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    My 2011 Auris with 79k miles broke down last week. The AA were very prompt to arrive and diagnosed a failed Inverter/Converter & towed the car to the nearest Toyota dealer. Fortunately I have an extended warranty so it was repaired at no cost to myself. The labour time was just over 2 hours. I believe I could have faced a bill approaching £2k. I'm reporting this in case anyone else suffers the same fate to their Mk 1 Auris as the interesting thing is that the dealer put in new unit which is listed as belonging to a Mk2 Auris. You can pick these up used on ebay for circa £250. The part number on the new Inverter/Converter is G9200-47190 or 22JTE47190A19F030065. The 2 digits after the A in the latter number I believe indicates the year of manufacture (so 2019 in my case).
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    My car was due in for service next Monday, but all the local Toyota centres are closing due to Coronavirus and my centre therefore cancelled the booking. This is clearly a sensible move on their part to protect their staff, and one which I fully support. However my car's already at the recommended mileage interval and as a key worker I'll still be putting on the miles, going well past the usual leeway point. I was therefore pleased to get a very swift response from Toyota UK when I queried where this leaves the manufacturer warranty, providing reassurance that this will still be honoured even when the formal schedule has been missed. Nice to know that in these difficult times, Toyota are doing the right thing for both their staff and customers.
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    This is my opinion only and I know others may disagree, but I dont think the oil spec is that critical as long as its near, Flash is correct about Ambient Temp and age. What I do think is Important is the quality and frequency of change.
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    I was always told not to use dish cleaning detergent on cars as it is too aggressive.
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    New car warranties regardless of manufacturer, start on the day the car is first registered for use on the road. Nothing to do with when the car is built or when the car is de!ivered.
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    Hi folks, newbie here. Had a V reg Corolla many moons ago but I thought it was a bit uninspiring. Left the Toyota fold for an Accord VTEC, then four Skodas. Now back with a 17reg Touring Sports Hybrid. It's taking a little getting used to, mainly 'cos I've never driven an automatic before, but so far I'm liking it a lot. Smooth and seamless would be my initial thoughts on the drive. I'm sure I'll have many questions, but they are for the Auris thread. Stay well in these trying times. Cheers,Trev.
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    @Timmon It does look good, (in my opinion) and it certainly oozes quality on the inside. I have for a long time, had Opel Astras and always thought they were nice cars - I have changed my mind now. 😁. As you say, the rear seats fold down and even without that, the boot is huge. In my over 45 years of driving, this is my first Toyota! After only a week, I am a convert. 👍
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    When winter came, the Tyre pressure warning light came on every morning, so I increased by 2psi to compensate. Because the low profile tyres seem much more prone to pressure change. What you say, could that be why the dealer supplied the cars with about 4psi over the hand book recommended PSI? You may remember a topic where this was discussed, and I , for 1, reduced the pressure to the hand book settings. Maybe the dealers automatically set the PSI higher (so it was not a mistake) but they didn't advise us? I'll certainly have a go at what you say. But you are right, when the tyres were as 4psi, the road noise from the tyres was considerably more than when the pressures were reduced.
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    Another thing to bear in mind is that your MPG will vary with the seasons. As previously said, 1.8 if you are worried about economy, 2.0 if you want most more power when you want it. I drive from Northamptonshire to Devon, often using M42 and M5 most of the way. In my 2ltr Hatch, I can get about 53 mpg in the summer, but it drops to about 47 in this last winter. You could probably do a bit better than that, but I like "to get there" if you see what I mean. I can sometimes get to 70 mph on EV alone unless I floor it, the 2ltr EV is more powerful than the 1.8. So really, it depends on whether you are comparing with your current car, and what your expectations are. As I typically used to get 33 mpg with my last car, that is what I based my expectations on, so I am happy. Hope that makes sense!
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    Thanks David, smart car, I like it. I got the hatch because I am a singleton, so it is for most of the year fine for me. And I sometimes want to take lots of boxes to the tip etc, so the hatch is practical. But the Saloon is super. If it was made in the UK, I would have bought I think, as I note the seats in the back can still drop, so probably almost as versatile as a hatch anyway. I have a fit of patriotism because of BREXIT and my naff experience of sales by a certain German manufacturer, so if the Saloon came to UK production, I would definitely consider.As mentioned, not too sure about the window trim, it sticks out, and raises question, what is it for? Congrats again, looks quality.
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    Am still alive! Back from Asda Car park packed Entrance guarded by masked staff keeping customers 2m apart Inside was weirdly quiet with plenty in stock, even a few rolls of loo paper 🚽
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    Some dealerships decided to close entirely after the lockdown announcement rather than keep service open.
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    Me too. My 4th Gen Prius I bought in 2016 and traded for my RAV4 had a set of switches on the driver's armrest that was all lit and far better ergonomically than those fitted to the newer, costlier RAV (both Excel spec). The Prius mirror control, in particular, was like a large Fruit Pastel with a knurled edge and twisted left/right to select which mirror it controlled - easy to find without looking, easy to use - much more so than the old-fashioned design of that on the latest RAV. I really wish they'd carried that arrangement forward. The roof switches for interior lights etc on the Prius were also all illuminated and better shaped to find the right one by feel alone. I do despair of some of the choices made - apart from keeping customers (particularly loyal ones) happy, surely it's cheaper to re-use existing parts for more models than supporting several different versions.
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    There are a few american forums where they swapped door switches from C-HR, Corolla or Camry and according to them it is plug and play and works fine after the swap.
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    I don't think people care about the weather forecast anymore, Tony (ref lockdown) Having said that, I am expected to go into the office (1st time over a week) this weekend as we have a computer system going live Hope my new Yaris will make the journey (now I no longer have my Auris with Michelin CrossClimate+ all-seasons ).
