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    Protection against thieves? Well, it used to be called the law but then all sorts of protectional clap trap was introduced by do-gooders and found more easy to enforce than actually stopping the people from taking what doesn't belong to them. Now, you aren't allowed to give the individual who is helping themselves to your property a good pasting. Apparently, one of the most effective deterrents is prayer and the fear of being smited for ones sins by the almighty or in the case of prius catalytic converters, hope that God is looking and lets the jack slip.
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    Very interesting experiment and it validates what I have always thought about Toyota/Lexus hybrids, just bung it in D or R and let the computers do the rest.
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    East Midlands here. I ordered my Corolla 1.8 hatchback Hybrid Design in late February, shortly after it hit the dealership, but had to wait until June 10th for delivery. In fairness it did arrive 10 days earlier but I was away on holiday (dammit!!). So a good 3+ months wait here. Most frustrating, particularly as the car was being built less than 20 miles up the road from me. Rather like Brexit I kept yelling "Get on with it!!!" every time I passed by the factory, LOL. The only thing you can do is just to put it out of your mind for most of the wait. Agonising, I know, but it will be worth it. I'm delighted with mine. 😊
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    Update on the facelift parts upgrade..
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    Hello, I've had my Corolla Touring Sports Icon Tech for about 2 months now. I ordered mine in blue and was told it'll be about a month for delivery, this soon increased to 6 weeks, then 2 months. In the end it took about 3 and a half months to be delivered. It was well worth the wait though, it's an amazing car to drive. I live in the south east close to London and I'm now starting to see more Corolla's on the road not many Touring Sports though.
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    I've not driven driven the new Rav4 Sat in the one in the showroom whilst having mine serviced it felt good so i ordered one (company car).
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    Going to look at making a big plate to go over my CAT. Nice bit of alloy plate. The problems is the cat lock cables can be cut easy once they cut the CAT off, I’ve fitted loads on Merc sprinters I always fit them so you can’t get to the cables to cut them. The problem with Auris and loads of other cars for that matter is it’s easy to get to. If you had a alloy plate cover over it disc cutters take a bit longer to cut alloys and they would have to cut the plate out. Would take to long. That’s my plan
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    Thanks PaulinhoT
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    I'm due an oil change, based on 12months driving (around 6k). CarParts4Less @£3.06 delivered. 🎱 Hardly worth the fuel to travel to get one cash!! 2sav
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    If it's causing smoke, then you waited too long and it's probably already caused some amount of damage or extra problems, such as oil in the intercooler to be cleaned out would be the way I look at it. Are you sure it's not severe bearing wear and that the turbo isn't attempting to tear itself apart and dump debris throughout the intake, cylinders and exhaust system? On mine, at the very least, I can easily take the inlet pipe off from the turbo to see if the sound goes away and try to rule out the intercooler and rest of the intake side as the cause. After the miles you have done like this, maybe an inspection mirror or camera would show a sooty mark or two indicating a gasket leak or a hole on the hot side of the turbo?
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    2010 Auris RS 1.8 6 Speed Manual
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    There is a certain amount of loyalty to the brand especially when you spend a large amount of money with them ;-) However for myself it's not blind like people are with apple and Android/Windows!
