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    Anybody got any hacks for keeping the lens clean, think it's a Yaris thing but the back of the car is always filthy. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    I had a squeak, think it was my Yaris. I lifted up the rubber gearstick cover, dropped a few drops off oil and worked it around.
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    I don't have a problem with the term myself, I suspect (but don't know for sure) the term came into use with the intention of avoiding confusion with Plug-in Hybrids, Range-Extending EVs and pure EVs. Her comments about a bigger battery - I suspect trying to shoehorn the existing one into a small car is why it has a smaller petrol tank than the non-hybrid Yaris, and Yaris models since the Hybrid became available lost the sliding rear seat and load of headroom. The lady's quite petite, I find the front fine, but the rear I find it hard to get in because of the low roof, and when I do have to sit with my head tilted at 45 degrees! I used to have a 2011 Yaris, and with the rear seat slid back, 4 adults my size could sit very comfortable with plenty of headroom all round. BTW 'B' mode causes lots of confusion - it's a just given extra control on steep hills - while using it, less energy goes into the traction battery because the pumping losses in the engine are doing some of the work to slow the car, instead of the motor/generator doing it all. Looking at the discussion it provoked on YouTube, discussions on Hybrids always seems to get some people's feelings running high. I tend to keep out of these, because there will be no winners. Personally, I'd love an EV, and did look seriously at the Tesla Model S before getting my current Prius - the spec I liked (4WD, largest battery, Air suspension) would have cost over £75 after the £5k grant available at the time. What killed my enthusiasm was: no spare wheel - I though I could get one and keep it in the 'Frunk' (front trunk), but with the 4WD's extra motor in the front, the Frunk is too small. No Heads Up DIsplay - I'd already long since found this near the top of my "absolutely must have" list No rear wiper (even on the Model X SUV! (ditto on my list) 300 miles range wasn't realistic if cruising above 55 mph, using heat or a/c etc. One or two days a month I'd need access to a very rapid charger - I could find none East on the A1, which I where I do most of my long distances. If I went to Hull, I might have to find a domestic socket, and would need 20-30 hours charging time! This will improve as more chargers become available. I'd have loved a plug-in Prius. The first one only did 9-13 miles on a charge, but this would have worked fine for me most days. But no spare wheel. New Plug-in does 30 ish miles EV, but still no wheel, even less boot, no rear wiper due to double curved screen and only 2 rear seats. At least on my Gen 4 Prius, in a couple of minutes I can squeeze about £45 worth of unleaded into it if the run it almost dry, then do over 600 miles before thinking about filling up again!
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    Thank you very much Konrad c ! Very helpful just spied a new old stock on the internet for £8.50! Very pleased
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    Glad your EPB seems to be ok now. In this week's Honest John agony column a respondent tells the story of the EPB on his Discovery jamming, and not for the first time. The AA were called out and seems they removed a fuse and used the jack handle to release it! What they hit, if they did, is not recorded but he still seems to use the same approach now whenever it jams! https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/honest-johns-motoring-agony-column/2019-03/honest-johns-motoring-agony-column-09-03-2019-part-1/
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    It only gets dirty when it's wet, so I wet my finger and wipe the lens at the end of a journey.
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    Rear mudflaps usually reduce the amount of dirt deposited on the rear.
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    Try Rain Repellent.
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    Yes Car Manufacturing . Just read of car review Volvo CX40 I think 38k and no folding mirrors . Like I said in another post Honda CR-V Hybrid no spare wheel as the battery’s take up the room , I told the salesman after my test drive in the Honda that having no spare Wheel was ruling the Honda out he said “ I can get a spare wheel put in the boot 😳) it beggars belief . Anyway for me its the RAV4 . roll on June

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