tyres, brake pads and discs etc. so I took the plunge as I had a good offer for it then. I am just hoping my other half doesn't realise that we really only need one car!
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    Apparently you're not allowed to disagree with management here. Politely and within the rules. They like to have the final word even if that means defending a brand over your safety. Posts are locked because a person with power to lock topics doesn't like being disagreed with, even with something they have no clue about. I'm not coming back to this forum after this post and will be contacting admin for my stuff to be deleted. I just wanted to post in the original thread that the DVSA Report form states: I'll be unable to let you all know how this ends now. Good luck people and hope nothing bad happens to you if your window falls out. If you have any complaints about not finding out the end to this story - then you know who to contact.
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    Good evening all I'm a new owner, just thought I'd introduce myself; I'm Teach'. My car is Pearl white, but I thought it was a bit too white... so I've added a Martini Racing stripe. I think doing the roof next will be a bit more difficult though!
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    Don't think Toyota could lose the Aygo, as it has been their second best selling model in the UK since 2010 and presumably does similarly well in other European countries. Only outsold by the Yaris, which is now a bit long in the tooth.
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    Over the 25k miles I've had the car I average 58mpg summer and 53 mpg in winter.
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    or there could be a new Citroen/Opel/Peugeot/Vauxhall platform leaving Toyota on their own with the Aygo ...
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    The first and second generation Aygo/C1/107/108 are built by the same Joint Venture plant in Czechoslovakia - although in 2018 Toyota bought out the PSA interest as PSA had their own issues with over capacity since the purchase of Vauxhall/Opel. The water leaks issues were shared across all three of the first generation but did vary from model to model. The recall for the rear side windows also affects the Citroen and Peugeot versions. The second generation seems better built, with no history of water leaks, etc. Be interesting to see what happens with Vauxhall/Opel, as they are canning the Viva (built by GM Korea) and Adam next year. Given that Toyota already have the Proace (built by PSA) and will shortly have their version of the Berlingo/Partner/Combo, it is feasible that the next Vauxhall/Opel city car will be Aygo/C1/108 based.
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    So after the work this weekend I thought I'd have a quick play around with our sponsor decals on the car. I anyone would like to come up with a different design or have any thoughts please let me know, some computer renderings would be great 👍 it's coming along slowly.
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    Hope this isn't too far off topic, but might be a bit relevant regarding dissatisfaction. I had my car in for a service and the recall recently at my preferred dealership, and was very disappointed to have to experience a 'disagreement' with a member of their staff (I was eventually proved to be in the right, but no apology was forthcoming on the day). However, another member of staff who had witnessed the 'conversation' did ring me the following day to offer an apology, and suggested I make an appropriate comment in any follow-up questionnaire I might receive, as Toyota take a dim view of any adverse comments given, and look to expect 10/10s throughout. I would certainly make an 'appropriate comment' if I get a questionnaire, but in all my years (30+) of dealings with Toyota I think I have only ever received just one, so I don't hold out much hope. Hope you get to receive a questionnaire Andrew so you can have your two'penneth, although the cynic in me still wonders if Toyota would take much notice.
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    Thanks James, and yes it was rather cold lol. I agree with your wash principles 100%, and mine is well over due a wash. Thanks for the positive comments regarding my progress, I've calculated it will be some where near my mental image in about another 2 years and 2 months, but I will look back on my own post now in jest (probably).
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    Thanks Neil and Mark I chose a clear swizzle stick because of my rainbow bulbs. It only needs to be about a quarter of an inch or so otherwise it will catch, you can use the plastic fins on the inside of the switch as a guide. I had to buy a pack of 12 off eBay for about £2.50 (all clear) With plastic being banned they will become difficult to find, none of the big supermarkets sell them anymore! I simply heated a penknife on the gas and it went through like a hot knife through butter. If you get stuck I'll happily post you a couple.
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    once you have cut the stick polish the end of the stick like a fibre optic as essentialy you are using it in the same way. it will help with the light shinning through the stick and give a clearer & brighter glow on the dial.
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    i thought you had fitted a clear led and yep looks a lot better, back in 1986 i had a MK3 escort and had the same issues with the heater controls not being illuminated, even back then i fitted some leds into the heater control levers so temp & distribution where easy to see at night.
