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    I have written on another topic on this forum regarding the replacement of the windscreen on the new 2019 RAV4. My RAV4 was 2 months old when a stone hit the windscreen on the 11th August causing the usual damage but also cracks across and down the screen. One crack was in the drivers view which means the police could charge with dangerous condition. If you are involved in an accident the situation would be a lot worse. The windscreen companies that Saga uses are Auto Windscreens and National Windscreens. Both have poor reviews on TrustPilot which are much worse that Autoglass. I was pushed into Auto Windscreens (AW) carrying out the work. So today, the 10th September, 1 month later the dealer completed the work. Here’s why.... 11/8 .. Damage registered with Saga on their windscreen damage phone number who is actually AW call centre. They found that they had to use a genuine Toyota Windscreen as no other companies make them. I checked with the dealer and the screen was available (~£275) on 2 to 4 days delivery and in stock in the UK. AW gave me an appointment date of 20th August. It takes them 9 days as the screen has to come from their central office in Birmingham and they source the screen through a Toyota dealer, then send it to Scotland. 20/8.. I took the car to the depot and received a call 20 minutes later to say collect the car as they need a trim for the top of the screen. Then given another appointment for 30th August. Again because of AWs logistics system sourcing the part through their system, Toyota dealer and Toyota logistics. 23/8.. I checked with the dealer on the availability of this top trim part (£140) and found it could be sourced in 2 working days. AW take 10 days. The dealer advised that it is not only the top trim that is needed as there are a number of parts which Toyota define as not reusable. See the attached diagram with the parts highlighted yellow and note the legend in the bottom left of the diagram. So rather than let AW discover they need more parts and waiting another 10 days, i ordered the parts (£120) and informed AW that I would take them along. AW manager advised they would remove the other parts from the old screen and fit them to the new screen. That is not possible! The dealer advises that some Toyotas have been I their workshop with the parts needed for the bottom of the screen missing after a screen replacement (screen fitters unknown). 30/8.. Took the car to the AW depot for screen replacement and TSS ADAS camera calibration. Went to collect the car, screen replaced but they said it doesn’t need calibration as the option does not show on their diagnostic gadget. The fitter drove it around and it recognised white lines and speed limits and said it is ok. The fitter actually didn’t have the software or it was out of date. I looked at the trim/ seal from the bottom of the screen and it was wrecked and total not reusable. I booked the car into the dealer straight away for calibration but as on holiday for a week booked in for today, 10th September. 10/9.. The dealer calibrated the camera. Time taken 1 hour so cost was 1 hour labour. So be warned if you have a broken windscreen. Make sure all the relevant parts are replaced by the fitter and use a reliable fitter or the dealer. Ask the insurance company to use a genuine Toyota screen and make sure the camera is calibrated statically. It isn’t dynamic calibration on this car by driving it about for an hour or so.
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    I spoke with my dealer in greece, he told me that according to toyota hellas android auto and apple carplay will be retrofitted to cars that have been already purchased and that the update will be available early 2020. From what they have been told it will either be free or there will cost a small fee..
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    Rob watching a film while waiting for boss trying shoes , I read war and peace whilst waiting my boss then read backwards 😂 . The car in the post is lovely . Enjoy i am
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    https://ukwhitelineperformance.com/collections/sway-bar/products/btf72z-anti-roll-bar https://ukwhitelineperformance.com/collections/sway-bar/products/btr77-anti-roll-bar Before I get these I was just wondering if anyone has used them or have any experience with them? My car is a 2004 3 door facelift Tsport. I figure it should make a good improvement to the handling of the car based on the amount of body roll I get currently but I don't want to make the understeer tendency any stronger / more unpredictable. If nobody has tried them then I guess I will be the ginny pig and have a go in the name of science.
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    Sorry I am new to all this and have posted my question in the new member part by mistake and can't see how to remove it, Anyway I am Ann and thank you for letting me join the forum.
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    Same here. I almost never switch off the A/C, but use the Demist button when required. I haven't had to yet on the RAV4, but on previous Toyotas I've occasionally needed to manually turn to outside air if the demisting function needs help, although often the demist button does this anyway (if recirc was in use).
