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    Dont really notice wether mine sits to the left or right and cruise control is on As long it doesnt wake me up from my nap I am not to bothered
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    Pull the interior light bulbs, see if it still happens. If it does, or after a week or so of no results, pull out the radio and disconnect the wires from the back. Try it for about a week or so, too. If the fuse still blows with either of those disconnected, you have narrowed down your search to the central locking or whatever else runs on that fuse. Use the proper fuse rating, going too much higher could cause problems.
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    Now there is an opportunity for an aftermarket wiggle device to make it hands free😏
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    Coming from a much larger Verso, I've also bumped with my head and still getting used to the new car dimensions. I'm just 1.73m tall but there's lots of room above my head when I'm seated. I guess it's just a question of habit. A 2011 Avensis with just 47k miles is almost new. No real reason to change. An interesting thing is that the Corolla Touring Sports wheelbase is the same as the Avensis SW: 2700mm.
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    I don't know. I really like the Avenis, but it's 2011 - though as I don't have to commute any more it's only done 47000 miles or so. It's a very good, easy to drive, comfortable, spacious car, and I don't have a huge reason to change. I just went to look at it's sort of replacement and had to fight to get in. And I'm not Clarkson size. B
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    Thanks guys. I soldered everything back together and noticed he’d chewed through an earth wire nearby too, fuel pump now spins up and she starts. 👍👍👍
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    Well another video has just gone live on my youtube channel. As a lot of you know, I film these episodes about 8-10 weeks in advance as I'm finding it extremely difficult to buy the parts I need to modify my car. It seems silly, but a lot of the time people are just unwilling to help or know of the parts I need, but despite coming close to giving up last week and just buying a hot hatch, as sadly my father passed away (hence the video release delay), I'm pushing on, and trying to spend some money on parts I would like. Thanks for sticking with my project.

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