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    Still getting out there in the cold see Paul, like the style but if it gets anymore colder i my have to put my long John's on and a Russian Hat! lol to clean my Yaris, don't like putting her though a car wash prefer hand washing myself, Carina coming along slowly but surely 👍
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    Hi Agent Orange/Neil So, a bit of time today.....I don't think I can do any better.......but I got a clear plastic swizzle stick and cut it to length, counter sunk the hole and glued it in place...looks a bit more factory than just a hole....what do you think??
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    Cheers, I'll have a crack and see how I get on.
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    Hi Neil Thankyou, my original orange bulbs wore out so i fitted the rainbow ones (they are a bit too bright at night to be fair so might change them again. The black thing on the left of the panel is just a concave magnet and on the back of my phone is a convex magnet, so phone holder basically. When i get time i will continue to see if I can improve the lighting re the heating control, Im going to search and fit a piece of clear plastic rod with the theory that it will capture the light from behind and deliver it to the front of the knob if that makes sense. Thanks to you for the idea, i like little challenges like this, keeps me out of mischief lol ... Cheers - Colin
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    There is a self test methods that should work. I have copied the instructions as follows - General information AC control module incorporates self-diagnosis function. AC control module trouble codes can be displayed on the control panel. Accessing trouble codes Ensure ignition switched OFF. Depress and hold 'AUTO' switch [1]. Depress and hold 'recirculation/fresh air' switch [2]. Switch ignition ON. AC/heater control panel LED's [3] and LCD [4] should illuminate 4 times. System is now in diagnostic check mode. Trouble codes are displayed by AC temperature/outside temperature display. For example: Trouble code 21 displayed [5]. To display trouble codes individually: Depress front defrost switch [6]. Depress front defrost switch [6] again to move to next trouble code. Note trouble codes. Compare with trouble code table. Switch ignition OFF. Rectify faults as necessary. Erasing trouble codes Ensure system in diagnostic check mode. Depress and hold front defrost switch [6] and heated rear window switch [7] simultaneously. Trouble codes erased. Switch ignition OFF. The AC control module fault memory can also be erased by removing fuse F10 (15A) from the engine bay fuse box for 20 seconds minimum. Refit fuse. Trouble code identification: 00 No fault found 11 In-car temperature sensor 12 Outside air temperature sensor 13 AC evaporator temperature sensor 14 Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor 21 AC sunlight sensor 22 AC compressor clutch lock sensor 23 AC refrigerant triple pressure switch 31 AC/heater air mix flap motor, potentiometer 33 AC/heater air direction motor, potentiometer 41 AC/heater air mix flap motor 43 AC/heater air direction motor
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    This second topic isn't locked. As per earlier posts in this topic, a recall was announced in November 2018 - see https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/vehicle-information/recall-checker Use the recall checker to determine whether your car is included. We are not associated with Toyota - so making a plea to Toyota on Toyota Owners Club for help won't be seen by Toyota.
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    I don’t understand why this is locked. I have the same problem with both my rear passenger windows. And at present I only have them taped down. I was very interested in the solution as I need to sort this out urgently. My grand children sit in the back and I could not live with myself if either they got hurt or someone else. I don’t understand why Toyota has not recalled these cars to correct our window problems as it is very dangerous. Toyota manufacturer please help and fix my windows down safely so they don’t harm anyone.
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    Hi ALL........Before I read about this issue on here, this happened to me about 7 months ago. I noticed a lot of wind noise and noticed my back passenger window had come unattached at the top hinge (I didnt realise they were attached with glue at this point) I checked the drivers side to see if I could see how and with the gentlest of pressure, this top hinge also came unstuck! I purposely pulled the bottom hinges off on both sides, cleaned the mating surfaces re-glued them and clamped and left overnight. I depend on my car for work and I thought I'd give it a go as I simply didn't have time to mess around taking it to Toyota. The product I used is similar to "No Nails" and 7 months later its still as strong as the day I glued it.......Its been through an exceptionally hot summer and now heading into winter having temps at freezing with no problems....I guess time will tell. Just thought I'd share in case you was thinking of having a go yourself....heres a pic of the product I used, available from most DIY stores
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    Just wanted to update people. Took my car in today (again) and they have replaced the window which has fallen out which they say was because of the safety issue it was causing - they also gave a quick service wash and hoover so can’t fault them for that. However, they wouldn’t replace the other window and I have been told I must wait until I receive an official recall letter from Toyota - not sure why they couldn’t just do both while it was there? One bracket is already broken, hoping that doesn’t fall out too in the mean time
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    Frosty I do not think you have said anything in your post that we did not know already or you haven't said before. My point (and I am sure everyone elses) is that it should not be unreasonable for an owner to turn up at a dealer with gaffa taped windows and get some sort of positive action for a matter which Toyota have already issued a safety critical recall for. It is nonsensical to be turned away on the basis that DVLA have not yet provided the owner details. The owner is there in the flesh. Why you support and subscribe to the 'Toyota cannot do anything until DVLA provide owner details' idea is beyond me.
