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    I used to own an Auris 1.8 hybrid 2016 model estate and found the power of this car very good (136 BHP) but a bit revvy on hills and when needing to acellerate quickly. So when I test drove the Corolla 2.0 (180 BHP) over similar terrain and when acellerating quickly it was obvious the Corolla engine was so much more responsive and effortless with so much reserve power and much less revvy it was a no brainer for me that I had to go for the 2.0. I then test drove a Corolla 1.8 and for me it failed on all counts and not even as powerful as my old Auris. But this is my own personal experience and as previously stated it's what your priorities are when choosing the 1.8 or the 2.0 Corolla. I only do around 8000 miles a year so the mpg is not a major factor for me but I am getting a constant 51/53mpg right now which I am very happy with. I rarely got much over 58/60mph with my old Auris 1.8. anyway.
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    Could "Service" be referring to GPS/back end data services from Toyota as opposed to literal servicing? Seems to be on too many cars for it to be a missed reset surely? P.S I do not have the message.
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    thank you rav4ster I hand wash every week using a lambs wool mitt and bit Hamber products
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    Hope u get it in June 🙏 Damn those low-lives! Would have thought with less people on streets, police will have more resources ...🤔
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    whatever you do dont buy warm white make sure you buy cool white.
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    LOL i wouldn't let Kwik Fit touch a lawn mower let alone a car before throwing parts at it, get it dye tested - The system is pressurized and injected with a dye they can the use a black light or a sniffer to find any leaks Don't mess with used parts or you will be back in the same place a few weeks/months down the line £60 for a budget condenser £100-120 for a decent aftermarket unit (includes dryer)
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    I would say yes and apply some wax or sealant after. I am waiting on Autoglym Magma (liquid clay) and a clay bar to arrive. As I have a white car, the plan is: Rinse with pressure washer Snow foam and rinse Wash it with the micro fibre mitt, using two buckets Rinse Use tar remover to clean tar spots Rinse and dry with micro fibre cloth Spray with Autoglym Magma to remove iron fallout, rinse. Use clay bar on stubborn spots Rinse, then wash again Rinse and dry with micro fibre cloth Apply Collinite 845 sealant Clean all external glass and apply rain repellent to all, but windscreen (wipers are smearing with it in my experience) This happens twice a year. Car get regular quick wash about once a month. Use ph neutral shampoo/snow foam, so it does not strip the sealant/wax each time car is washed.
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    Hi all. Thought I'd drop in and say hello! I'm currently a Nissan owner but I'm looking into getting either a Estima or a Alphard in the future. Cheers everyone, Clarkie. 😀
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    when you can buy some Williams waterless clean/wax which has Carnuba wax in. Also buy some microfibre cloths, one to apply polish, the other to buff. Wash them in washing machine but NO softener. If car is filthy, then use a water only wash, dry off and then apply Carnuba wax polish and then buff up. Its so easy to apply, spray a panel, you don't need a lot, use microfibre cloth to spread about, it will remove tar spots, bird dropping. Buff up with second microfibre cloth. Can be applied on real hot day and still easy to buff up, or even a slightly damp day....it still dries and buffs up. Cost - 4 x 1 litre spray bottles - £20. Might get couple microfibre cloths included. On a popular tv shopping channel, they do online orders if not currently showing on TV.
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    We bought an 04 1.3 T Spirit Yaris 3 years ago for my wife to drive as she finds the Avensis a bit bigger than she is comfortable with in tight car parks. Anyway I bought it in a rush but it looked good, the engine was immaculate and only 41k miles. It seemed very good until I took it for the MOT after 6 months. It failed on the back brakes and handbrake (needed new cylinders and shoes etc which |I did myself) but the tester said there were so many Advisories that it was not worth spending any money on. These advisories were all to do with rust :- Back crossbeam, suspension arms both sides, rear floor both sides, scills both sides, front floors both sides, rear shock absorbers both sides, all front and rear suspension springs.... In preparation for the second test a year later I set about the rear underside with a finger power sander and wire brushes and descaled everthing and used Bitumin brushed underseal and Bitumin Spray for the difficult bits. Replaced the shocks and springs. MOT then said only front floors rusty as advisories. For the MOT last week I did the underside floors etc at the front. MOT with no advisories. Total cost parts, underseal etc under £300 and about 2 weeks total work. Despite the original testers doom & gloom there was no structural rust when I was close to scrapping it! It is now a lovely little car and perfect as a town car in hospital and supermarket car parks.
