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    It's not the gas that's different but the compressor oil that goes round with the gas. The compressor windings are saturated in the oil so it has to be correct ir burnout will happen.
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    They are not 100% sealed and, in spite of what some might tell you, do lose some gas over time. The biggest culprit is the compressor's shaft seal. That's why it is recommended to run the system over the colder months. Even around 10 minutes a week is sufficient. I had mine "regassed" last year, local garage, and over the four years it had lost about 30g of refrigerant. Capacity and type of gas should be on a plate under the bonnet. UV dye added to the system, a Sniffer" and/or pulling and holding a vacuum will determine whether there are any potential leaks. All done using a dedicated machine which extracts the old gas and oil and adds the correct amount of gas and oil. My system is essentially tight in spite of the small loss.
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    Hi Taz, welcome to TOC. 🙂 This is it on the TS this was the prev. generation on an Auris hatch
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    I sometimes wish it had passed me by as well 😄 😄 😄
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    Oh that's good if it can be done under warranty 😄 result.
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    The best is to check on the bonnet label, it says what gas and oil and how much needs to be used. You don’t need to have leaks to loose some gas over the time as it’s normal especially in heavy use in some hot climates countries. Auris from 2010 has same gas as any other car and basically when the car is hooked up to the recharging machine the mechanic has to choose the make and model of the vehicle before proceed with the process. The oil ., most important think here it has to be ND - Oil 11 this is the spec oil for electric air compressors and if mixed with other type can cause compressor problems, system malfunction or even electrocutes whoever touch the air compressor while operating. Now I remember when I done my one 2 years ago the mechanic did change some oil containers inside the machine before the procedure. No problems ever since so hopefully he did make the right choice .
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    There is another vehicle carrier, DAEDALUS LEADER, coming from Nagoya, Japan due to dock at Avonmouth on the 25th May
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    Frankly, using any form of 'kleean n gleam' on mine would have me tired out ... 'Detailing' kindda passed me by... 😜 2sav
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    Binding brakes... Easy test method: are the discs extremely hot after normal driving? If so, something has to be stuck on the brakes. NOTE! If the discs are hot, they may burn your fingers! So don´t touch, just feel the possible heat. The more the brakes are binding, the more they get hot and the more they get hot, the more they are binding... Second method (easier than jacking up): roll the car very slowly on horizontal lane or parking place and let it stop without braking. If the car stops smoothly and maybe rolls back a little, then there is no binding.

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