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    Totally agree. My Lexus needed new fuel pumps under a recall and due to embarking on a long trip soon after the recall was issued; I called Lexus dealer who ordered the parts for me and booked me in, so the work could be done ASAP. I never did receive a letter, maybe it was cancelled due to being done but I'm not aware of anyone else with same car ever receiving a letter either. If the recall is on the site - which it is - you can have the parts ordered and they call you to fit them once they have arrived into stock. I would suggest you check Toyota Recall checker, confirm your car needs doing, call Toyota or go to the dealer and get them to order the parts. Without seeing the Technical Service Bulletin it's hard to know what the criteria for getting new parts is. ANYWAY.......from the recall checker (Toyota themselves) they tell you, you can make an appointment to get it sorted. Not having parts to carry out the work is a separate issue and no amount of anger will make the parts magically appear, but if you get there early and register you need service, you will get the parts as they arrive into stock. ------------------------------- We have identified that yourToyota is subject to a voluntary customer service campaign or outstanding safety recall. This can be rectified at no cost. If you require any further information or wish to make an appointment, please contact your local Toyota Dealer. We like to ensure your records are always accurate, but you can help us by updating your details in My Toyota.
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    Frosty I do not know why you are so defensive of anything and everything to do with Toyota when it comes to problems. DVLA are there to deal with legitimate requests for registered owners details or, in the case of DVSA, to investigate potential, reported issues around safety. In this case, Toyota themselves have acknowledged a safety issue and have issued a recall notice, before DVSA even became involved (which should tell you something). Should an owner turn up on the doorstep of a dealer the recall issue should be dealt with. If not immediately, then at least an assurance that the matter is known about and will be prioritised, with a date to return asap for rectification to occur. Not some wishy washy 'dont know whats going on guv' scenario akin to an Arthur Daley sketch. I accept that some sort of proof of ownership would be required by anyone banging on Toyotas fancy bi-fold double glazed doors, but a V5 should suffice, as it would contain all the details that DVLA would have anyway. As you may have guessed, this particular issue strikes me hard. As a 2 wheeled veteran, the prospect of an Aygo rear door glass hitting a motorcyclist at 70mph (which is a perfectly reasonable assumption) suggests that certain individuals should consume a little more coffee and deal with it asap, not turn away owners at their doorstep with gaffa tape holding their windows in.
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    An utter shambles Chloe. Toyota have issued the recall, some time ago, and every dealer, franchised or not, should know about it. Your case has nothing to to with DVLA as you were there on their doorstep. Identifying an owner does not apply in your situation. They should either have at least one pair of windows in stock for the purpose, or have a very swift logistical solution to get them there asap. Very embarassing I feel, and heads will roll should a serious incident occur between the date of the official recall and the dealers getting their act together.
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    I thought the 3 door had non opening rear windows. The problem relates to the 2 small blobs of mastic on each of the 2 hinges of the 5 door models. It basically disintegrates, causing the glass to detach from the hinges (which are bolted to the chassis). The problem is you cant really 'check' to see if the mastic is OK. Not seeing any obvious problem does not mean that everything is ok. The mastic can and will detach without any warning whatsoever. I thought I was lucky...I found that one of my hinges had detached totally from the glass...the other hinge looked ok- I was going to fix it the next day but on shutting one of the doors the remaining hinge failed and the whole glass fell out. The best test would be to try pulling the front edge of the glass (in the area of each hinge) away from the car. I wager theres a lot of Aygos out there where the glass will detach under this unscientific method.
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    Recalls have a process to follow, and as said earlier this is a new recall, so dealers won't probably have the full information. No different to other manufacturers.
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    Mine is currently duct taped on, I havent attempted to drive it yet. But I need to later to get to university so fingers crossed it’ll stay in!
