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    hi, Navigation Manual Page 96 3-5 Setup  “Save recent route” Select to display a trail of breadcrumbs on the map. It is one of the toggle options on the Setup Menu / Navigiation. Toggle Save Recent Route to Off hope that helps
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    As Toyota Owners Club has no association with Toyota, you need to contact Toyota customer relations for them to be aware of your dissatisfaction.
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    As the Yaris engine gets older, its had a small occurence of piston ring problems. If the oil gets gummy, due possibly to lots of short journeys, it can restrict the scraping effect of the oil ring. You will notice a gradual drop in oil level if this occurs, its not normally worth a repair. For this reason I would change oil more frequently, say 5k mls. Remember that there are a number of little jobs done by Dealer services that tend to get passed by the local garages and the DIY, like lubricating brake cable pivots and changing fluids rather than just topping up. Oil is the life blood of an engine, it deteriates with use. If you want another 100k, which is not unusual, look after the blood.
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    55mpg right at the moment is pretty good, it’s very windy and raining these two affect the economy a lot. If you drive 2.0 you will be probably getting around 45mpg for the same journeys.
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    Took delivery of Mine Yesterday. Today driven to Milton keynes, all Motorway and achieved 51mpg on the trip. Not sure how accurate that actually is. Very relaxed drive. Impressed so far, just a few niggles that I'll just have to get used to. Home Screen - Map alwasy showing as North. Grrrr When selecting Audio, after a while to changes back to Home Screen. Not yet found if there is a setting for that.
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    Thanks all for taking the time to respond 🙂
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    We'll much better mpg then my last car a steady 57-60mpg on the way back home . The clutch seems better then the pre facelift no clunking noise on slow moving traffic . Pulls better off the line . Less noise in the cabin and not sure if I'm imagining things but suspension has less roll . Any way first mod done as soon as I got home replace the mirror covers to black .I think it looks better my self but each to there own . Before and after ....
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    I used E85 in my Carina E from 1996 for a while. It was no problems with any hoses or o-rings. The problem with that fuel was that the car was very difficult to start in the winter. It got quite thirsty on E85 too, but the fuel is "greener" than petrol is. I changed to another fuel pressure regulator to use E85. I had a slightly higher fuel pressure than on petrol. I also adjusted the timing, ethanol burns slower and needs longer time to combust. It was possible to drive that car with up to 50% mix of e85 and petrol with no problems and adjustments with the engine. I stoped using e85 in that car because it was too difficult to start in the wintertime. The fuel economy was not good on e85, but with a mix about 50% it got better fueleconomy and as the e85 was a bit cheaper than petrol the fuel cost / km was lower than on petrol when using that mix. I changed the head gasket after I had used e85 in that car and the cylinders and valves were all ok. I had the 4A-FE leanburn engine in that car.
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    I got a Concept2 rowing machine at home 🚣‍♂️
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    I note all your comments regarding the Map always pointing North up. I may be alone, but I wouldn't have in any other way. When I look at a large atlas (North up), the last thing I want to do is rotate the page. As soon as I got my latest mobile phone and portable GPS, the first thing I did was configure them for North up! If I couldn't have North up, I wouldn't be driving a RAV4 - sorry 😉 BTW... I just put my reg. no. and mileage into WeBuyAnyCar and it's worth only £2k less than what I paid for it on 01SEP, no wonder I was offered what I paid for it the other week. A friend ordered a Porsche Macan 3.0 S as soon as they came out and made £2,500 profit on it as soon as it was delivered; however, he did have to wait a year for it!
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    Anti roll bar bushes causing that noise. I disconnected anti roll bar linkages, making anti roll bar disconnected from car suspension. took a test drive at moderate speed. Finally That annoying faint tup tup puk puk noise was gone. Thanks.
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    The cat thefts are been on decline last two weeks or so, Toyota blog has less activity, maybe is the bad weather or the corona virus or combination of both. 😊🤫. This thing will go away as many other similar thefts has gone in the past. The problem these days is because of the media tech, social networks etc these groups of thieves has exchanged info very fast and spreads around and they can act faster in wider areas plus more single man working are doing it too, they also chat as we do and from one thieve to another information is flying, so if they have been any arrest made, charges done will take affect probably. I think that fiasco should not change people choice to drive and own hybrids. Cat plates, rebadging, and some extra care while parking until the game is over then happy days, no more cats from hybrids. Regards
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    Just had a email from toyota uk. Hope this helps everybody
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    I would recommend http://www.boot-buddy.com/ we have one of their orginal designs in our Skoda Yeti and after 8 years it is still going strong with no issues. Looking at one for the RAV4. Not cheap but really good and their customer service is good.
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    Thank you all!
