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  1. I was required to pay full road tax before collection of the vehicle (no reduction for any remainder left from previous owner). £145 for the year. Which was something of a smack in the mouth as I had not paid any Road Tax on my previous Yaris Hybrid. I knew that road tax had been re-introduced on 'alternative' fuel cars since I bought my first one in 2014 but I wasn't aware of just how large the tax was. Only £10 reduction from a 'normal' fuelled car - sheesh!
  2. Yep, my sun-visors open and close smoothly - as 'normal' sun-visors do. However - mine have mirrors but no lights, so perhaps that's the issue...
  3. I've never heard of anything as weird as that phenomenon for car sun visors. After reading this post I went out and tested mine in my MK4 Yaris - but (thank goodness) just normal sun-visors. Mine can be lowered, twisted, turned any way I want - no probs. My Yaris is an early production model too (within the first 300 or so built), so it seems whatever 'improvements' Toyota have made to the Yaris sun visors, they appear to have applied in later issue cars - perhaps?
  4. I remember being quite surprised when first taking ownership my old Yaris M3 Hybrid in discovering that it was quite a ‘talkative’ machine. It would whirr and click to itself quite often - even with everything turned off - ostensibly. I got used to it though, and found it quite amusing in a way. My current Mk4 however has rather a different set of noises - which don’t amuse quite so much. I’m just wondering if these noises are ‘normal’ in a Mk4 Yaris or indicative of the kind of ‘niggles’ I seem to be experiencing in mine. I often hear a ‘clunk’ when braking - not every time but often enough to be a bit concerning. I can’t be sure at this stage of ownership but It seems to occur more often when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, rather than just slowing down. Is this ‘normal’? Today I had the windows open while I reversed out of a parking space. A loud whine and clunk occurred when I put the shift into reverse. Something I couldn’t hear very much with the windows closed (shows how good the sound-proofing is I suppose). Again - is this normal or a niggle? (might turn out to be both!) Does any other Mk4 Yaris owner experience strange noises (when driving their car that is!). Another niggle - but nothing to do with noises. I have the ‘Lane Centering Function’ turned off but the ‘Sway’ function keeps switching itself back on. Does anyone else have the same prob and is there any way of making it do as it’s told! Cheers Chris 😉
  5. Now you come to mention it, yes indeed the Mk4 seats do seem to have a bit less in lower back support. This hasn't bothered me so far (as I haven't been on any particularly longish drives), but I will start to keep greater track of it now. I do find the seats very comfortable in side-to-side support when cornering however. The answer for you might be to invest in some kind of booster cushion. Although trying such a thing before buying might be more difficult.
  6. Ha! I ended up wiring my NextBase Dashcam to the fuse-box with the piggy-back leads. Of course, as you say, The fuse-box-lid can't be fitted back on because the adapter sticks out too much! I've just put the lid in with the user manual instead 😉 Sigh!
  7. Thanks for that Flash. The build date you looked up for me turns out to be July 2020 (among the first 300 Yaris's built), so, as you say, the early production date might indeed be the reason behind some of the 'niggles' I'm experiencing. The manual doesn't mention a jack being part of the Tyre Repair Kit and the 'cubby-hole' in the boot showed no sign of a jack ever being there. No rubber restraining strap and the padding was just thrown into the gap without any attempt at fixing into place. So, it appears Toyota have perhaps discontinued including a jack with the Tyre Repair Kit (even though they did include one with my old Panoramic-roof Mk3).
  8. Yes, I had heard that the panoramic roof / spare-wheel debacle was something to do with the EU. At which point my brain just turned off and walked away! Whatever the reasoning behind Toyota's decision as a corporation, it doesn't leave a positive experience to the individual purchaser / owner, and I'm not so sure that the higher echelons of Toyota have even considered it at that level. I know I've cast aspersions on Toyota dealerships but in my experience they have stepped forward and provided a solution to the customer when ostensibly no such option is/was available from Toyota.
  9. Yes, that is an interesting point and certainly could be the case behind my car's fuse-box lid "dislocation" mystery''. If so, that would let Toyota manufacturing off the hook but put some guilt on the Toyota Dealership I bought the car from. They look as if they couldn't be bothered to replace the fuse-box lid after removing the NextBase camera. ...but that seems par for the course with some Toyota dealerships - I can certainly imagine the main dealer round my way as lackadaisical as that!