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    'Automatic' switches on the air conditioning (which will tend to dry the air if it is muggy) and automatically adjust the fan speed and whether air is drawn from outside or recirculated as appropriate. The driver then simply adjusts the temperature setting to the desired level and the car does the rest. That' how I run mine all the time. If you don't want the air con running, you can simply switch it off (when otherwise in auto mode). Pressing auto switches it on again. To demist / defog you need to press the appropriate buttons (as you already do) ...
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    Konrad thank you for the feedback. I almost certain there is nothing wrong with the car. As a precautionary measure I'm taking the car to a mechanic this afternoon just to ok everything. Will let you know what he says. Have a good day
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    Thanks Pete, some great info there. Will try and put some pics... it looks so bright on camera but its a fair bit deeper colour in real life. Yes mine has Dunlop Grandtrek PT30 tyres, Wouldn't be my choice, I wouldn't fit a C grade wet performance tyre to my own cars, but its fleet car so I won't get much say. Car is a lot more 'front' orientated' than my Outlander which is taking some getting used to. The Outlander had equal power motors front and back so even on a quick launch never even squealed. The Rav has a much less powerful rear motor so can wheel-spin the front if your too heavy footed, slowly adapting.. So far just fitted a rubber boot mat (B&M Stores £7.99 with a bit of a trimming to shape and some double sided carpet tape) Setup a USB stick with some current MP3 albums on, ordered a low profile stick to leave in the USB socket permanently. Washed and coated with Carplan repellent polish Averaging 45mpg+ Loving the driving aids, using them all the time, even in slow/stop start traffic its freaky having the car pull up and pull away by itself but to be honest is probably safer, a computer doesn't get tired or have lapse of concentration! Lane keep is working well. Its definitely a motorway cruiser, really settles down then quiet engine and rides smooth, Slightly lumpy ride in town sometimes, I worked out why mine feels a bit different, the dealer demo was a base model with 17" wheels and mine has 18". 17" higher profile tyre cars always ride a bit nicer, even if they look a bit sad. Stop press!! if you put MP4 movies on your USB stick you can watch a film while in park waiting for someone. By the way, I think the standard sound system is pretty good! and the car phone is crystal clear. Very happy with my baby!
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    "The rear is 33 PSI, so you are only 1 PSI short". Sorry - you are NOT correct. My 65 section tyres are spec'd at 35psi front, 36 psi back. (See photo.) The user manual and the door jam info confirm this. It's the 45 section tyres that should have a32psi. Yes, the rear hatch and the rear tyre-well received the same attention as the rest of the car. Several heavy weight vibration pads, followed by 10mm of closed cell foam (CCF) and Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) over the whole lot. In addition, I've installed a MLV / CCF / MLV sandwich mat which covers the (flat floor) whole boot area. The only thing things in the under-floor area are light weight and on no concern. A space blanket, plastic mac', a high Viz jacket etc. TonyHSD: The Porsche video was (as you suggested) fascinating. However, the Porsche is (probably) worth 10+ times what my 2010 Prius is worth.... It would be (equally) fascinating to see a comparable Toyota video! I totally accept the springs, shock absorbers and bushing will have a major effect on the perceived ride quality. However, there is little I can do about these. I wish there was! (Suggestions very welcome!) It never occurred to me that the tyre manufactures would spoil the cabin noise to reduce the 'drive by' noise level! If anyone has a suggestion for the quietest "in cabin" tyres I'd be grateful to hear from you! Many, many thanks for your contributions. I'll always be grateful for any ideas, but I've a feeling I'm going to have to accept the 'bass drum' noise as a cost of Toyota 's reliability and low cost maintenance. Hey-ho!
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    Wish I had the £40,000 lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fuel isn't burnt over time. Fuel is burnt over distance travelled and you've given us no information about how far you drove before you needed to fill up. £30 would be enough for 25 litres which ought to be enough for at least 200 miles of driving. So if you are driving 60 miles a day it would be reasonable for you to need to fill up again after 'a few days'. However if you're only driving 10 miles a day it implies something wrong.