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    Whenever I polish my car, and I use Williams waterless car clean/polish because it has Carnuba wax in it, I polish the alloy wheels as well (as recommended). This makes the alloys slippy, some brake dust will not adhere, the rest can be washed off easily next time you clean with Williams.
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    600+ miles nice! I think my Auris was about 400 Yaris just under 400 Yup We got a "NHS Key Worker Status" letter too
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    Today work issued a document to show the police, when going to and from work. Enjoying the quiet roads at least. Clocked up 110 miles and the car reckons another 478 miles left before I need fuel lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi All, I was advised at my last mot a month ago that my pads are low, purchased a new set at my local dealers, still in the boot, hoping to get them fitted this weekend, weather permitting. However, I’ve always used genuine parts, and find that they do give off a lot of brake dust, and I do my own diy, ensuring I grease sliders etc. My alloys are always covered in black dust, not reddish!
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    Nice You still can't drink, coz u might be over the limit when you drive tomorrow night!
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    Aircon seals dry out with lack of use..It is likely the entire system may have leaky joints..As Flash22 says, get it tested before spending anything.. It may be FUBAR in which case you are pouring money into a hole.. (and yes Kwikfit recharged yaris's system about 8 years ago and it is still working)...
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    Hi All, today I visited my local Tesco extra, what a service, was it Tesco or Dorchester hotel at Park Lane 😂👍. Arrived at around 09:00 car park wasn’t full but was not empty either. One way system to go in and out, security guards greet you at the door with Good morning Sir, disinfect your trolley handles with some spray, was smelling nice and wished me a good day! Tesco in Hemel Hempstead 5⭐️ from me. Inside some customers but not many and very well stocked, there was almost anything you look for, not as good as usually but at present time very good indeed. Shopping done in one hour and on the way home. Afternoon cappuccino and hey, sun is out me too. The car is perfectly clean, what should I do then., let clean the drive, did a good brush around and same in the garden t the rear. That’s was my day, now ready for dinner and back to check you out. Cheers 🍺 Wayne, I can now drink, I don’t drive anymore, car is crying or probably not😉🚙👍
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    I used E85 in my Carina E from 1996 for a while. It was no problems with any hoses or o-rings. The problem with that fuel was that the car was very difficult to start in the winter. It got quite thirsty on E85 too, but the fuel is "greener" than petrol is. I changed to another fuel pressure regulator to use E85. I had a slightly higher fuel pressure than on petrol. I also adjusted the timing, ethanol burns slower and needs longer time to combust. It was possible to drive that car with up to 50% mix of e85 and petrol with no problems and adjustments with the engine. I stoped using e85 in that car because it was too difficult to start in the wintertime. The fuel economy was not good on e85, but with a mix about 50% it got better fueleconomy and as the e85 was a bit cheaper than petrol the fuel cost / km was lower than on petrol when using that mix. I changed the head gasket after I had used e85 in that car and the cylinders and valves were all ok. I had the 4A-FE leanburn engine in that car.
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    I got a Concept2 rowing machine at home 🚣‍♂️
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    Those panic buyers have stocked up enough on the loo rolls so after the storm there is calm. Last week I did 6 days of walking to the local park each lasting 90mins odd, 8km+ per time, racking up 50km. I am still finding it mentally challenging with the lockdown, it's only the start of the second week. 13-26 weeks will be very very challenging even for an able body like me. What can u do? 😞
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    All I'll say on battery life is that my Auris battery is over 10yrs old now and still good. I know its good because I have done a sustained current draw test by turning on hradlights, foglights and heated window as well as operating all the windows. I've left it with lights and heated window on for some cosiderable time as a test while monitoring the voltage. All good. The battery on our old 2003 Corolla was replaced at around 10 years old because of a suspicion of a leak. The replacement Toyota battery is fine and still fitted. Although it has done a lot more mileage this last 6 months, the previous two or three years saw it doing less than a 1000 in a year and sometimes it stood for two weeks in winter without being started, The battery never gave any concern at all.
