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    Have you driven a UK and Japanese Auris? If you have what did you find better about the Japanese version? I certainly do not agree with your statement that the 'UK produces crap' comment. There are a lot of good companies in the UK that produce quality items. You mention that you only buy Japanese or German for safety critical items so which Japanese brakes do you buy? Ultimately the country of origin should not be the deciding factor when buying car parts. A part can be well made or badly made irrespective or where in the world it has been made. You may remember the now defunct airbag and seatbelt Japanese company, Takata. Millions of cars fitted with their components were recalled due to safety issues which ultimately led to the Takata corp. going bankrupt. Does your Auris have any Takata parts fitted? . . . . 😱
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    The facelift first generation Auris (2010-2012) had both the Aux and USB in the glovebox probably as a quick and easy solution to providing the facility (the 2007-2010 Auris had neither). The Aygo (2014 onwards) head units are shared with the C1/108 and are different systems to Toyota's Touch, Touch 2, etc.
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    I have just received a 'phone call from the dealer - I can pick the car up Friday, so that is 22 days from order to collection. 😊
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    Latest Toyota news today 18 March via https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/toyota-suspends-european-production: Toyota will shut all its plants in Europe over the course of this week due to the spread of coronavirus, the automaker said in a statement. The plants affected are: France: the Yaris plant in Valenciennes, which suspended operations on Tuesday. UK: the Corolla plant in Burnaston and an engine plant in Deeside, which close on Wednesday. Czech Republic: Toyota's small-car plant jointly run with PSA in Kolin from Thursday. Turkey: C-HR assembly plant in Sakarya, which shuts down Saturday. Poland: the e-CVT hybrid gearbox plant in Walbrzych and the hybrid engine plant in Jelcz-Laskowice from Wednesday.
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    Hey. Thanks for this post. That was very helpful for me. I was make something similar, more cheaper 🙂 but works. Best Regards
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    Same 15 miles town/A-road commute: 2013 Yaris Hybrid Vs 2020 Aygo Petrol (manual)
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    Honda pulled out of Rover because BAe, who owned Rover at the time, sold Rover to BMW, and Honda weren't willing to share their tech with BMW. If you're going to quote history, at least get your facts straight.
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    Yes it is a big purchase - at any time. I am fortunate (?) in that I have been retired for the last 15 months or so, so I am used to not earning a wage any more. I got the necessary figures from the dealer, read what I could on the Toyota Hybrids as I decided a while back that when I changed my current car - an Opel Astra, I would go for a non plug in hybrid so Toyota it is. Hopefully I have made the right decision - I will soon know. 😀
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    TMD Friction have been Japanese owned since 2011 - Nisshinbo Holdings Inc - and supply Brembo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche, VW, amongst others. So they can't be all bad.....
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    Ziauris - I believe that TMD Friction 'Pagid' brakes are used as original equipment brakes in many companies cars such as Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. Do you have a foundation for stating that TMD Friction products are, in your words "crap" ? When you say buy "German" what brands were you referring to?

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