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    Hi would prefer to simply swap my head unit with no AUX input, to the next level up unit that looks identical, but has the AUX input option that I can connect a AUX lead into..,
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    Got a result today car has arrived in Norfolk pick it up Wednesday
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    I believe Mirror link works during motion and Miracast stops during motion (to stop you casting videos etc).
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    Matus, works fine while moving, when I first connected it a file was downloaded and installed on my phone but apart from that just the app itself. Used it yesterday without a problem, and a nice interface to use.
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    I'm a passive partner in a used car business. We typically stock 20 cars in the range £5-15k. All cars are mechanically checked (90 point pdi), basic service and MoT'd. We renew brakes/tyres etc if they don't have 6 months/6000 miles in them. Plus of course we provide a warranty and can offer finance via three lenders. We tend not to panic until a car has been in stock for 90 days. At that point we'll review the pricing, trade out etc. I'm not that closely involved with the day to day running of the business but I do recall an Alfa Romeo that took a year to shift! The car business is slow right now. People are anxious about Brexit and, whatever you might read in the papers, the economy is fragile. You would be surprised how few people have £5k cash to buy a car. Most will need finance - which the private seller can't offer. You're also at a difficult price point to sell without warranty. Its a complex car and although they are pretty reliable they can be costly to repair IF they go wrong. You will also find that hybrids sell much better in large cities - where the benefits are more apparent. My suggestion: Price the car at £5495. Get a basic Toyota dealer service, battery check and MoT done. Give it a thorough valet. Note the new MoT and service in your ad and if a potential purchaser looks at the car don't drop below £5400. If the car is OK they won't walk away.
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    Hi Konrad thanks for your feedback. I've just done an oil change. I've only just bought the car so not too sure how it was driven as it's a 2nd hand. I'm aware of the duplicate post. Didnt know how do delete it as I'm new on here. I'm in New Zealand
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    Check for the obvious first, such as courtesy lights switched on including in the boot space, aftermarket radio, dashcam or satnav etc on a permanent live instead of a switched live and not turning off. Get a code reader and see if the stored codes are possibly related, but don't necessarily clear the codes yet. Any garage or other person you may get to help diagnose would likely want to see them.
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    That’s the sort of mpg difference I getting between my current Gen4 Prius and former Gen3 Prius. In the case of the Prius I think the major change has been in HV battery (stand corrected on that), plus other tweaks. Have Toyota made changes between your 2012 Auris and the loaned model?
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    I have taken the plunge and put a deposit down on a 65 plate Yaris Hybrid Icon . Hope it goes as well as it drove on the test drive. Will try and keep a log of how it goes and happy to share Thanks to everyone who has posted
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    Hi Alan. You are a bigger man for offering your apologises. Incidentally I always find your posts intelligent and worth reading, ok one slight mistake, if you didn't make them occasionally you wouldn't be a human being, lol. Regards, Mike.
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    Yesterday I tried that dragon’s blood, as I forgot to look for the stuff you use on the wheels. Works much better than the stuff from supaguard, which takes your breath away and you definitely need a brush. Then washed the rest of the car. After a squadron of birds had dive bombed my car at work lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, Nearly missed your post in the sea of new corolla post ! Not a function I have used, generally just use the Travel Report button From the manual - when tuned in to a RDS station ( about all FM ones as I understand things) you press the PTY program and it should then display NEWS, then SPORTS,TALK, POP, CLASSICS for each subsequent press of PTY. If nothing found it displays NO PTY If you do the above and have say SPORTS displayed, pressing the SEEK UP or DOWN button, it will " Search a Station that carries the PTY code" So it would seem it then searches the full fm band for any station with a matching PTY. If it does not, it will display NOTHING and then return you to your original program hth

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