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    I don't have the version numbers off hand for you but I will just mention that the update takes some time to do so to anyone who still needs this doing do be prepared for this. I had my car's first service a couple of weeks ago, which took an hour and 20 mins while I waited. I asked about the software update (I'm still on the original 2019 first version) and was told this can't be done while being serviced so it has to be done afterwards. The update takes a further 90 minutes. As the wait that day was already so tedious I didn't bother getting that done and will wait for the next service when maybe I can leave the car with them for the day and get a courtesy car.
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    I have left Direct line after being with them 7 years they refused to reduce my renewal quote 2 years in a row, so much for customer retention - you get nothing for loyalty Zero claims and full no claims
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    I've always said pree-us, as have all the Toyota staff I've interacted with in the UK. Given the number of dealerships I've visited in search of a car, that's quite a few across a wide swathe of the country from Bristol to Norwich to Sheffield, so I don't think it's a regional dialect thing. That doesn't mean pree-us is correct, especially given the legendary lack of knowledge that Toyota staff tend to exhibit about these cars, but it does suggest that it may be the more common pronunciation. To be honest, I always thought pry-us was a p***-take, coming from Clarkson and others mocking early adopters in the 00s, who were often somewhat 'pious' about their green credentials. And if we're talking of p***-takers, I must confess that I laughed out loud when I first saw some dude on a US car show sporting a t-shirt with the following logo. That most definitely requires pree-us to be the pronunciation for the joke to work!
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    Prius is a Prius same as IKEA is IKEA 😂👍
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    Vehicles due their MOT from 1st August 2020 will no longer receive a six month extension to the MOT. See https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/mot-tests-reintroduced-august-1-government-cancels-six-month-extension/196560
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    New generation Yaris will be available as Icon, Design, Dynamic, Excel & Launch Edition. Icon will feature: •16" Alloy Wheels •Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 •Adaptive Cruise Control •7" Multimedia + DAB •Smart Phone Integration •E-call/DCM/Voice Activation •Driver Seat Height Adjustable •Reversing Camera •4.2 Coloured TFT Display •Leather Steering Wheel •Front Power Windows •Power Heated Mirrors •Automatic Headlights •Automatic Wipers •Rear LED Lights •Rear Spoiler •EPB + Armrest (Hybrid) •Auto A/C (Hybrid) Design will feature Additional to Icon: •16" Machined-face Alloy •Rear Privacy Glass •LED Headlights •Full Rear LED Lights •LED Fog lights •Rear Power Windows •8" Multimedia •Binocular-inspired Display •Painted Front Grille Dynamic will feature: Additional to Design: Additional to Design: •17" Machined-face Alloy •Black Partial Leather •Smart Entry •Push Button Start •Dual Zone Auto A/C •Passenger Seat Height Adjustable •Piano Black Interior Style •JBL® Premium Sound System with 8 speakers Excel will feature: Additional to Design: •17" Machined-face Alloy •Light Partial Leather •Smart Entry •Push Button Start •Dual Zone Auto A/C •Passenger Seat Height Adjust •Auto Fold Mirrors •Blind Spot Monitor •Satin Chrome Interior Style •6 Speakers •Front/Rear Parking Sensors and ICS with Auto Breaking Launch Edition will feature: Additional to Dynamic: •Tokyo Fusion & Eclipse Black Pearlescent Bi-tone •Auto Folding Mirrors •Blind Spot Monitor •10” Full Colour Head Up Display •Clear Blue Ambient Lighting •Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
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    The drain on the 12v battery is possible to do with telematics which the Corolla has linked to your My Toyota app as it works similar to a vehicle tracker which also puts a drain on the 12v battery
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    Little update here. She went for that tyres and they look amazing on the car, never seen a tyres with that large rim protector, lol if you about keeping your wheels safe from kerbs these are the tyres to buy👍 Haven’t try them yet myself but once I do I will update with review here and on the tyres review website. The rubber feels soft and nice to touch but let me drive the car first and then I can share some more information. Hope someone else with same tyres share his view about them.
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    The Corolla, etc will have R1234yf gas. Some manufacturers have been using this gas since 2014 - our 2016 Aygo, and both the 2015 i20 and 2020 i20 all used the later R1234yf gas.
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    It's a bit of a catch 22 isn't it lol.
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    Now I've charged our Prius Plug In 2015 several times from a socket connected to our old 10 A fuse and it works well. No fuse blown or owerheated socket or cable
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    Is it me or do the drivers side pads seem more worn than the passenger 🧐
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    Not Latin but, I have studied Italian and I am currently studying Spanish. I have Spanish homework today if anybody wants to help? In both these languages, and as far as I know, the other Latin languages too, the letter "I" is always pronounced ee. In English we pronounce the letter i as ah-i.
