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    I had a loan Yaris Hybrid Icon Tech for a few hours, while my Avensis was in for a recall - I have to say I liked the Yaris a lot. The first thing I got used to quickly was the auto transmission and handbrake. My Avensis is manual and EPB. Liked the Infotainment system and quickly paired my phone to the cars Bluetooth. Much better than my car which is a convoluted procedure, and voice only. The radio has DAB and that worked fine. I stuck my USB memory stick in, and the stereo played my music fine. I had to reduce the bass a bit - the previous user must like a lot of bass. The general controls are very much similar to my Avensis and some parts look like they came out the same parts bin, even though the cars are 10 years apart. Storage is one thing that the Yaris is lacking. No centre console storage/armrest, only one cup holder for rear passengers, and tiny glove box. No map storage on rear of front seats. The front doors held my large water bottle. Rear space for is adequate. The boot not to small and there is a spare space saver wheel. I like that. I liked the instrument panel which was easy to understand. The handbrake and auto 'box totally different to my manual/EPB Avensis. Driving the car was a pleasure, especially in traffic. When driving the car feels a little sluggish, so the engine kicks in to help until the speed is reach. Then the engine settles down or shuts off, depending on speed. The economy seems good. I was getting mid 50's mpg. I did put a little fuel back in. When I got the car, it had a few spots of bird droppings, and I hate that on a car, so a quick was and it was all gone. The car was handed back cleaner. I also peaked at the engine. Overall I really liked the Yaris and would buy one with a higher spec, with electric rear window winders and auto lights. The lack of storage is the only downside, and the fuel economy makes up for the lack of pull (compared to my Avensis). Yes I could easily live this or the new Corolla Touring Sport (Combines the Avensis space with the hybrid tech).
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    Bury your foot in the carpet in any mode and the car forgets it’s an eco friendly car. For me eco mode is fine, it is supposed to increase the amount of regenerated power to go back into the battery. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I agree with everything you have said, except for the quote above. Our Yaris Hybrid does not feel a little sluggish in the slightest. The engine kicks in when it is needed and it often does. Ours is very very very quick off the line, and overtaking is easy and confident. Our Hybrid is one of the easiest overtakers we've ever owned. Not sluggish in the slightest. Mick.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    If you liked the Yaris, then I think you would definitely like the corolla touring sport. I went from a 2010 Auris to a 2015 auris ts and the difference was surprising. The electric only side had been improved, but still using the same battery and motor. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hi Paul I've since read a few bad customer reports, perhaps look elsewhere for what you need. I've yet to see if the one I have will work on different function. Time will tell.
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    Got a recall e-mail on Thursday,window fell out and smashed into a gazillion pieces on the road this afternoon.
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    On a longer run it wouldn’t be as a big of impact but over 3.5 miles with mixed speeds and traffic. I have had about 25 mpg. Today going shopping, got off the motorway at Blackpool. Drove the rest of the way on battery and still had 50% of the battery, compared to doing 30 with cruise control. On the motorway there wasn’t much in it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hope so, but I do not hold my breath, I have called and left my details. The final straw with my local dealer was when they charged me around 380 pounds for a rear door seal, saying it took them many hours to see where the water was leaking into. I even told them where the water was coming from!!!! The long shot is that they replaced the door seal, whcih they could ave done anyway!!!! I will wait and see what they say when they call me back, I am sure they will try and not do it!
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    Premium Members can receive the following discount: 10% discount off MRRP (usually £79.95 Generation 2 - £39.95 ITire Air) How does it work? The wireless system includes a stylish windscreen-mounted solar-powered LCD screen which displays tyre pressures in psi or bar. If the device detects a tyre in distress through loss of pressure, fast leakage or an increase in temperature – often the sign of an impending tyre blowout – the driver is alerted, and the affected tyre identified on the screen. Our unique overnight mode will even inform you of a low-pressure tyre before you depart on your journey. We’re confident you won’t find a comparable product which is as affordable, easy to fit or more accurate – not to mention backed by one of the world’s most reputable brands.
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    stop start is very hit and miss probably more miss when i had a mercedes A class years ago i was told it depended on loads of parameters some of them being i.e.outside temp,engine temp demand on the electrics to mention a few i think all the stars in the universe have to be aligned for the stop start to work perfectly.😉
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    I had this with my Corolla, if you look for the "Paddy the Corolla" thread you'll see my battle! It's a hateful fiddly job, but basically the pivot bolt is corroded in place. So it's difficult to extract. Spend a week or spraying it with PlusGas and working it forward and back. I then had to take a centre punch and a hammer to get the pivot bolt out. It can be done though, it's just very tight for space.

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