Toyota pulls plug on electric IQ

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Toyota has scrapped their plans to sell a battery powered car which was announced two years ago.

Toyota aimed to sell a limited production run of the battery powered minicar which was based on the existing IQ.

Toyota have not had much fortune with developing electric cars, having to take several attempts at their electric version of the RAV 4, which was also first unveiled in 2010.

The reason cited was that Toyota had ’misread’ the market and is unsure of the technology’s capability to match the needs of drivers today.

Instead, Toyota is turning its attention to hydrogen vehicles and has joined forces with several other car manufacturers to take part in the European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012. 

This is aimed to raise awareness of the benefits of hydrogen cars and prompt the industry to invest more to make the technology a feasible proposition for everyday life.  



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