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    Now I have to drum this one! I found this xCarLink unit that displays texts from usb stick via cd changer connection. Buy all you can while you can from xCarLink 😉 It reads fairly fast stick and audio quality is way better than any other adapter I have heard. Price was still pretty decent
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    hi Konrad, once again thank you for all the info, i have just changed this indicator and was nice and easy, the cover came off really nicely, but just a note on my wing mirror indicator it was held in by 2 screws i had to pull the glass and plate out to get to them, once this plate is off just undo both screws and the indicator just comes out, very nice walk though though. many thanks Neil
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    Try cleaning the inside of the glass with isopropyl alcohol. This will ensure all dirt, grease, dust, oil and other deposits are removed from the surface. Water vapor molecules love to cling to dirty surfaces, which is the mist that you see. I personally use this contact cleaner from Halfords, as it contains isospropyl alcohol. Plus, I can use it on other parts of the car too, such as the electrics. Spray some on a lint free rag, then gently rub the glass all over until it is squeaky clean. http://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/lubricating-penetrating-oil/halfords-electrical-contact-cleaner-400ml
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    Excellent article. Clear and concise with pictorial and parts links provided. First class job and a big Thank You Tony.
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    Hi, Is this video still available please? Thanks
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    I just wrote a guide for the original Touch unit (59006) it uses the same 28 pin cable so it may be applicable to the Touch 2
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