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    It looks to be around the £60 mark, OEM is Valeo but the Valeo item is around £72 Units are marked with the PSA Part number
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    When you guys tracked your motor on the app or portal, did it show the transporter ? Haha as it says my motor is in transit, but i wondered if it showed the car actually travelling down to my dealer? Can you tell im excited ? Love that you love the motor Luke!
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    If the recall relates to the 2018/19 Corolla, which was the previous generation saloon, the UK never had this model as an official import.
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    In the UK, there is a recall checker bolted onto the main Toyota site, where you can enter your reg number or VIN to check if you have an outstanding recall. Just checked mine and it's all clear. Maybe it applies to the previous model Corolla?
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    A total delight! The car is solidly built, offers a super driving experience, seats are so comfortable and fit well. Road noise is well below what I expected (and way better than in my previous Ford Focus). The acid test - the M25 between Leatherhead and Reigate. Concrete slabs make up the roadway that give me a headache usually. Not in this car! I have more superlatives 😊 One issue that blurs the otherwise blue sky concerns an A/C fault that is a warranty-repair matter (see thread in this forum). But that doesn't detract from my overall 4-star rating. Aiming to get a pros and cons summary here soon.
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    it will be the 12 pin black connector pins 1 (biege) 2 (Brown) (later cars may have a different colour code) Is the clutch switch fitted ?
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    I have an European Yaris 2016 model without cruise control. On AliExpress I found part 84632-08021, which is the cruise control module for the 2015-2016 Yaris. I assembled it, but it doesn't turn on. At first I checked if the module was being recognized by going into service mode (press the music button and turn on/off the lights 3 times). All the buttons are registering, except the cruise control module. This made me think that I missed the additional wires for the ground and ECM, but those are already connected. I didn't check if pin 40 is free on the ECM as I couldn't undo the connector. As you can see in the pics below, I have quite a few more connected cables in the connector compared to guides from other people (with different yaris or prius cars). https://imgur.com/a/UarzCik I was thinking of getting a mini VCI and check it that way using techstream, but I'm not sure if this is the correct next step. What could be the problem and how can I fix this?
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    Yeah. My previous cars were all Honda Jazz and space is one thing I did lose. A Jazz will carry four adults in reasonable comfort (I've taken friends on holiday with me in my Jazz). Enough luggage space for four adults as well if they are sensible. But I wouldn't want to transport adults in the back of my Corolla for long.
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    Hi, I admit that the engine does not have much torque and the pedals (clutch and accelerator) feel imprecise, which makes it hard to give the right amount of gas to pull away softly. At first, I feared driving my Aygo in-town, which is a problem for a city car. Good luck for up-hill starts will full load and the radio on and loud :D My advice: - make sure you have adjusted the seat well (advice found here): I am tall and when I am too close to the steering wheel, my legs are in an uncomfortable position that prevents me from pressing the pedals with the tip of my toes - use soft-soled shoes - release the clutch gently, when it bites and you feel the car starts to move, accelerate slowly
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    aww thanks all. swapped a VW Up for the Aygo as I just use for daily commute. The Aygo just needs more work & is a pain to drive in a traffic jam.
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    i have a similar problem with my 2008 2.2 diesel estate new discs and pads all round cleaned and installed properly, but, solid pedal when stood , engine off, start car press pedal and if i keep pressibg it will travel to floor, but still got a brake, travel in car and got a brake but pedal travel is about half way, weird and they have been bled properly, so im thinking is master cylinder seals on way out? and can you buy a seal kit? i am the member but forgot pasword.john.