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    Hi. I am doing a 250 miles per day every day mostly motorways and some A and B roads plus occasionally i drive in towns with heavy traffic. My Auris hybrid 2010 does 60mpg summer time and 50 in the winter when I keep the car ON even when not driving sometimes for hours to have some heating and power supply. While going uphill yes the car revs up, but you can manage that simply by pushing it harder or go easier on the throttle, helps a lot, with the time you will get use to it. The car drives differently from manual or standard auto cars, but is not that bad, it is not a sport or performance car, not a Golf R or Audi S3, but it’s not slow at all, it’s just make you drive relaxed and smooth where the other two I mentioned above are just the other way around. Mpg wise you won’t be any worse or much better than a diesel equivalent but the refinement, reliability and the ease of driving makes the hybrid better option, plus it’s more clean, no black clouds of smoke behind. Regards
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    We have a 2010 Auris and a Gen4 Prius but have had a Gen3 Prius. Re going up inclines. Both the Auris and Gen3 Prius increase revs and sound noisy on inclines, not surprisingly because they basically the same mechanics. The Gen4 behaves differently, more as you would be expecting. You get used to the excess revs, I used to just throttle back a bit. Re fuel consumption on the journey you explain is normal for you. I think you going to get good fuel consumption. I would say the hybrid performs worse mpg on long fast Mway journeys. Get road works/slower moving and mpg gets better, same with town driving. Mpg, the Auris does about 62mpg in the summer, Gen3 Prius about 65mpg. Prius is more streamlined hence the better figure. The Gen4 is regularly high 70’s in the summer, often in low 80’s. in the winter these figures can drop 8-10mpg due to batteries not liking cold weather and of course the petrol engine is running more to keep itself warm and the car interior. Re mpg, last Friday I was talking to my Toyota dealer (MOT time) about mpg achievements. I was saying on a 114 mile trip from Gloucester to Telford using A roads only (no Mways) in June (good weather) I was showing 88 mpg in the Gen4. He remarked that was very good but not everyone could achieve that..... he said it’s all about driving technique. I recommend you go on Youtube and watch videos for driving Toyota hybrids, plenty there to learn techniques. That’s what I did (still do) and learning a lot. cant comment on Yaris hybrid, no experience.
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    Not necessarily - unless the hard wiring affects another component or system. Obviously the dashcam installation won't be covered by the new car warranty.
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    It's pretty endemic. My dealer told me the car didn't have LED lights. He extolled the virtues of keyless entry despite me pointing out that I already had it on my Jazz. Best thing with salespeople is to ignore them.
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    I witnessed a set on my friend's car and they were really good. You can easily choose them!
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    Article on SoundComfort tyres - https://whattyre.com/news/goodyear-soundcomfort-tyre-noise-reducer-wins-consumer-award/ Not silent - approx a 4 decibel reduction on noise inside the car.
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    Most common cause of P0093 is a failing SCV valve and other than an occasional dripping injector nozzle actual physical leaks are almost unheard of. The car sets P0093 because the pressure created and measured in the fuel pump isn't replicated on the common rail, most common cause is the SCV valve sticking causing the rail pressure to drop or less common is an injector not holding pressure.
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    The diagnostics are really simple for P0106 basically so long as P0105, P0107 or P0108 are not on as well as P0106 then replace the Turbo pressure sensor. P0093 is more complex basically the car is seeing a significant drop in fuel pressure from the high pressure pump to the common rail so suspects a fuel leak, there are many things that can cause this some of which are listed in Technical service bulletins: EG-0044T-0310-EN Model Name : RAV4, COROLLA, COROLLA VERSO, AURIS, AVENSIS Model Code : ALA30, ADE150, AUR10, ADE157, ADT250, ADT251 Subject : MIL light illuminated. Diagnostic Trouble Code P0088 or P0093 DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may complain about engine MIL light coming on. The engine power may be reduced due to fail-safe condition. Diagnostic Trouble Code P0088 or P0093. PRODUCTION CHANGE The Suction Control Valve changed to make it less sensitive to scratching. REPAIR PROCEDURE Reprogram the ECU with at least the minimum available calibration ID. Replace Suction Control Valve with new design part Part # 04226-26020 ( for Auris, Avensis & Verso NOT RAV4 EG-0068T-0514 Subject: Knocking noise and DTC P0093 due to injector nozzle deformation in AD engine. Models: AURIS; AVENSIS; COROLLA; RAV4; TOYOTA RAV4; VERSO Model codes: ADE150; ADE157; ADE186; ADT270; ADT271; ADE150; ALA40; ALA41; ALA49; ALA30; ALA35; AUR20; AUR21 DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may experience and report knocking noise and/or DTC P0093 being triggered. The nozzle of the injector might corrode, deform and crack due to condensation water created inside the cylinder. PRODUCTION CHANGE The design of the Injector has been changed. If any injector appears as above replace ALL injectors with modified parts Modified part number 1AD-FTV 23670-29116
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    Just had mine fitted, £250 for £20 worth of metal. But that’s ok because I had my own service advisor and they washed the car and blacked the tyres🤣😂
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    Not surprising the 1.2T has been dropped in the UK. Approx 14% of C-HR new car sales for 2019 (Jan-Jul inclusive) were 1.2T's, the remaining 86% being hybrids.
