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    After 2 years of owning the awesome 2007 Amazon TD I’m going home to Oz. This fully fitted out expedition vehicle was amazing offroad in Portugal and Morocco and we returned from our Alpine passes tour on 23 July. The turbo Diesel engine cruised effortlessly on the auto routes at 130kph at 2500revs, to transverse Countries at ease. Toyota makes a fantastic combined cruiser and offroad vehicle - no wonder it sells more cars in Australia than any other manufacturer. The Amazon is now for sale at £12500 and that includes all our camping & unused recovery gear. Ray +44 7934 236145
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    road to ruin? starting to get a 1975 toyota corona mk2 back in fighting shape hopefully a one year project.monthly updates pics and sort video's on here and facebook
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    Metallic black 16" Celica Gen7 Lightweight Alloys Backbox Sony CD player & 500w Fusion sub&amp Janspeed sunvisor Tinted/smoked rear lights Ice white bulbs all round incl spotlights Red brake calipers

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