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    Hi All,Does the Yaris 1.33 petrol engine require 2 oil/filter changes per annum if the car is used for daily short trips of under 3 miles i.e. to the shops and back or will the engine be ok with one change at its annual service? My aunt who is in her late 60's and disabled has just acquired a 2015 model and will probably never do more than 10 miles per journey. Thank you.
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    Got my excel AWD this week with sunroof and JBL system. Unintentionally ordered the wrong interior (beige instead of grey) but so happy I did! Love the colour against the blue exterior! Took about 5 months ordering time but easily the best car I’ve driven ...love love love it! First Toyota I’ve had coming off a Mercedes CLA and so glad I made the change. Hope you don’t all have to wait too long!
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    Didn't like the driving initially, as it drove like a bus 🚍 Then sort of liked it as it drove like a turbo diesel and suppressed whine from the CVT
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    Time for an update again, On friday evening the cyl were drained again, filled them up, On saturday i had to fill them up again. But on sunday, success. The wd40 was still in cylinders. So I pulled the wd40 out of cylinders with vacuum, changed oil with filter, dropped litte fresh engine oil back in cylinders to help with lubrication on start up I started the engine, let it get up to operating temperature, took it out for a drive. Made a compression test again, cyl 2 and cyl 4 have 13kg of compression now 😎 Now i´m moving on to sort the P2008 trouble code that´s stored in the engine ECU
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    Took delivery of my new RAV4 this morning! After a 6 month wait all I can say is “it was very well worth the wait!” Took “the Beast” for a run of around 113. mixed road miles (A & B roads along with dual carriageways and through a couple of villages) and the mpg according to the onboard computer was 50.1mpg. I’m not complaining about that! The car is so far is certainly comparable with the Lexus NX300h Premium I part exed for. Most of the premium goodies on the Lexus are on the RAV4. I hope to give updates on regular intervals.
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    The guys got a timing chain inside the front of the engine and requires a fair degree of strip down to access. If correct oil change intervals with good oil, the chain could last longer than the car.
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    Which will alert Mr Scumbag, when pre "casing" the vehicle, that he/she will need to bring extra tools/equipment to remove the "security" device too.
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    Had the Cat Loc fitted today. Price was same as Toyota's £250 fitted incVAT. I saw the unit and looks a bit of substantial kit, Invoice stated that the unit was £184.45 and £24.15 labour plus AT. He told me that they pay more than a dealer for the unit, as they price them less than that for dealers. Comes with card which gives unique code if vehicle is stolen or the cat. The bolts are tamper proof, unless they are drilled out after installation
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    The least you should expect is a replacement whilst yours is being investigated! I would certainly prime customer relations with regards to major safety aspects and your expectation.
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    I am blaming ALDI for all these stolen Catalytic converters. In their store today are hydraulic car trolley jacks for £19.99. Cheap as chips, no wonder thefts are increasing, almost tempted to get one and a grinder and set up in business.
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    i just extended it with a small bit of hose pipe with a jubliee clip
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    I have been on the lookout for a boot mat for the IQ that is for when you have the seats down, I did receive the official one with my car but I found that it was crap as it would never sit flat when you have both the seats down. Most places online only seem to sell a mat for when the seats are up, so I thought I would post on here that I had a mat made up by Premier Products that I would recommend, as they only start from £14 and you can get them in a ton of crazy colours if you want, I got it in black with a black trim and opted for the Luxury Carpet and it cost me £23.99 all in with shipping. It was shipped in a few days and the quality and workmanship is top-notch. Here is a link to the IQ seats down mat. TOYOTA IQ (WHEN REAR SEATS ARE DOWN) (2008-2015) TAILORED BOOT MAT
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    I queried the price with Toyo Tech, as to it being a fixed price of £250. They have come back and apologized say they based it on the invoice, which when they looked was for 2 items and not one. So it will be less than the price of Toyota's price. Thanks for the heads up, as I would not have known. And no, my one is still there hopefully till they fit the cat lock.
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    Hope u not stalking me 🙄 U seem to be everywhere on this forum 🤣
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    Had mine fitted on Friday 14th at Toyota £250. Came with stickers for the car window which states catloc fitted and on a registered data base.
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    I work at Toyota and it's a fixed price for all catloc except early Prius And that's at ALL dealers
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    Yes I did, waiting to approve the claim. Cheers
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    U must put in a claim against the highway agency!
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    They appear to be smashing drivers windows and removing steering wheels. The why would be demand for BMW airbags in the 2nd hand market or abroad. From my local FB page Our steering wheel was taken on Saturday night Hide or report this our steering wheel was also taken on Saturday night. The window was smashed!
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    If it’s me I will find auris 1.2t cvt near me and we test drive it for 20 min, this car may well drives as smooth as hybrid and efficiency on a run almost as good, plus Toyota cvt are fine in terms of reliability. Skoda are just not my favourite cars, despite I like the design unless they are fully loaded they are too basic and grey, worse then vw.