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    Yep, that's how my Auris works. A second press without your foot on the brake will connect the hybrid battery and enable more systems, rather than just running on the 12v battery.
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    Automatic exemption. Extract from the DVSA advice: You do not need to do anything to extend your vehicle’s MOT expiry date if it’s on or after 30 March 2020. However, you must keep your vehicle safe to drive. Your vehicle will be automatically given a 6-month MOT exemption. This will extend your current MOT expiry date by 6 months. No need to rush to MOT the car until the revised expiry date is approaching. Suppose once existing due date is reached, it wouldn't do any harm though to check on the VED/MOT check website and the MOT history website: https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history
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    4 years with my pre face-lift aygo 66 I'm getting 50-55mpg but I'm traveling 8 miles just 1way to work and do 200 miles a week It's now bad considering most of my travelling is national speed and motorway Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
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    I bought a pack of the 10 pack plastic coated ones and did the interior ones X3 bootx1 ( standard boot light bulb is rubbish) and number plate light bulbs (pain to change) cost fiver result much better whiter light
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    Alternatively the full owners manual (not the abbreviated version supplied since approx 2014), gives the bulb types. One can download the full owners manual from https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eManual Can be downloaded either by entering the vehicle's VIN or doing a generic search. I've bought LED bulbs for interior fitment from Amazon previously.
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    There have been several topics, use search, you can find details about bulb sizes and experiences there.
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    I think a bit differently to you Shavestick. Toyota make the engine, their first choice for that engine is 0w20, so that is the oil I want. So when I book a service with Mr T I stipulate 0w20, when I present the car for service I remind them I requested 0w20.
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    @Catlover We now only have four cats, (we did have 13 at one time - but that is another story!). They are all other peoples 'cast offs' and the oldest has one eye and long hair. She is about 18 years old now and since having her eye removed last year is like a flaming kitten again! The other three are tabbies. @Timmon and for anybody else interested, I have attached a couple of pictures. When I was doing research on the Corolla, I was quite surprised how the car differs from market to market. For instance, I believe that there are three trim levels in the UK, but there are four in Ireland, but only one in the USA. I have what is called 'Sol' in Ireland and it has everything - I am still learning!
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    Thanks. I will post a picture when I get time - not sure when though, this self-isolating is very time consuming. 😀
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    I do check twice a week at least, now it’s very tricky indeed. Daytime temperatures are over 10C and if the car parked on sunny place no way you can get correct pressures, in the night temps goes down to almost 0C, tyres get harder but pressure goes down, again efficiency or comfort, how to get the right spot , best to check I found in the morning around 10-11:00 when temps are bit higher than the morning frost but the sun hasn’t touched the car yet. I keep mine just a tiny bit over the manufacturer recommended because of my night driving. I am still playing with my tyres pressure since the wheel size change I can’t find this suit spot between comfort and efficiency, but getting there, it is somewhere between 0.5-1bar more than the previous size recommendation. Regards
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    Please note, that tyre pressure increases 1,6-2,0 psi every 10 °C. So until summer temperatures arives, correct tyre pressure can be a bit tricky. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_inflation_pressure
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    I found driving constantly with 50-55mph fuel consumption is great even though ICE is running all the time. 45mph is the one that causes ice to cut in and out frequently and probably doesn’t charge well enough the hybrid battery.
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    Next up something for the side sills don't fancy spending on the official ones so went for these. Didn't bother fitting with the rear ones as the curve of the floor area on the rear was a bit too tricky to apply.(plus dont carry rear passenger too often ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123876301976
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    Some light at the end of the tunnel - Rhodium price has collapsed :
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    I believe the 12v will charge as long as the car is in Ready - EV or HV mode. The ICE does not have to run. I also read on Priuschat that when you plug the car in to charge, the 12v gets topped up after it's 'filled' the HV battery. Therefore, even if you're doing very low mileages, as long as you're plugging in regularly the 12v should be fine.
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    I have always used the lighter/12v socket to power my dash cams mainly as it is a very convenient and easily removed installation, and personally I would not be too keen on someone like a Halfrauds fitter messing about with my car, as they are not expert on any particular make. I could hard wire them myself but it is not really worth the bother. It is simple enough to lead the wire across from the socket, hidden behind the panel under the steering wheel and then up behind the A pillar trim, across behind the front edge of the roof lining to the camera. Using wire ties as necessary to keep the wire from being loose, although the A pillar trim and roof lining hold the wire securely on their own.
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    To the new owners, enjoy, a very relaxing car. I still get 50mpg+ on a longer run but less in town. Expect to see your mpg drop in the coming weeks when you discover its quite fun and quite a pokey car and it can be enjoyably hustled when your in the mood. And be careful of letting your cruise speed creep up, it does settle quite effortlessly into naughty and mpg unfriendly speeds. Don't be scared of ordering the Beige interior, after 15,000 miles of rough working and family life mine is looking good as new without picking up dirt, creasing or scuffs. My wife had reservations about my choice but its fine and looks much more expensive IMHO.
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    A Catloc for the Auris will look something very similar to this:- There are much cheaper plates available - £30 plus £12 delivery - that look like this:- I don't think there is anything to be gained by covering more of the exhaust, it is just the one part that gets stolen. Although having said that, the thieves usually remove the silencer/resonator that is further along the exhaust as well as the catalyst unit itself for convenience and speed of removal.
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    Update for the Aygo ..... Standard silver trim to the black trim stereo surround and gear surround just need to swap over the hazard switch and the blank switch Led bulb upgrade before and after .... 5 minutes to fit .

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