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    Well I rang my local Toyota dealers they said they know about the recall but are waiting on parts and will contact me when they are in I asked why was I not informed about the recall and that I only found out by this forum and he said he didn’t know not sure if I was being fobed off about them waiting for parts lol
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    Hopefully we will get them fixed with no problem! I have also checked the gov.uk site which is also showing as “outstanding recall found” From what I can see this is a very new recall only occurring in the last week or so. Although an inconvenience that the window has already fallen out I’m glad that there is a recall so that something can be done about it Hope you get sorted
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    The recall notice states rear door windows
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    Owners may report possible safety issues to DVSA - see https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-recalls-and-faults/report-a-serious-safety-defect However, bear in mind that DVSA will need to receive a number of complaints of the same issue before any investigation is considered. Bear in mind the Toyota recall checked covers both safety recalls and voluntary service campaigns - vsc (which are not safety recalls). The checker doesn't say what the recall or vsc is for, so may not be relating to the rear side windows.
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    I have just gone to the Toyota website and I have found they are doing a safety recall
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    Hi, Yes the other side is also coming loose. I have contacted the dealer and see what they get back to me with. My car is also 2006. It seems to be a common occurrence? There has got to be a fault as it doesn’t seem to be an isolated problem. Definitely needs to be a safety recall. Like the original person of the post said, what happened if it full detached at a high speed. I now have damaged paint work too. The car it’s self is not work paying £500 for windows. I only paid £1250 for the car in September 2017 It is duct taped on for now
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    Hi, This has happened to me this evening while doing 40mph. I am a nursing student and can not afford to be paying for new windows. I am glad to see that this isn’t something that only I have experienced. I contacted Toyota on twitter who told me to contact my nearest dealer. I presume they will charge a fortune?
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    I had to remove the whole ashtray and power socket unit, to replace the illumination bulb earlier this year. This involved stripping the lower dashboard and centre console. The next series of photos are of the dismantling process. I think the white plastic is part of the release lock mechanism. The final two picture are for removing the the front facia screws to remove the ashtray. YOU may not need to do this yet, if you can fix the catch. This picture (sorry for the blurred quality should show the catch mechanism. (better photo shown earlier) It was January this year, I did the illumination bulb replacement, so cannot remember the full details, without doing another strip down. I should have taken more better detailed photos at the time. Many apologies.
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    So, it turns out the lady who sorted my case was there temporarily and normally works the Lexus stuff. Now she's gone back to Lexus, no joy for people with this issue who ask now. The small window of opportunity has closed - unlike Aygo back windows (I write my own material) I take my previous compliment to Toyota back.
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    I assume you're talking about the dealer? Not surprised. Dealers are not Toyota though, you need to speak to Toyota UK. Go to Toyota uk facebook page and make a post your windows are falling out. They will ask you to send details via private message and then arrange someone to call you. I was told Toyota had an internal investigation about speeding up serious problems raised via customer contact - so you can see if that's true or not!
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    Hi Sean Been past from pillar to post lol told they take no notice of forums and I would have to pay £150 for them to look at it if they do the work I would get 50 % back from that but they could not give me a price on how much it would be so I said I will let them know because it’s out of warranty I have to pay but I stated it’s dangerous and it is a fault but they said they would have to look at it first hence the £150 lol
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    Yes - do get in touch with them. Be aware they not know about this so you might need to explain there is a precedent. Toyota UK wanted to change mine even though I told them I had repaired myself. If you get knocked back let me know and I will help you. You should get 2 new windows which would otherwise cost you £400 inc labour.
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    Hi Glad to hear you got your windows replaced I have the same problem on my back drivers side have tried different glues but none work should I get in touch with my local Toyota garage do you think I stand a chance because it is dangerous
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    Toyota replaced both rear windows free of charge on Tuesday - the design doesn't look any different, same surface area of glue. Have to assume process or glue has changed if what I was told about sorting a problem at the factory was identified and fixed, as I was told. Anyway, have to say; credit where it's due. If Toyota are prepared to take safety matters seriously even on cheap 11 year old cars it does instil confidence in the brand. Mistakes happen, things are unforeseen, it's hard to test for 11 years in the future. It did take a long time to get the windows, so if it's your only car and you can't fix your own window; you would need a solution to keep on the road for a while.
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    Sounds like they agree as pursuing it further for now. Although if Toyota claim they were aware and have fixed it, then it may be thrown out. I will update if any change or updates given to me by DVSA.
