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    Looks like it's only the 1.8 corolla that's having issues at the moment (on this forum anyway). Just waiting for the first 2.0 corolla with aircon problems.
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    Toyota have agreed to do the re-gas for free now. Service manager was meant to call yesterday but didn't. Waited until today and had to call the dealer myself. I have a friend who works at Lexus in there service department and he's told me becuase of COVID-19 dealers are trying to push to make that extra money from customers. Seems like they put warranty work on the back burner. They said a couple of weeks to fit me in.
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    YaY...... Good onyou, m8 #Consider starting YOUR OWN thread...... Perhaps?? Seemples = just go to Carina section (above where you just found MY thread) and click on "start new topic".... Screenshot We are all eyes + ears 2sav
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    Here we go! First part of new life for this Carina!)
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    Toyota hybrids cars and many others even without using air con at all the air conditioning compressor works at some percentage all the time and in hybrid cars from time to time to maintain seals and general health of the system. (Correct me if I am wrong) . If everything done correctly in the factory with some or without use the air con should be good for at least 3-5 years. Dealers should not even think about telling any customer that air con regas needs after a year of ownership and it’s not covered under warranty. These cars seems having an issue with the air con system, I also believe that the other member that has his Corolla recently without gas was not a manufacturer defect but some fault with a component of the system, just waiting more people start complaining about it and Toyota will take it seriously.
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    If it's the new gas, all their new cars will have it so, they're going to be in a whole lot of trouble. New gas my @$$!
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    I can think of three good reasons that Toyota should do this for free. 1. Customer relations. 2. The environment. It's surely not a good thing that the gas is leaking out so readily. 3. Reputation. They don't want to get a bad name for supplying a poor quality product. They should want to repair it so that they understand the problem to ensure that it is an isolated problem. My Avensis is 12 years old, the A/C has never been topped up and it works perfectly. If yours isn't working after one year, it has to be covered by their warranty.
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    It's different on the Corolla, it's higher up and covered by a couple of beams and the lower undertrays, not seen one stolen on a new Corolla. I'm not saying it can't be done but I think it's a whole load more difficult, lets not forget these scroats want a quick get away, not messing about under the car for too long
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    I have had these come up on mine in the past, it wasn't quite the same P0 code and I'm sorry but I can't remember which one it was but in the end I replaced both front o2 sensors (btw, I have an 02 T22 1.8 vvt-i 1ZZ-FE) but I found with my rear lambda/O2 sensor one or maybe two of, I can't remember now, the four wires to the sensor were severed, mostly by wear and corrosion. I cut them all back 2 or 3 inches from the end of the sensor until I found good, solid uncorroded, untwisted, unbroken wire and soldered them back together.. I haven't seen an engine malfunction light or P0 code since amd that's been 2 years and 2 Mots. Now, did I need to replace the front sensors ? I really don't know but these error codes kept reappearing until I fixed the rear wiring issue once and for all. I bought generic sensors from ebay for the front two O2 sensors at roughly £40 each that fitted as they should and have not given me any issues in 3 years.... you can buy the OE sensors for probably a fair bit more but these have done the job adequately. I'd check the rear one and especially the wiring first before changing sensors. Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk

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