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    Since the Auris 1.6 and the 1.8 Valvematic are basically the same engine, but different stroke, you are in the correct forum. As I mentioned, the UK never got the larger 1.8, but the Avensis did. The hybrids are 1.8 though. In the UK we can source the correct grade of engine oil at good prices. I bought 5 litres of Petronas 0w/20 Full synthetic oil for £23. It's just a matter of looking for the bargains, and making sure it's from a genuine seller - in this case Euro Car Parts. Since the car has hardly been used, I would run the engine for a short while with oil you just put in then say about a month, change the oil again to the preferred grade. You did get the handbook because that will tell you, oil about the fluids and the best for the engine. Going back to the rattle, looking at the engine from the front, listen to the top of the cam cover on the right (gearbox) side. That is the vacuum pump. Other service items like the spark plugs - use iridium Denso SC20HR11. Check the condition of the plugs. You need a thin walled spark plug socket 14mm. The oil filter is a paper type in a plastic housing, that you need a special Toyota tool to remove. I got mine cheaply and it's essential. If the car has been standing for a long time, a few drives will either make the engine a little less noisy, or there is something mechanically wrong!
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    Mike Conway celebrated a home victory as Toyota Gazoo Racing made a perfect start to the 2019-2020 FIA World Endurance Championship at the 4 Hours of Silverstone on Sunday (1 September) Conway and his No7 car team-mates Kamui Kobayashi and José María López took victory in their TS050 Hybrid to register a sixth consecutive win for the reigning world champion team, ahead of Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Brendon Hartley in the No8 Toyota. “It’s great to win my home race, I have been trying to win this race for a while now – it’s taken me long enough!” said Conway. “Big thanks go to my team-mates who did a really solid job in tricky conditions. It was a very tight race so it feels great to come away with the win.” This one-two result was achieved in spite of new sporting regulations that meant the Toyotas were carrying an extra 99kg compared to their nearest rivals. Conway started the race from pole position, maintaining an advantage over Buemi during the early stages. A full-course caution period briefly saw the Rebellion team cars at the front of the field, before Buemi moved through to the lead, with Conway running second. A heavy rain shower forced the team to make unscheduled pit stops to fit wet weather tyres. Pit stops were crucial to the team’s strategy, as the new regulations have also increased the refuelling time for the Toyotas. Brendon Hartley, making his race debut for the team, took over the lead, but was passed by Kobayashi towards half distance. The running order closed up as the race entered the final two hours due to a safety car period, after which the two Toyotas battled for victory, swapping position several times before López and Nakajima took over the driving duties for the final hour. López held the advantage in the closing stages, taking the chequered flag less than two seconds ahead of Nakajima. This gives Toyota Gazoo Racing an early World Championship lead ahead of the second race of the season, a home event for the team at Fuji Speedway in Japan, on 6 October. Here the race format will return to its more familiar six-hour length. 4 Hours of Silverstone results: 1 No7 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing 129 laps 2 No8 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing +1.901secs 3 No3 Rebellion (Berthon/Derani/Duval) +1 lap 4 No5 Ginetta (Robertson/Hanley/Orudzhev) +5 laps 5 No42 Cool Racing (Lapierre/Borga) +5 laps 6 No36 Signatech Alpine (Laurent/Negrão/Ragues) +5 laps
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    Ordered I couldn't resist Looking forward to driving round corners and not rolling round Plus it would be nice to be able to put power down mid corner without one tyre fireing it Will keep you updated
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    I have the metal doubble din and the mount is much more solid and no squeeks a bit of an unsightly gap but will try fixing that soon. Interms of wheel controls I have a Sony radio that auto detects wheel inputs from a 3.5mm jack wired across 3 harness pins Worked first time ez Unfortunately when you turn the lights on it must shift a register or something because all the buttons stop working apart from the volume up which becomes volume down Not sure if anyone else has experienced this or knows how to fix?
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    Hi all I'm new to this forum and I am proud owner for a year of my Toyota Avensis 2.0 D4D with only 38k miles on the clock and here are some pictures. Love the car, I love toyota since my dad got his Avensis from 2004 and then Auris and then Avensis from 2014 (Red) which was my favorite. Here are some pictures of my car.
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    I know the feeling…this rattling is quite common when using this method of fastening the aftermarket headunit...but you should be able to get it to settle...but i might have to go give the metal cage another look 🙂
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    Been working harder than I do at work lol But I can now unload the boot when it rains without standing in the mud [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Would that sat app work in a tunnel?

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