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  1. How to reset your Auto electric window function. Auhor: GIDDLEPIN If, like me, you let the wife use your beloved Auris to pop down to the post box when the weather's freezing and, if like my wife yours decides to wind the window down to clear the ice off (?????)... and, if like mine, your window is frozen solid and it stops the auto function working and causes the auto light on the switch to flash, here's the procedure to reprogramme the auto wind unit. Simply turn the ignition on, wind the window all the way to the bottom and hold the switch down for at least ten seconds. Then
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  2. This is a simple job that does not seem to be covered in the owner's manual, and there is no obvious way of access in the bulb. I used my plastic trim removal tools, so reduce the risk of damage. I carefully probed around until I was sure where the release catch is located - Now you know. The clue is seeing which way the bulb is fitted. Drivers vanity light. Inserting tool to feel the catch. Lever to tool to release the catch, popping the light fitting out. Better view of the light fitting. Standard 501 5w bulb. The courtesy lig
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  3. ElecDiag Corolla 1.6 (1).pdf ElecDiag Corolla 1.6 (2).pdf ElecDiag Corolla 1.6 (3).pdf ElecDiag Corolla 1.6 (4).pdf ElecDiag Corolla 1.6 (5).pdf ElecDiag Corolla 1.6 (6).pdf
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  4. Difficulty - Medium Time - about 90 minutes Tools required - 12mm socket and spanner (various extentions etc). Flat blade screwdriver. Pliers. It is easier done off ramps or over a pit and the rest of the text assumes that the sump tray has been removed. Parts (supplied by Kingo); 45221-42080 - £143.60 inc VAT and delivery You may also need a new clip for the bottom of the steering column boot; 90460-64003 - £6 inc VAT and delivery These prices are of August 2012 and could change with time but it will give you a feel for the cost. Introduction Some
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