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    Do you get any vibration when you put the fan on, or is only when AC is on?
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    Just a quick update, I got a letter from Goodyear giving me some money back for the tyres (55% for each one) so quite a good result even though it took a while.
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    Moved to the Corolla club for more responses. Might be a help to know which country you reside in - currently your profile is showing 'Other/non-UK. Bear in mind the club is UK based and membership is largely from the UK
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    The DoT information sheet that Scott linked contained a rider as regards mirrors on vehicles first used before June 1978, which was: "At least one mirror fitted externally on the nearside unless a mirror which gives the driver an adequate view to the rear is fitted internally" Presumably if an external mirror wasn't fitted to your 68 Mini, which would have been a Mk II or Clubman, the internal mirror was deemed to provide an adequate view to the rear. The white Mini you pictured was the first production Mini (621 AOK), which may not have been typical of production vehicles.This car can be seen at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon - last time I visited it was on display, and the first production Toyota Carina E was also in the workshop.
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    Funny you should ask that! It didn't. Ran out of time due to the rain and a wedding I had at the weekend. But, yesterday I did a few things. I had ordered some bolts from Amazon for the car just to see what they're like. I've fitted them to the front but not the rear. I fitted a rouge bolt to the lower bell housing on the engine side as well. But yesterday the car was dropped off the jacks, and then this happened: The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the car is no longer on axle stands. The more eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the car is facing the other way. Once I took the stands from under it, I drove it 200 yards down the road and back again. The furthest it's been driven in 2 years. And it was nice! Not at all far enough to enjoy it, but long enough to know if there's anything majorly wrong with it. There is a knock under the drivers feet which is from the suspension bolt I struggled to tighten, and the drivers side wiper goes off the screen. But the brakes, after the new master cylinder, stops as it should I think. The discs are obviously rusty, the pads and discs are brand new, so they need to be bedded in. But all in all, for what it's worth, it's moving and mechanically alright. It's ready for an MOT. I'm awaiting a new rear number plate as the old one broke off (and it's funny, you'll see why soon). Once that comes, which I think it'll be today, I'll fit it and drop it to the garage where I was going to get it MOT'ed. I'm going to get them to give it a check, basically check my homework essentially, and have them sort out the suspension bolt. With all the work I've done, I feel good that (at the moment at least) that's the only job I've outsourced. But I'm happy, not so happy at the clear up I've got to do now emptying the car and sorting out the garage as it's become a tip again, but it's just a bit of paper away from being driven every day!
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    Maybe same truck on its way to Scotland. Also blue with beige interior.
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    I placed my order for rav 4 Excel awd blue 6 March arriving same time as yours
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    You are on the money, phoned up and they Indeed get their 'alloys guy' every week or so. They will fix the issue FOC before or shortly after we pick up the car. Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
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    Here we go, the latest episode of my show, please take a look... thanks.
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    I had a 2015 Auris TS and now have a Corolla TS 1.8. Things I have found between the two, around 30 or below the Corolla will stay in EV mode longer than the Auris, the Corolla is quieter than the Auris. I preferred the drive selector of the Auris, overall very pleased with the Corolla
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    Why not just buy the tire yourself and get it done at some other place? It's not a secret that authorized services are not always that great.
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    Are you the only driver of the car? If so, do you remember hitting something hard, pothole, curb or similar? Impact like that can bend suspension components, or arm, just a bit, so that for example left wheel is straight, but your right points a bit to left/right, which will cause more wear on the tire. I doubt replacing a tire will fix the issue, it will just wear again.

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