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    There are no forward facing airbags at the rear seats, so there is nothing to disable. Installing car seats in the front passenger seat is generally not recommended.
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    Can you do a guide on how to achieve this upgrade? please
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    I'm very late replying but hopefully this will help others. Have to second Scarlet Arrows advice that there is no superior aftermarket light compared to the OEM lights. However, you can polish up even the most badly faded headlights! I got myself a foam disk drill attachment kit for about £7 on Ebay and with some cutting compound went over it with a cordless drill. It's worth noting the light on the right has been gone over by hand with two headlight polishing kits I had bought from shops and still wasn't happy with the results. the light on the left is after about 10 minutes with the foam disk drill attachment...
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    they have an universal spare wheel http://www.theaa.com/newsroom/news-2013/aa-pioneers-universal-spare-wheel.html
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    Was your demo a 2WD? The 4WD,m with the extra electric motor/generator on the rear axle has no hesitation at all. The Gen 2 & 3 Prius had a top and bottom glovebox as well as the cubby under the centre armrest - I had no trouble getting my iPad in the bottom glovebox, as well as my SR shape digital camera. [The Gen 4 Prius got one small glovebox and lost the space under the boot floor, which coupled with the poor rear headroom- probably explains why taxi firms no longer favour it.] I tend to think of the Excel as the top equipment model (a Toyota person on their blog said the same too), wile the extra cost of the Dynamic is for the extra trim bits and wheels that would otherwise be £600 extra. No wireless phone charging on any UK model. I've bought this for about £12 on eBay (see pic)
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    and my manual says to replace the TPWS sensor too. The one I bought for my full size spare wheel was almost £90! A few years ago I heard of someone who got a puncture 3 miles from home on a wet Friday night about 11 pm. Gunge ran out f hole in tyre. AA took over 2 hours to arrive (it was a very wet Friday night!). Got him and car with flat tyre home between 2 and 3 am. Saturday took wheel in taxi to nearest town with tyre shop. Not in stock, 2 hours to fetch. Taxi home. Taxis cost more than tyre, big chunk of Saturday lost. We each have decided our own priorities.
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    plus some, like me, also just like the way it drives. I love the way the Toyota Hybrids drive, and one that is in EV mode much more of the time would be even more appealing. I'd love a true EV if one would work for me on the odd days I do very long journeys, but until tyre technology has moved along much further I stubbornly insist on having a spare wheel, and am delighted that my latest car actually has a full size spare. I had experience of a Gen 2 Prius converted to a plug-in about 12 years ago, and it wasn't as clever as the dedicated ones brought out by Toyota since about 2012, but it did have about 40 miles of EV capability and the small team that did the conversion left room for the space saver tyre under the boot floor. I sometimes got about 1½ thousand miles between petrol tank fills. So when the first Toyota plug-in came out about 7 years ago, I was really interested as even with it's claimed 13-14 mile range (9-12 in reality) it would work well for me most days as I do lots of short journeys and can plug in at home in between many of them. I'd expect to use little or no petrol all but 2-3 days of an average month, but could jump in and do a 500 mile round trip in a day with no special planning or range anxieties. After the 2007 conversion by a fairly small company, it didn't even occur to me that the Toyota would not have a spare wheel. I know some here believe I'm being unreasonable when I say that I'm surprised, with their massive resources and access to specialist skills, tools, and experience of Hybrids for over 22 years that Toyota couldn't have achieved this because of all the regulatory and safety demands in many markets, but if they had put their minds to it I'm sure with the modest range of the first official plug-in they could have managed it. After all, the original Prius team were given just 2 years to develop a car from scratch with half the emissions and fuel consumption of the Corolla of the time and every time they went back to the Chief Exec (or whoever it was) and said it couldn't be done, they were told to go away and do it - and they did.