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    Hi, After changing the rad /antifreeze you will generally find you need to top up every few days as all the air is fully expelled from the system. A level difference of 2mm could simply be down to outside air temperature variations with these sunny days and frosty nights. I'm just wondering if when you filled up , some water was splashed around and hung under the filler cap area etc , then when you started the car the vibrations shook those drops off onto the hose, making you think it was a leak ?
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    I also got this message and my car is only a few months old. I’m guessing it’s nothing to do with car servicing
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    I believe you should connect charger to jump point under the bonnet so no need to get to the battery. Lift bonnet, lift fusebox lid on right, lift red cover to reveal jump connector which takes positive lead, find earth point on the body. You should trickle charge with the correct type of charger at least monthly probably best fortnightly. The main traction battery is ok for several months but top it up as above, running the system for at least 30 minutes. Check with Toyota website or owners handbook as I'm writing this from memory. Personally I'll be making sure I do 20 plus mile trips to get the engine fully warmed, batteries maintained. I can't infect anyone if I don't get out of the car!
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    I changed all of mine from amazon, lovely bright cool white and still “fades” when times out when locking car. Simple and great mod.
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    Hi Adam, My driving pattern (Corolla 2.0) seems very similar to yours. In winter, on winter tires (16 inches), I get around 47-50 British mpg, if I push it a bit. That means ok quick accelerations and around 70-81 mph (the Danish speed limits) on the highway. However, since Xmas I have been conduction a little experiment, trying to push the mpg as high as possible. That means keeping at around 53 mph together with the trucks at very constant speeds. That sucks a bit (a lot actually), but for the last 2000 miles my average mpg has been 59 mpg. It's impossible for me to get above that, at least given the circumstances (winter tires, constant rain and wind, 4-8 degr. C). All mpg are measured, not read from the info screen.
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    This is great, Tavey. Noticed my drivers side cluster has been replaced at some point but the panels don't quite sit right below the housing. I'll take the bumper off and see if it's snagging somewhere.
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    Probably have an account with BP ....
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    If there's a leak in the system, the pressure will drop and the system won't run.
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    Wouldn't other customers also be affected by the contaminated fuel? If you're able to find other customers that got their engines destroyed from the same gas station on the same date then you definetly have a strong case.
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    Thanks PaulinhoT. I'm sure I recognise your name from another forum??
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    Hi, the mechanical key will unlock drivers door only and it’s for emergency use if you have dead battery and u need access to the engine bay to jump start the car. I can recommend to you to leave your rear hatch open and use some towels over the lock to stop shutting and locking the rear door by accident. Before you disconnect the battery check if your mechanical key works and as extra precaution you can spray some wd-40 or similar lubricant to it to keep it moving freely. Those batteries also needs specific chargers, if unsure best is to live it in the car and you can charge it keeping the car in ready mode for 30-40 min , this actually is best care for the battery and engine too. Regards
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    Apart from the dozen or more other vehicles (Eg; Honda Jazz) that also have CVT gear boxes ;) "How fast do you drive on the motorway? I don't know much about speed limits in the UK. What's traffic like in general - is it possible to set the cruise control, or is the cruise interrupted all the time?" I drive at 60 mph in lane one with CC on. I sometimes overtake solitary HGVs or queues of them on an incline but otherwise I'm happy to bimble along behind them. My last trip (a month ago) I managed 62 mpg. In summer I'd expect close to 70 mpg.
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    I just happen to have one of these turbos. so, I've just taken a couple of photos. The maximum movement of the rod is 10mm.
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    According to US EPA tests (which reflect reflect real world driving better) and experience of others, the difference in fuel consumption is negligible and that extra 100 kg or so doesn't really make a difference. I've never noticed a difference in fuel consumption between driving on my own vs. with one passenger and luggage either (adult+suitcase would easily be 100 kg). And by 50 MPG I mean measured at the tank, because the trip computer will say slightly better ;)
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    I think a bit differently to you Shavestick. Toyota make the engine, their first choice for that engine is 0w20, so that is the oil I want. So when I book a service with Mr T I stipulate 0w20, when I present the car for service I remind them I requested 0w20.
