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    Cheers Aygo Orange 🙂 I will do some more reading and may rethink. I hope you are well. Stu
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    Decided to go with Toyota in the end, would love to save the money but always wonder if I scrimp here what it could lead to. Thanks for the help people.
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    It doesn't seem to work for local trips as you can't be expected to keep a constant speed. Once you get out on the motorway it will record, or even a trip up the A43 beyond Towcester, it will probably work. Last time I had an applicable journey I was on the M5.
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    Hi Stuart, To be honest I wouldn't go the full winter tyre route in this country ( more rain than snow here ) but a set of "Cross Climate" tyres might do the trick.....Unfortunately they are few and far between to fit the Mark 2 Aygo. https://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Goodyear/Vector-4-Seasons-Gen-2.htm/price/165-60-15 If you do go for full winter tyres, it might be a thought to get a set of steel wheels and fit the tyres to them, that would make the winter change over much easier but would spoil the look of your fab "X-clusive". A good set of tyres with good reviews and the best "Wet" rating that you can find should be good enough. All the best and stay safe.
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    My aygo is running continentals eco contact on rear and nangkang eco2 on fronts both are b rating on rain fuel my set up is average is d (nangkangs e rating continental c fuel) never had an issue with grip Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
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    That bit of duel carriage way is quite fun! I have been a bit silly and reached 88 half way up before throttling back, but I still find the high revs instantly and consistently a bit off putting, so have never tried to see just how fast I can get to. I have never floored it as I round that first corner, as the revs already reach 5K , so I am a bit of a coward I think! But the 2 ltr is not to shabby compared to my old 2ltr turbo, if you can get used to the high revs and smooth constant acceleration. I have had an astonished BMW driver zoom by with disgust that a Corolla burnt them off from the lights, but I am happy to end the madness at that point....
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    My brother's 2009 Auris was also letting in rain water, even the back seats were getting wet. After seeing this thread and similar, I determined the leak was coming from the nearside rear corner, and could see it was wet more around the vent than the light cluster. I see some people talking about sealing from the inside, but wasn't sure how that could be done effectively as you can't get to the seals from the inside. So I removed the rear bumper - surprisingly not that hard (just awkward), just two bolts and 8 of those plastic fastener things. I could see on both sides the foam seal around both vents had disintegrated, and was missing in parts. So I removed the vent assemblies (which can only be done after removing the bumper - they only push out from the car), cleaned up the surfaces, and replaced the foam with silicone sealant. I put some silicone around the nearside light cluster seal too just in case. I also stuck a dehumidifier in the car for about 12 hours or so, and it collected about a litre of water. Of course now it's stopped raining, so I don't know if my work has been successful. NB: The bolt thing holding in the spare wheel was totally seized from rust, so be sure to sort that out before you're stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre and no WD40!
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    I assume they mean sealing where the vent assembly mates with the car body, i.e. replacing the foam seal that has undoubtedly disintegrated - not sealing the vents shut. I just did this on a 2009 Auris, the foam seals were in bits. Replaced foam with silicone sealant - vents still function as intended but hopefully won't let masses of rain water in.
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    Welcome to the club James 👍
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    Started researching a cheap and effective "big brake kit" might have found something in the Toyota family, and seems to be a direct bolt-on. The upgraded front caliper is has a 60mm piston(it is still a single piston caliper) over the original 48mm piston on an IQ caliper. The brake rotors are 275mm, stock IQ is 255. The only downside is added rotating mass. Might look for a two-piece rotor to replace it later for a lower weight. I will be picking these up early next month. Hope they fit.
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    Heh, I don't mind revving the engine. I've been driving CVT equipped cars for a long time now (my first was a Honda Jazz Sport) and I took the view that Honda make damn' good engines and the ECU won't let me do anything bad. If I want to shift I just jam the pedal to the floor (past the 'detent' point) and hang on :) But you can easily lose traction turning onto that stretch. And in any case that part of the roundabout is just badly designed and poorly driven. It's difficult to stay in your lane simply because of the path they take so you have to watch out for people in lane one cutting across the line into lane two and the worst offenders who use lane 3 then cut into 2 either because they don't care or because they aren't paying attention. I don't know if you've heard but the truck stop between the Daventry road and the M40 has been given the go-ahead. So now we're going to have to watch out for HGVs coming down the Daventry road. I hope they put traffic lights on that entrance to the roundabout because as it stands I can see HGVs just pulling out and blocking the roundabout while they wait for the existing lights.

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