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    Been said (many times) before - its not just about fuel economy savings. Its about the car travelling without burning fossil fuel for longer, ie driving past schools, busy pedestrian areas with no exhaust emissions etc that appeal to some drivers.
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    The 1.8 Design i just got has the spare wheel. The space is lacking but i'd rather have a spare wheel than an inflation kit.
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    I wanted something that would sit near to the cars screen so I choose this one from amazon. Miracase moving life
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    dealer's in Norwich!
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    RS seats re-upholstered (alcantara) and heated and fitted to Auris. Currently the plan is to install all the face lift parts. That means: 1) steering wheel 2) Instrument cluster 3) hood, front bumper and headlights 4) side mirrors 5) rear bumper with dual exhaust skirt and taillights 6) center console with armrest and handbrake lever All advise and tips if someone has already done any of the above is welcome!
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    So, the computer recognised what was required, kicked in at 2 bars and put enough into the battery to keep you going. Computer programmers at Toyota must of been thinking of you, Mick, when they did the design.
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    @wass I'm a peaceful person. I would be very calm and collected normally. But if I saw the thief in action taking my cat, I would have done serious damage, maybe trying to flatten my car while he was underneath + grab the metal bar his friends hold while he watches out looking like a thug. But that would have been wrong. Instead of them getting damage, I could have endangered my own life. I don't know what the right answer is. Maybe these thieves are brainless morons - slaves to a cruel master? Who know, just making it up. Punishing the foot solidiers doesn't hurt the master behind the whole thing. Things aren't always black and white. EDIT: I'm now looking into making my own protection solution to sell to others. I know I would have really appreciated having. I thought about it many times. I never got off my backside and did anything. I'd seen loads of videos galore of the thieves. My nephew had his stolen in a fairly busy open shopping car park. I never took any positive actions to protect my own cat.
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    I've also had an OBDLink LX for a few years and it works great with Hybrid Assistant and other apps. The cheap scanners are fine for just reading fault codes, but for Hybrid Assistant you need something that can reliably provide real-time data in a consistent manner, which is a lot more demanding. I didn't know about the firmware updates, and never use the OBDLink app - must check that out!
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    Firstly, thanks for posting this as I wasn't even aware of the app! Works great on my Yaris! You mentioned the OBDII adaptor. Well, since starting to use Torque a couple of years ago, I grew dissatisfied with the cheap eBay adaptors I was using at the time because they were so unreliable, even with Torque. The first "more expensive" one I tried was Carista and this improved things a lot. Still had the odd glitch but I could live with it. When Hybrid Assistant came out, I was still using the Carista and it worked well initially but as the app got more and more advanced, the shortcomings of the Carista started to become apparent in terms of its scan speed. Eventually and since I was using and relying on HA a lot, I bit the bullet and purchased an OBDLink LX from Amazon for £79.50 (got a -£6 promotional offer on the full £85.50 at the time) and I might add that this wasn't because of HA's recommendation, it was more to do with user reviews across a range of OBDII adaptors and I wanted the best available at the time. I am glad now that I did as the OBDLink LX has proved to be worth every penny in use and 100% reliable for what it does. One of the major advantages of the more expensive OBDLink LX is the 3-year warranty and the fact that it can get firmware/software updates from the supplier and because of these factors, I would highly recommend it for serious/continuous use (it also has a sleep mode when the car is off).