  10. Well, maybe. But the lid clipped on easily enough for me. (and that's saying something! 😉)
  11. In answer to Cyker’s original question in the 'Disable Annoying ECO-Score Topic', I’m finding my new Mk4 Yaris Excel a bit of a mixed bag. A good many exceptional features but positioned alongside a few highly disappointing ones (IMHO for such a top-spec car). Firstly, I love the technology behind Toyota’s hybrid system. It’s smooth, quiet, reliable performance, relaxing drive, and power when you want it. I loved my Mk3 Yaris Excel because of that and this Mk4 continues to build on that theme. Secondly the design and styling of the car suits my idea of neat ‘easy on the eye’ looks. In other words - if it looks good, it must be good - well perhaps! Both the Mk3 and Mk4 look good IMO - the Mk4 in particular. The Mk4 scores better because of extra performance. It feels punchier on the road, yet is still smooth and quiet - love that. I’m not into raucous cars! BUT… I think Toyota has cut a few corners in other areas though. I don’t know why they have done this, maybe to get the car quickly into worldwide circulation - just guessing. I’m noticing a definite deterioration in the build quality compared to my Mk3. The metal body is composed of thinner steel and flexes quite alarmingly if leaned on a bit too hard. I grabbed one of the door handles to pull myself up from a kneeling position yesterday and it flexed in a way that gave me more than a moment of consternation! I know the new Yaris is 20Kg lighter than the old one, they say because of the lighter battery, but I’m sure a good deal of that weight-saving must be owing to the thinner steel. When I took delivery of the car two weeks ago, I noticed a fair number of squeaks and rattles from the interior trims. Now, my car is not new; it is a September 2020 ex-demonstrator having done some 8600 miles, but it has the rattles of a much older and much more well-used car. On examination, it turned out that the driver and passenger doors were the main rattling culprits, together with the glove compartment. Pulling the door-handle trim away from the doors revealed the clips not fitting very well. I needed to cut away plastic moulding flash from the clips to allow them to fit better. While doing that, I noticed a threaded hole in the door-supports of each door - but no screw or thread had ever been fitted in the factory - as there was pristine paint still in the threaded hole. I found a couple of screws which fitted and tightened the trim panels better than they were before. They still rattled however, but a lot more quietly! This has now been cured by an old trick I learned a long while ago of taking a small brush and running some liquid masking fluid in between the rubbing / squeaking trim joints and allowing to dry. This seals the join (stopping the rattle/squeak) but still allows the trims to come apart in the future as the masking fluid dries as a thin latex sheet and peels off without damaging anything. The rattling glove compartment needed more work with some felt pads stuck on the interior lip of the door-surround. This is all very well on an old 2nd hand car (and I’ve owned a fair number of those!) but a 10 month old Toyota Yaris Excel - and supposedly top of the range at that - not a good advert for Toyota reputation in build-quality. Last week, I wired a dash-cam to my new Yaris via the fuse-box under the passenger foot-well (as I did with my Mk3). Lo and behold, I found the fuse-box lid just left loose and tied with a plastic cable-tie to the footwell lighting wiring; not clipped to the fuse-box at all! What on earth is going on there? Surely it would have taken a factory worker longer to fasten a plastic cable-tie than just to clip the lid into its proper place! Moving on to ‘top of the range’ spec of the Excel; no footwell lights at all, the wiring and plugs are there but no lights. The only interior lights you apparently get are courtesy lights under the windscreen and a meagre boot-light - that’s it! So, if the Excel is ‘top-of the range’ which spec gets the footwell lights? I think its the Launch Edition only. But it’s more than a bit mean not to include a couple of LEDs in their Excel spec too! Then there is the Tyre Repair Kit saga - groan… Both my Yaris’s are/were the Panoramic roof choice, and you don’t get a spare wheel with those. It isn’t even an option. But of course, mention it as a deal-breaker and a dealer can usually come up trumps. My old Yaris Mk3 had a space-saver spare wheel thrown in as part of the deal and I made the same dealer arrangement with my new Mk4. Imagine my surprise however when I eventually found out that there is no car-jack with this new Yaris! Toyota obviously don’t think you need a jack if you have a Tyre Repair Kit now. There is space in a compartment in the boot for one but no actual jack. My old Yaris Mk3 had a Tyre Repair Kit and a jack (under the passenger seat). Fortunately, £9 on e-bay was enough to acquire the right one for this car. But this is another example that gives (me at least) the strong impression of Toyota cutting corners. Now having moaned about all that. I still like the car - a lot - but maybe not quite as much as I did when reading about the new Yaris Mk4 and anticipating it’s delivery. These niggles, although minor in themselves, are of sufficient quantity to make me think a bit harder about whether my next car will be a Toyota. Does it make a difference where a car is actually built? Mine was built in France. Has my car been a Friday / Monday car or do such things still exist from manufacturing stories of old? I don’t know. It would be very interesting to hear from other members about their Yaris Mk4 ownership. Cheers Chris 😉
  12. Apologies for that mess-up chaps. ...and many thanks for sorting it out Colin. Taking photographs in the car then putting them in the right order on the PC is obviously proving a step too far for me! Anyway, I was going to edit the previous 'solved' post with new pics but I can't seem to find a way to do that, so here is a new 'corrected' (I hope) series of pictorial guidance, hopefully reinforcing what Colin (CPN) has said.
  13. Hi Chaps Annoying ECO-Score Message - SOLVED! Much obliged for all your feedback. I'm sure I never would have found the way through the dogs-dinner of the Yaris Setup menus without you guys pointing me in the right directions - slide switches or not! I've taken a group of 6 pics to show how I've managed to disable that condescending and really annoying eco-score message at the end of every drive. Now it only shows a trip summary - I can certainly live with that - much more 'normal'.
  14. Many thanks for your replies Cyker and Flash 22. Much appreciated. Been through the settings setup quite a few times but to no avail. I've attached some pics of what I am getting on the menu's - just in case I am missing something that you (or someone else) might be able to spot - hopefully! Thanks again, Cheers Chris 😉
  15. I think I probably know the answer to this one: - I have just bought a Yaris Excel Mk4 Hybrid (registered Sept 2020) after having my previous Yaris Mk3 Hybrid written off by a dim-sighted white-van-man a month ago. Love the car (as I did my old one) but I just can’t abide the Eco-Score thing which shows up on the meter display after each journey. It gives a percentage score and three bars showing start, cruise and stop, together with some firmly worded ‘advice’ on how I can ‘improve’ my eco-driving. I don’t need my car telling me how to drive it thank you, especially when the algorithms Toyota are using to gauge such things don’t always appear to be fully related to real-life traffic conditions. Does anyone know how to disable this condescending and increasingly annoying eco-score message appearing every time I switch off my car? I’ve looked in vain online and it appears that you can customise most things on the Yaris meter display - but apparently not this. I’m really hoping someone here knows something different. Chris
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