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    Toyota do offer an accessory gearknob for 2014> Aygo in a choice of colours: Part # PW466-0H001-## Replace ## with C0 - Bold black JF- Cyan splash BG- Electro Grey EG- Orange Twist DC - Red Pop BH - Silver splash A0 - White Flash Priced at £81.53 + vat Also available: 33504-0H050-P0 - Magenta fizz £129.33 + vat 33504-0H050-B8 - Yellow £129.33 + vat 33504-0H050-P4 - Mandarin pop £129.33 +vat 33504-0H070-B1 Chrome £129.33 + vat
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    After inputting the first part the screen will grey/fade the letters and numbers with the exception of the "space" button you need to select this then then letter/numbers will light up so you can add the second part e.g PL75JY Will not work, it needs a space PL7 5JY Will work
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    Well I got the car back yesterday and I can confirm that I now have Android auto installed on the infotainment system. I still need to have phone plugged in, set to file transfer over USB, but the screen doesn't need to be turned on for it to operate, and holding down the talk button on the steering wheel activates Google assistant. Really happy with the upgrade and someone who uses Google to control home lighting and my garage door, it really does make a difference. Worth every cent! VID20200706132635.mp4
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    The part number is cast into the back of one of the spokes 14" ? New https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Aygo-14-Alloy-Wheel-6-Spoke-Silver-14X4-5J-05-14-42611YY360/223027832157?epid=671714688&hash=item33ed7ea55d:g:AyYAAOSwDw9bLKHz used https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Aygo-6-spoke-alloy-and-tyre-155-65-14-No2/153904790263?hash=item23d570baf7%3Ag%3AiogAAOSw-EZensXB&LH_ItemCondition=4
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    Personally I'm glad to hear that there will be no government scrappage scheme this time. The last one led to a lot of otherwise perfectly good cars being scrapped for no other reason than a government handout. It started off being about reducing pollution, but increasingly became just a subsidy to the motor industry. The country is now in even more debt than it was last time and really cannot afford to throw money around. Honda are already leaving the UK and Nissan keep threatening to leave so, to put it bluntly, I think sod 'em!
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    My wife’s 4 year old Aygo was in this morning for its service and MOT, she got a phone call regarding her front discs being badly lipped and rusty with only 12k miles on the car[emoji15] They quoted £314 to change the discs and pads!! They said it would be put as an advisory on the MOT but it wouldn’t fail on them this year [emoji848] Never had this before with a Toyota [emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is buying a brand new car green though? It may pollute less but the pollution in manufacturing and shipping a new car is never taken into account in its official pollution figures. I bought a 5 year old Toyota Hybrid, and scrapped a diesel Lexus IS220D. My 23 year old Volvo 940 still drives great and has paid its pollution over and over again as lived for 23 years so far and not been scrapped at 10-12 years old. I think keep your cars driving for as long as possible. James.
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    Give the lock a good soak with gt85 (not WD40) and let it sit for a few hours occasionally giving it a bit more lube - work the key in the lock for a few mins your ignition key may be worn try the spare key
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    Really nice, great to see more T22s still on the go.... I do sometimes wonder if they were ever any other colour. You can have any colour as long as it's silver [emoji4][emoji4] Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
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    See https://blog.toyota.co.uk/find-the-right-oil-for-your-toyota Note that for the current 1.0 Aygo and 1.0 Yaris, engine oil is 0W-16.
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    I posted this topic a few years back. Perhaps this will be of use? The drained oil had some super-fine particulate in suspension, but as far as I could deduce, it wasn't ferrous - a very strong magnet didn't attract it at all after several weeks. I have kept some of the old transmission oil - if someone wants to offer a free oil analysis of it, that would be fascinating! The genuine Toyota WS-ATF is around £11 a litre from a Toyota dealer on eBay, probably similar from a dealer. It isn't much more expensive than generic ATF, so there is not much point not using the genuine fluid. The oil isn't hybrid-unique, it goes in most modern Toyota auto boxes. There are 2 identical aluminium drain plug washers, which are about £3 each. I think the photo makes the oil look a little more in need of a change than it was in the flesh. I have done another Auris hybrid (first change) at about 55,000 miles, it looked similar. Those hex/Allen bolts are very stiff to loosen initially! I would think about get a tool that goes onto a regular socket set, to save bloodied knuckles when it 'cracks' loose.
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    I do say. Not everyone around here read the manual. 😜
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    Still waiting for mine but looks like the NHS are getting some today
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    Picked this up today, 118k and loads of history, 2.2 d-4d t4
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    I would dismiss that first article out of hand, it talks about CVT being relatively new technology.......what the actual????? I have not seen a problem with a Toyota CVT ever, not saying they never have problems but I have never personally dealt with one, they are pretty much bomb proof in my book
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    Me and a work colleague both ordered a Icon nav's FWD on 30th of of August and was told June 2020. We have now been given a date of the 20th of April and Confirmed they come with Apple car play. You need to speak with the dealer your lease company appointed and ask for a build slot date.