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    Thanks so much for your reply, I guess it's my mistake thinking Bluetooth comes as standard😶. Nevermind. I was wanting to stream music as well as answer calls - Halford quoted £250 on top of the cost of the stereo which seems expensive to me. They said it was something to do with needing special leads? I think I would prefer an integrated Bluetooth stereo fitted so if there is anyone who has any experience of doing this that would help. However, the Sat Nav you showed me looks like a great fall back plan if it will be too tricky so thanks for putting me on to that.
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    Hi Kathryn and welcome to the board. I've had a look on Auto Trader at all the Aygo Black models on there and they all come with the standard Aygo stereo. Some other models in the range do have a bluetooth stereo which looks a bit different, like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Aygo-2010-2013-Radio-CD-Player-MP3-BLUETOOTH-/172920478865 Bluetooth is mentioned in my manual as well but I have the stereo, in my "Fire" which is the same as the one that you have fitted. As for replacing it, well it's case of what are you replacing it with and how much do you want to spend? Some Folk spend a fortune on updating their car stereo systems but if Halfords (Who, I have to admit, aren't the cheapest) are quoting £250 for a fitted stereo, then if the stereo that you are looking at is around the £200-£210 mark, plus fitting at about £40, then it's not too bad. I don't think that the Toyota Bluetooth Stereo ( I think it's made by Pioneer) is a straight fit, connections wise, into our Aygos but I might be wrong on that, so don't quote me!! You can get Bluetooth via various Sat Navs, from cheap Chinese ones which are sometimes pretty good, up to Tom Toms and Garmins. If you are thinking of getting a Sat Nav then for around the £130 mark, you could get a Garmin like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Garmin-DriveSmart-51LMT-S-Lifetime-Updates/dp/B01MYAXRPE/ref=sr_1_29?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1525169299&sr=1-29&keywords=garmin+sat+nav All you would have to do is attach it to your screen and plug it into your 12v supply/cigarette lighter socket.....No worries or costs about fitting. I hope that helps, all the best! Edit: P.S. I am guessing that you want Bluetooth to answer your phone. If you want it to get music from your phone then a cheaper option would be just to connect your phone to the "AUX" socket on the stereo that you already have with a lead. I know that's not as tidy but it might save you a few Bob!! Anyway, tell us how you get on.
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    This arrived today. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M1R3R0Z/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apap_UHoXmXCpvVGg9 Fits fine. It's chrome, not Matt silver like the dashboard, but still looks a lot better than the faded, worn, old one.
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    This post is designed to give a basic overview of modern Toyota Diesel engines and their commonly troublesome components: How does a Diesel engine work? Firstly Diesel is not as flammable as Petrol. Diesel engines don’t have spark plugs to ignite the fuel, but to bring about combustion they require heat. If you put your finger over the end of a foot pump and pump it, your finger will become hot. This is due to compression of the air trapped inside the pump (the air molecules have less space to move about and collide with each other more frequently causing energy to be given off in the form of heat). The same thing happens in a diesel engine: as the piston moves upwards, the air trapped inside is compressed, causing it to heat up (the temperature reached is circa 400 degrees C). Just before the piston reaches the top of its' stroke, the pump and injectors spray a very fine mist of diesel into the piston chamber. The intense heat of the trapped air in the piston causes the diesel to ignite, forcing the piston down and producing the power stroke which goes through the engine via the gearbox / wheels etc etc and off you go. What are Glow Plugs? When internal sensors detect that the core of the engine block has reached a certain designated temperature, or when a certain amount of time elapses, the glowplug relay switches off the "wait-to-start" light. A