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    Hi All, A 1997 Mk1 3 door RAV has just come up for sale very local to me in the UK. It's kinda interesting as it's a lowish mileage for age (95,000 KM), Japanese import with air-con and half leather. I've not seen a 3 door Mk1 with half leather before. Anything unusual to note about this or is it standard Mk1 RAV with a bit of bling? I heard a rumour some Japanese home market RAVs were available with the 3S-GE BEAMS 177 HP engine. It's got to be worth checking it out just in case..... 🙂
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    Hi everyone, Rav4 Mk2 NRG 4.2 2003 owner. Just wanred to say everyone has been so helpful so just signed up for the premium membership. I am in the West Midlands if any other Mk2 owners would like to meet up. Im in Stourbridge. Glad to have signed up and thanks to all for such thoughtful help and great wisdom here. Jane 🙂
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    I have Castrol 5W 30 C2 in mine just now. Castrol has always been a top oil. It's on offer in Asda just now, I paid £20 for the 4 litre bottle. Castrol Asda
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    That's a top tip, I hadn't thought of Poundland.
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    Ta. I'll just have to get used to turning DST on and off manually then. Pretty poor on a brand new car with DAB radio,
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    Poondland spray-greeaz [... and/or 'White cycle chain lube' - depending on what the supplier prints on the tin! lol ] is my weapon of choice for Sunroof bowden drive cables + door hinges...... 2sav
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    Here we all are again <no, not insurance!> .... Got to run the dash clock 'all the way round' as we want to 'lose an hour' but digits can only be 'pipped' forward 😞 Ha ha 2sav
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    I can do genuine Toyota parts, discounted, on mail order for you, just let me know what you need, PM any parts requests to me along with your Registration number
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    Hi, best place to buy oil is from a reputable sellers like opie oils, Eurocarparts, but you can buy through eBay and amazon, you will get best prices there. www.carparts4less.co.uk also have good prices, it’s basically same as eurocarparts, Shell helix ultra 0w30 or 5w30 but make sure is ACEA C2 or C3, as already noted by other members. This is important for the life of your DPF if fitted one and the catalytic converter. If you use C2 you may get better fuel efficiency but may get higher oil consumption where if you use C3 spec you may have slightly lower fuel efficiency but also lower oil consumption. The difference in fuel consumption it’s absolutely minimal. It’s up to you which one you want to try but both are suitable for your car. You can get 2x 5l and have some extra in case you need to top up. 5w30 C3 is cheaper option too. More for the oil types here: https://www.opieoils.co.uk/t-acea-car-engine-oils-specification-explained.aspx Good luck
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    Your engine should be 1AD-FTV. According to owners manual, it takes 6.3L when you replace the filter, or 5.9 if you do oil service without replacing the filter. You can buy any oil with grade ACEA C2, preferably 0W30, or 5W30, check the compatibility chart below.

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