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    Cat lock and anything that can deter the thieves is a good decision however if your car been checked by thieves and there is plenty of time, car parked in quite area for example nothing will stop them. The cat lock actually will prevent access to the bolts that holds the cat connected to the exhaust manifold plus the pipe to where exactly they cut it, if they cut behind the centre silencer they won’t be able to remove the cat even they find another way to undo the bolts. So first thing is to remove the cat lock, this will double or triple the time they need and may well put them off., hopefully walk away without braking (vandalising) the car. I installed two of those cat locks, they seem well made, fit perfectly and I also secure them with lock bolts. Cutting through the metal plate will produce a lot of noise and will take time equivalent of cutting 3-4 cat pipes. The Cat bolts with springs they usually undo them, it is so easy. This is the one you need for your car from that seller, and remember auris gen 1 is same as Prius gen 3 but Auris Gen 2 is different, important when order. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283702663688 Here are the bolts that I used: 26002SU Wheel Lock Bolts SU M12 x 1,25, flat seat, shaft length 34,5 mm, Overall length 63,0 mm, Hex size 17mm, Key diameter 25,8 mm https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0048EJNNY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_ihVmEb0FJ2X85 This picture is comparison between the sizes of original heat shielding and the cat lock that goes onto its place and protects the catalytic converter.
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    I spend about half of each year living and working in Thailand. As anyone who has visited Thailand will know, most taxis used here are locally-built Toyota Corolla Altis. From 2001-2010 the Thai Corolla Altis used the 1ZZFE and 3ZZFE (3ZZFE is very similar to 1ZZFE but with shorter stroke giving 1.6L capacity). Many of the 1.8's were fitted with the U341E automatic transmission. The vast majority are converted to run on gas (LPG, or these days CNG) - its cleaner and a lot cheaper than petrol. In 2010 there were about 90000 taxis registered in Bangkok - nearly all being Corolla Altis. Around 70000 on the road at any time! Normally they are run to about 600 000km - around 7-8 years old. They seem to be incredibly reliable and over the years I have probably only seen a couple that have broken down. I've chatted with many drivers and never heard even one complain about the car. Given the heat and harsh driving conditions these models seem to have been astonishingly reliable! Parts are extremely easy to get and pretty cheap. E.g. 1ZZ coil pack (Denso) is £20. An Aisin radiator (tropical spec. - double UK thickness) is £40. All the mechanics know the cars backwards. There's a huge area not far from Bangkok international airport where secondhand parts are available - literally hundreds of sellers. A good used 1ZZ engine is about £200 and an auto transmission about £250. Rebuilt with new parts is about double the price. Fitting will cost about £50. Subsequently Toyota introduced newer Altis models with 2ZR and then 2NR engines and CVT. The CVTs don't have such a good reputation as the older style autos. There are now about 140 000 taxis in Bangkok...along with about 10 million private cars (eight times the estimated road capacity...).
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    I have a 2004 avensis with the 1.8....it has always burned about 1lt per 1k miles. It had 160k now it has 180k. Believe me the last 20k have been the hardest of its life. I regularly red line.... Always use the vvti.... Change oil every 3.5k change plugs every 7k....and believe me when I say its getting faster by the month. 6hrs at 80mph regular.... Regular throttle body flush.... I'm a complete petrol head and believe me when I say I have Never owned a better engine. Laughs at everything I throw at it.... The oil burn is just its way of letting you know you need to lift the hood every month... It has never increased since I have had it. Beast of an engine. Period
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    My uncle used to have a Carina. Will check out your channel.
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    Hi, came in here for guidelines whilst my friend was outside trying to figure out how to remove the cupholder to insert the new one. He came back in 5mins saying he's done it with a help of flat screwdriver. As long as you don't need to replace the actual body of the cupholder (mine had the actual part that holds the cup in place broken - the one that fold in when you push the cupholder in), you can replace (or remove) the moving part of it. 1. Insert a flat screwdriver in the gap just on the top of the cupholder, and press it down a bit to release the 2 little hooks thats holding it in and out it comes! 2. Insert the new part carefully aligning the two little wheels (dunno the name of them? i'm foreigner) This will only work if you need to replace the part that's coming in and out, but maybe that's your case? Hope it helped a bit! P.S. Ignore the pic of having the whole cupholder out- it's the new case where I put in the old part i removed, just to show you how to do it.
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    Personally, I would buy purely on condition and service history. I have owned a number of ex-rental and ex-pool cars which have been absolutely fine. However I would have immediately rejected any that had damaged trim, damaged bodywork, services missed, faults etc. My Auris however, is a genuine 'one previous elderly private owner from new' car and is covered in little parking knocks and scratches, worse than any of the rental cars I've owned. My fault for buying a car in the rain!
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    That was the point, Many aftermarket manifolds do not use the heatshield though thats whats odd? They are not coated or anything either PPE, TRD, Weapon R, DC
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    Fitted today, by myself, for my holiday tomorrow :D . Absolute doddle tbh. Stuck a glove on the opposite end when starting to line it up .
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    I have the same thing, replaced the o ring as well as the rocker cover gasket but still the same. I think it's coming from the timing chain cover and as far as I know it's an engine out job to fix, been told it's not worth the hassle on such an old car so just keep an eye on it.

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