pre-heating cycle usually lasts for 2 to 5 seconds. The driver then turns the key to the "start" position. The glowplug relay switches off the glowplugs after the engine is running. In some newer cars, glow plugs continue to operate for up to 180 seconds after engine start to keep the engine within emissions regulations, as combustion efficiency is greatly reduced when the engine is very cold. Link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glowplug As glow plugs wear out the vehicle will be more difficult to start, run poorly and produce a white/bluey smoke. Glow Plugs are a reasonably cheap to replace. What is D4D? D4D is Toyota’s version of Common Rail Diesel. The term "common rail" refers to the fact that all of the fuel injectors are supplied by a common fuel rail which is nothing more than a pressure accumulator where the fuel is stored at high pressure. This accumulator supplies multiple fuel injectors with high pressure fuel. Modern common rail systems, are governed by an engine control unit (ECU) which opens each injector electronically rather than mechanically. What are Injectors? Fuel injectors are a key part of modern automotive systems, as they're responsible for getting fuel into the engine in a precise, orderly and carefully engineered pattern. Unfortunately, the conditions we drive in are not ideal. Pollution is in the air, and fuel can be contaminated with water, dirt particles and other debris. Regularly changing your fuel filter (according to change interval in your service book) will help keep debris from circulating. You can also add fuel injector cleaner to your fuel tank, which may help solve running issues. Doing this at regular intervals of 10,000 miles or so might provide more cleansing than your engine actually needs, but it shouldn’t harm the system. Injector Cleaner can't improve your car beyond its original factory spec. When injectors fail there are generally two approaches to repair, take the vehicle to a main dealer and have the whole set (£1000+) replaced or find a diesel specialist who may be able to replace or repair individual injectors (circa £250 each) after testing. Fuel Injector problem symptoms include, poor starting, rough running, loss of power, black or white smoke. It is generally known that injectors will need attention after 100,000 miles. What is a Turbo? Turbochargers are a type of forced induction system. They compress the air flowing into the engine. The advantage of compressing the air is that it lets the engine squeeze more air into a cylinder, and more air means that more fuel can be added. Therefore, you get more power from each explosion in each cylinder. A turbocharged engine produces more power overall than the same engine without the turbocharging. When Turbo’s are failing they will typically cause the car to have a loss of power, excessive smoke and in some cases a high pitched whine. Turbo’s can often be repaired bya turbo specialists or replaced with a new unit, obviously a repair is cheaper. What is an SCV? SCV's (Suction Control Valves) are used in Common Rail diesel engines to control the pressure of the fuel in the accumulator. The pressure is varied by the ECU by controlling how much fuel the pump feeds into the accumulator, replacing the fuel as it is delivered into the engine by the injectors. Low pressure for the injectors at idle, high pressure at maximum power. Electrically operated, SCVs can need to open and close at up to 200 times per second and if they stick or fail to open properly then poor running, starting and power loss can occur. Sticking when hot is often cited as a cause of hot starting problems. D4D pumps may have one or two of these valves depending on the type of pump fitted, this is important when ordering the correct parts. Vehicles commonly affected by this have the 1CD-FTV 2.0 D4D Engine 2000-2005, found on RAV4/Avensis/Corolla built between these dates. This article SCV's on the RAV4 Forum provides an overview of the location and parts on a two valve pump. These parts are typically £250 to replace + fitting if required. What is an EGR Valve? Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions reduction technique used in modern engines, EGR works by recirculating a portion of an engine's exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. After a while the gases containing dirty, sooty carbons start to cover and coat the intake area and valves causing the air to fuel ratio to become unbalanced thus resulting in more black smoke being emitted from the exhaust. This black smoke is then drawn back into the air intake via the EGR valve. A vicious cycle then starts with the engine producing more smoke and sootier carbons being drawn into the intake, a major problem. Symptoms of EGR issues include lack of power, engine hesitancy and then a surge of power followed by black sooty smoke. A fall in fuel economy may also occur. On most Toyota engines the valve is easily removed and cleaned, a dealer will charge an hours labour to do the same job. If the valve fails it will cost around £300 to be supplied and fitted by Mr T. If the vehicle is used continually then carbon clogging could eventually lead to head gasket failure on AD engines, please review the attached document to see if your car has one of these engines.AD Head Gaskets.pdf A simple method of trying to keep the EGR valve clean is to drive the vehicle (once warm) hard by bringing the revs near to the red line, this will result in black soot leaving the exhaust, continue this until the soot no longer appears. This should be a weekly event. This is also known as an Italian Tune Up. Personally as my 2.2 D4D Verso is out of warranty i clean the EGR every 10k, this a superb guide http://www.toyotaown...howtopic=106241 What is D-Cat? D-CAT (Diesel Clean Advanced Technology) is Toyota’s version of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) which is a device designed to remove soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. The soot created by the engine is burnt off during the regeneration process, this process uses fuel which is added by an additional injector, this additional fuel usage reduces MPG when compared with vehicles that dont have a DPF. The regeneration process occurs at road speeds higher than can generally be attained during urban usage ,vehicles driven exclusively at low speeds in urban traffic will require periodic trips at higher speeds to clean out the DPF. On cars with a very high sixth gear the engine revs may be too low to generate sufficient exhaust temperature for regeneration. Occasional harder driving in lower gears should be sufficient to burn off the soot in such cases. With this type of DPF regeneration will be initiated by the ECU every 300 miles or so depending on vehicle use and will take 10 to 15 minutes at 40MPH+ to complete. You shouldn't notice anything other than perhaps a puff of white smoke from the exhaust when the process is completed. If the DPF doesn’t regenerate properly eventually a warning light will be displayed and the vehicle should be taken to a main dealer. Continued usage past this point may destroy the DPF completely so it must be replaced, this will be very expensive (£1000+). DPF Continued If your car is type approved and registered after the date below it will have a DPF to meet the EU Emissions, things can get very complicated here. Vehicles are often built long before being registered, so you could purchase a 2010 car that was a 2009 model. Its important to ask what model year your car is and which emission standard it meets. Its possible to be driving a 10/60 or even an 11 Reg thats not Euro 5 (V) if the car was built long before being registered. Euro 5 (V) Emissions Standard Commenced - September 2009 If you only drive low mileages in town do not buy a Diesel with a DPF. A Petrol is more suitable. Modern Diesels are very complex machines, following manufacturer servicing guidelines is essential as is using the correct oils, fluids and drivers checking levels frequently. The issues mentioned above are not restricted to Toyota's, all manufacturers have these issues and probably more of them. Hopefully this is useful to people Please PM me if any of this requires amending.
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    As regards the Auto Trader reviews the 2007-2010 Auris gained an overrall 4.5 out of 5, the 2010-2013 Auris 4.1 out of 5, the 2012-2015 4.4 out of 5, and the 2013-2015 Touring Sport 4.5 out of 5. There were no reviews as yet for the 2015 mid life facelift. So owners reviews on Auto Trader don't seem to reflect your opinions. Low profile tyres are known for providing poorer ride comfort, and this isn't just a Toyota issue. We had a Mazda 2 as a second car from new which had 16 inch alloys with 45 profile tyres - quite can unnecessary combination given the car's performance - and the ride quality was quite poor as a result.