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    Hello Russell - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
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    Before runninmg off with the worst senarios like head gastket, cracked head or block, better to spend some time to properly check the situaltion, starting off with the simplest free test of examining the oil filler cap for creamy sludge. Is the enigne running sweet indicating its firing well on all 4 pots, though you can pressure test each cylinder, as in the link below. It could just be an actual leak from the seam of the new radiator, nothing more than that . Have a look at this and other similar testing videos which should help establish where the problem is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zpNjYmmiYY
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    It seems this new feature will come "randomly" and not at the same time to the users as it happened with the EV and hybrid data. I got my EV data months after it was introduced. And now I don't have the fuel too.
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    Time for an update again, On friday evening the cyl were drained again, filled them up, On saturday i had to fill them up again. But on sunday, success. The wd40 was still in cylinders. So I pulled the wd40 out of cylinders with vacuum, changed oil with filter, dropped litte fresh engine oil back in cylinders to help with lubrication on start up I started the engine, let it get up to operating temperature, took it out for a drive. Made a compression test again, cyl 2 and cyl 4 have 13kg of compression now 😎 Now i´m moving on to sort the P2008 trouble code that´s stored in the engine ECU
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    I have been on the lookout for a boot mat for the IQ that is for when you have the seats down, I did receive the official one with my car but I found that it was crap as it would never sit flat when you have both the seats down. Most places online only seem to sell a mat for when the seats are up, so I thought I would post on here that I had a mat made up by Premier Products that I would recommend, as they only start from £14 and you can get them in a ton of crazy colours if you want, I got it in black with a black trim and opted for the Luxury Carpet and it cost me £23.99 all in with shipping. It was shipped in a few days and the quality and workmanship is top-notch. Here is a link to the IQ seats down mat. TOYOTA IQ (WHEN REAR SEATS ARE DOWN) (2008-2015) TAILORED BOOT MAT
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    I would have thought the main difference between Corolla hatch and the Corolla sports tourer was rear of the drivers door, not the front. If that assumption is correct the front wiper blades should be no different. Parts King will clarify no doubt.
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    A dealer could do it but they'd charge. The problem is that if you choose to update everything it takes about an hour during which time the engine has to be running. They can't do it during the service so that's an extra hour while the car is sat blocking a service bay for which they'd charge. Updating is a bit of a faff but it's something we're expected to do for ourselves. The exact steps are (from here ) register satnav (https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/) "purchase" map update (https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/) make note of activation key (important, although it should appear in a confirmation email) download zip extract zip copy FMU folder to the USB (requires 11.2GB) start car put in usb nav system will verify the update acknowledge the update put in the activation key wait an hour at the end take out usb when directed the nav system will reboot. Note that purchasing the app will be free during the first three years but you still have to click through several pages including a statement of the tax you owe (20% VAT on zero is of course zero).
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    It does the same as a traditional handbrake it holds the parking brake while your foot is off the brake pedal eg. doing a hill start or pulling away tbh it takes away from the skill of driving a manual, imho its just something else to break and it takes control away from the user
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    Hi Tent I cut the 4wires from the plug as i didnt want to mess about trying to put pins in the plug so cit them bare ends. Taped back the white and black/white and used just the red and black pair David
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    Hi all, I suddenly get this lame message every time I start the car. That has never happened before, and I have not changed any settings as far as I know. Any idea which service, and gone where? It still seems to be connected to the internet through the phone...
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    That’s what government said, but we will see what happens in June, till then on lock down. There were few options for work but it’s too risky now, plus people instead become more humans they are turning into predators, have you read the paper how some low life’s destroyed the car of a lady doing medicine delivery? I rather stay at home, virus is not the only problem we have. Regards
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    Just wait until it gets below halfway on the gauge, then it will start dropping rapidly lol Not quite got to 500. But then I could try going on the reserve. The old car had a 45 litre tank and only ever put 36 in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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