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    I would have thought the main difference between Corolla hatch and the Corolla sports tourer was rear of the drivers door, not the front. If that assumption is correct the front wiper blades should be no different. Parts King will clarify no doubt.
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    I have a spare a manual which I got when I bought a replacement unit after mine gave up the ghost. I'll check to make sure it's the same numbered manual tomorrow, if it is I could sent it over to you.
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    It does the same as a traditional handbrake it holds the parking brake while your foot is off the brake pedal eg. doing a hill start or pulling away tbh it takes away from the skill of driving a manual, imho its just something else to break and it takes control away from the user
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    Based on my 2 test drives in a Dynamic 2WD with Panoramic (heavier) roof, the second test being over 2 days, I think the figures will be very similar. Some Toyota blogs suggested the AWD would be about 2 mpg worse than the 2WD, but that hasn't been matched by my experience, as so far after 7 fills, my AWD Excel has been very closely matching the displayed figures on the test car (which admittedly was over a much shorter distance, but covered very similar driving to my norm). The AWD carries a little extra weight, but also benefits from extra regeneration from the rear motor/generator, which may partly explain why it's not more noticeably worse. My tank range could be between 614 and 659 miles IF the tank holds what the manual says and IF it's as full as I think it is, but based on miles covered plus what the car's computer estimates is remaining the range has been between 552 and 587. I'm assuming the car's estimate and the appearance of the low fuel warning light allow for a significant safety factor, and it's certainly not a good idea to run out of fuel in a Hybrid.
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    Hi, even you are driving mostly motorways hybrid system still helps propel the car and you are always getting efficiency close to a diesel equivalent or even better. Driving in hills it’s not too bad either, because If you do a regular journeys both directions one way you are using more fuel than driving on flat roads but on the other way you may not use at all or just a tiny bit so you are still within the good range overall. My driving is motorways 80% , country lanes 5% and 15% in town, winter times I do 50mpg and in summer over 60mpg. My winter worsen a lot because I keep the car in ready mode sometimes for hours 6-8 hours , for heating and power supply.
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    I can assure you that profess have not paid me to give praises. The workmanship was impeccable compared to a lot of other installations i have recently seen. But hey what do I know?? In regards to tweeks, I have no idea what tweeks if any. The installation is looked over but I have no idea what is done. I make the connection with them, they look over stuff for a minute. Connection ends, see you next year. Yes I am the same Steve, and if I am right you have a grudge against Profess or AC or both or any other LPG installer? Not sure why you are so negative against someone elses work? Doesn't bode well. You are much better being positive with your advice instead of slating others. Guess what, it doesn't work here. Yes you were right to be paranoid.
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    Last word. My mechanic is clever guy. This time put LUK`s 3 piece kit. So maybe will last longer thank 9 months... All The Best Tomas
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    Good you got it sorted.best buying a better make ie:LUK SACH''S
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    I used the Toyota workshop manual it covers my engine and the corolla Haynes as that covers the engine too.(2.0 diesel 1cd-ftv) CLUTCH.pdf MANUAL TRANSMISSION & TRANSAXLE.pdf
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    I think it would make very little difference in Spain whether you used 5w 30 or 0w 20, however, in the colder Northern European countries, you should use the 0w 20 for better cold starting and MPG
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    Pay the extra or go elsewhere. Its your money and you're free to spend it as you wish.
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    Toyota say the tappets should be audibly inspected every 40,000 miles using a stethoscope, if the tappets sound noisy the valve clearances should be measured for correctness, if there is an issue with clearance then the camshafts have to come off and the tappet for the valve at issue measured and then replaced with a new tappet with a larger/smaller measurement. The best trick is to measure all the clearances and then it is often possible to swap tappets from one valve to another reusing some of them and only replacing the tappet left over with new ones of the correct thickness. I have worked for Toyota for 15 years now and have never seen an Aygo needing tappet replacement.
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    354,000 miles in 3 years (Oil change every 5000 miles) Please wait a few seconds for Video to load!Don’t be concerned about hitting 100,000 miles next year! It will go to the moon (which is 238,857 miles) and probably back again My 2007 Toyota Yaris S Sedan doing 354,000 miles in exactly 3yrs without any major repairs. I replaced the alternator @ 323,000 miles. Only scheduled maintenance done on it, such as, Oil, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs, Drive Belt, Struts & Shocks, and Tires. Still running on the original factory clutch and brakes. I only use OEM parts.
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    As long as it’s serviced every 12 months or 10,000 miles (which ever comes first) and has good quality oil and original filters and driven sympathetically, there is no reason for it to fail. I would also use Toyota to do the servicing. There is one it the States that has done over 350,000 miles and is good as it was the day he bought it. Enjoy your Yaris

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