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    Hi. It's 2 am, I'm just home after getting a puncture at 11.30pm three miles from home. I think a nail entered the tread and then came out again. The near side front tyre deflated fairly quickly. I couldn't see a hole on initial examination so I was optimistic that the electric pump and canister of sealant would do the job, but in fact it didn't work at all. The sealant gushed out through a 2mm diameter hole which was near the centre of the tread. I jacked the car up, engaged neutral, rotated the wheel so the hole was at the bottom and more sealant dripped through, waited ten minutes and then tried inflating it again but only succeeded in producing another gush of sealant. My year's Toyota rescue expired last week, so I called the RAC who did not send out a repair man but simply dispatched a recovery truck straight away to deliver the car and me home. Tomorrow I shall have to jack it up, remove the wheel and take it to a tyre fitter for a replacement tyre. When buying the car I had expressed my misgivings about not having a spare wheel, but the salesman reassured me that the sealant is excellent and works for 90% of punctures. The RAC lady says sealant is rubbish and it never works. The RAC is dismayed at the number of times it has to recover vehicles when previously a quick wheel change would have sufficed. In 38 years of driving this is the first time I've needed recovery (three breakdowns all fixed at the road side, and several flat tyres all changed by myself is my previous tally). Lesson learned. I need a spare wheel. Question: Is the well at the back of the boot space where the charger lead lives big enough to hold a small space saver? I notice it has a curved bottom and wonder if it is used for that purpose in countries where a spare is mandatory? If not where else would you store a spare? What size wheel is needed? Will my friendly Toyota dealer be able to get one? Thanks for any advice Pete
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    I had the leaking fixed for free by Toyota as there is a technical service bulletin covering this problem, headline title can be found on tech docs. Mine is a 58 sr180 and was fixed last year foc. Update 19-1-2015 This has happened again, this time to the other side. The TSB reference is: AURIS: Technical Service Bulletin Rear combination lamp water entry 23 March 2010 BO-0045T-0310-T-EN-IR (en)
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    Ok, Here goes, 1st pull the mirror glass from the bottom by getting your fingers in between the glass and housing until it clips out. let it hang by the wires to one side. 2nd looking at the housing you will be able to see the 4 coloured ( your mirror colour )through the black housing, one on the left, one on the right and two on top. 3rd, it took me some time to figure out how to get the covers off but once I had I now find really easy, as you look inside the housing locate the clip on the outer side (furthest away from the car, right mirror far right/left mirror far left)push the clip out and at the same time put pressure on the outer edge of the coloured mirror cover until you here it click out, keeping pressure on the cover move to the next clip along and do the same working your way towards the car, as you work your way along the cover will come away. 4th the new cover just clips easily back into place. 5th is a little tricky, getting the mirror glass back into place, first tilt the mirror glass housing (white plastic square piece that the glass clicks too)by pushing the bottom off it in as far as it goes so that the bottom is away from you and the top is out towards you, this will then allow you to locate the hinges of the mirror glass into the holes at the top of the white plastic piece before clipping the glass into place by pushing clips into place at the bottom of the glass. dont worry about breaking any clips as you wont, these clips are made from strong flexible plastic and so are deigned not to break. I hope this helps
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    You can do it in several ways: - Go to that website, find the button on the right hand side of the screen saying 'E-mail deze gebruiker' (send e-mail to this user) and write your mail. - Phone to the number given on that site (above the button with e-mail deze gebruiker). Notice that it's The Netherlands you are calling towards, so call 00 - 31 - 6 - 55728611 (assuming international is 00 from the UK, no need to pause between any of the numbers.) It is up to you to arrange the transportation and stuff, and to ask for specifics about this tailgate. As i wrote in my previous message, i am assuming the postage only would be somewhere between 25 and 40 euro's(<< link in there), depending on the total weight. But i am sure it would have to be packed too and picked up, but that's up to you to discuss. I have seen on TNT netherlands website that there are possibilities to let them pick up packages on location for a small extra price. Questions about that can de sent directly to TNT (<< link in there too!) As far as i know this tailgate is black, 2005 RAV4 version, and in good condition and complete. Greetz Pim
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    I've been a keen collector of, Toyota workshop manuals, brochures and press packs for many years, some items take years to find, but the 2006 press pack i got from a brochure dealer , that had a contact at the launch of the new RAV4, as soon as he got his hands on it, he sold it onto me....at a price :) .
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    I have Press launch pack for the 2006 RAV4,a few quotes from the Body section..... 1) "All major body panels are now made of galvanised steel for better anti-corrosion performance" 2) "Wax is injected into closed outer panels" 3) "Anti-chip coating is applied to the bonnet edge, lower door sills and front edge of wheel arches" :) .
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    1993 Corolla GXi AE102 :)

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