Journey around the World with an unbreakable Toyota Hilux

Monday 22 August 2016

On 23rd July 2016, the famous Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov, set a world record for circumnavigating the globe non-stop in a hot air balloon in just 11 days, beating the previous record set by the American balloonist Steve Fosset, by two days.
Toyota 3
Fedor Konyukhov’s ambitious undertaking was directly supported by Toyota, with the new Toyota Hilux as the official vehicle of this incredible journey. Over a year ago, the legendary Toyota Hilux pickup accompanied the distinguished adventurer in the preparations to the around-the-world flight. First of all, it supported the training phase in Russia. During the pre-flight preparations in June, the seventh-generation Toyota Hilux participated in the official handover of a new Cameron Balloons hot air balloon to Fedor Konyukhov in Bristol, UK. On the 12th of July, the Toyota Hilux was indispensable at the launching site near Northam, Australia, preventing the balloon from a premature take-off, while the envelope was being filled with helium. Finally, the pickup was among the first to arrive at the landing site, with Fedor Konyukhov’s team on board. After the balloon touched the ground, it was again secured with the help of Toyota Hilux, enabling Fedor Konyukhov to exit the pod safely.
Fedor’s balloon was airborne for 11 days, traveling the distance of 34,950 km: it passed over the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, approached Antarctica and flew across Australia, South America and Africa. Konyukhov has been flying at heights of up to 10,600m while enduring temperatures down to -55 C.



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