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    Hi Planemo, No problem. I approached this from the angle of a pedestrian or cyclist being hurt, I had no real interest in a warranty claim or having Toyota fix the car (as I explained in the other thread; I just use it as a run-a-bout to save fuel and the roads I come to work on - you're either going down a pot hole or over a turnip). I wanted it inspecting before a repair, that's all. As a result of my complaint and they way it was ignored for 2 weeks, an internal investigation has been launched to establish why it was not escalated quickly, the lady I spoke with described the pictures as "graphic and worrying". Maybe she was playing to the crowd but I really got the impression she was determined to resolve it rather than shut me up. As someone who runs a business I would say I'd have to call your window tints inconsequential loss. Unless it was a Toyota fitted option. You might have to swallow that part of it, but worth a polite try to 'make up for any inconvenience'. What triggered this lady getting involved was I contacted facebook team and told them not to bother having anyone call me now as I had filed a report to the DVSA - that report is obviously still in, but the lady I spoke to seemed to think the DVSA were already aware. Maybe Toyota/Cit/Pug already met with them? Because it was decided years ago that this would NOT be a safety recall and I imagine DVSA must have a say in that - but I don't know for sure. I will PM you some details Planemo. Let us know how you get on.
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    Well whaddya know. Theres an interesting update. As a result of your efforts, for which I thank you, I am now highly inclined to also progress my own scenario with Toyota. The only questions I would have are whether they would honour the replacement of both windows (which I feel is fair and proportionate) and whether they would also cover the costs of both being re-tinted (which mine are). The fact that they have admitted they were aware of the fault (and clearly haven't issued a recall) would suggest that they might be a little amicable with my request for both windows to be replaced and recompense for the re-tint (around £30 per glass if memory serves). Would you be kind enough to provide the name of the lady you spoke with and the dealer she works at. PM if you feel more comfortable. Thanks again for your work on this.
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    So, even though I flounced off in a bit of a tantrum after (in my opinion) unnecessarily strong moderation; I have an important update for those concerned. I have had a call from Toyota who now tell me they were aware of this fault and they made in production modifications to stop it happening. They say it should not and should never happen - that the windows should never fall out. And they don't want their cars driving around with windows falling out and she understood the potential for what could happen "did not bear thinking about". They have insisted on replacing the window at their expense, even though I said I was happy with my repair and did not want it; they could not insist I had it done but she was very kind and polite in requesting that I do let them from a moral and legal perspective. This is being done as goodwill accepting no liability off course. So - don't accept things that are clearly not right or acceptable. Stand your ground and finally you will get to speak to someone with the common sense and power to resolve the matter. Anyway, this thread has now officially run it's course. If you have had this window failure and are running your own repair please speak to Toyota, who will replace it for you. It's not been widely publicised so hopefully now here, the word will spread and if you see other similar failures you can point people to this thread.
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    Disagreement is fine. If either yourself or the OP wish to provide updates, this topic can be updated.
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    I respectfully disagree that the thread had not 'gone as far as it could', given that neither myself nor rgv had actually come to a conclusion on the issues we have had with a potentially dangerous fault. Rgv is awaiting possible DVSA enforcement and/or their comments which I am sure rgv would have posted onto the thread, and I updated that I was currently looking into alternative bonding agents, which again I would feel it pertinent to update the thread with my findings. Both I feel could provide valuable help in terms of future problems (which I have no doubt will occur) for forum members. However, as you feel that the issue is 'closed' then I will refrain from posting anything more on the matter.
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    It's a shame the original thread was locked. There appeared to be animosity from the start and I cannot understand why. I have always respected Frosty's comments and will continue to do so, but I have to say I agree with the posts made by rgv. We all know the Aygo has many faults, the awful water ingress issues being one of them, but these are irritating and annoying rather than dangerous. I have to concur with rgv that the bonding used on the front hinges in the 5 door models should not be failing within 10 years. This is not nearly enough longevity for a modern car, and if this was indeed its 'design life' then someone made a grave error. I have no intention of speaking to Toyota about it as I have no doubt whatsoever that this issue would never end up as a recall, but I see no problem with the matter being pointed out by a forum member and those members making their own decisions on where they want to go with it. I will finish by saying that I am happy with and understand that the Aygo is built to an extremely low cost, and I generally accept the poor level of construction that goes with this, but windows falling out is not acceptable. I had assumed that I was the only one that had suffered the problem. It appears not.

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