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    Classic, Comfort Mobile Homes, Classic and Safari Tents

                                              Total Holiday Duration
    Nights On Parc:          3 - 10 Nights         11 - 21 Nights 
    Up to 26th June           45%                       50%
    27 June onwards-        25%                       30%


    Azure Mobile Homes
                                               Total Holiday Duration
    Nights On Parc:           3 - 10 Nights        11 - 21 Nights 
    Up to 26th June            25%                      30%
    27 June onwards          15%                      20%


    The discounts apply per night to the accommodation base price and supplements based on the total holiday duration within the relevant date bands. The offer is subject to availability and a minimum duration of 3 nights with a maximum duration of 21 nights. The offer is only applicable to new 2020 bookings and cannot be applied retrospectively to an existing reservation. The offer is subject to the booking terms and conditions as stated in the 2020 Eurocamp brochure and cannot be combined with the any other Eurocamp offer or discounts. 

    The offer applies to Classic Tents, Safari Tents, Classic and Comfort Mobile Homes and Azure Accommodation (Chalets, Azure Plus and Aspect Accommodation Excluded).

    The following parcs are not included in the offer AL013, CA022, CB017, CD011, CD013, CD019, HL012, IA012, IA015, IA022, IL019, IS018, RV015, VN011, VS011, WM015, WM017, WM020, WM023. Selected parcs may be excluded at any time. 

    In addition to the above parc exclusions BN013, CB013, GA015, GR026, IA017, WM014 are excluded between 18th July and 31st August. 

    The offer is only valid for bookings made between 6th January and 29th February 2020. The offer cannot be redeemed through travel agents. The code cannot be used in conjunction with cashback sites or any other third party website. Use of the code via these sites will result in cashback claims being declined.

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