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  1. once you have the d2s installed at the height you want, tape the threads with electrical tape, and spray any visible threads with a sticky/waxy lube, most coilovers like seizing, but d2s are a nightmare for it, alot of the crx boys ended up scrapping them as after a few months they were bound solid, me included, sodding damper leak after 4 months and they were bound solid, im not a monkey either, i strip and build gas turbines for a living so tight bolts are a daily occurance, but d2's got the better of me, went to tein and never loked back
  2. i had a go at fitting mine on saturday, firstly i tried to remove the bumper, but the bolts are just spinning and wont undo, then tried the tight squeeze method, but i cant get the harness off the back of the bulb for the life of me! its stuck and no amount of wiggling it helped!, my hands were small enough to change the indicators in situ, but its stupidly tight, any ideas how to unstick the bulb? i wish the brake/abs unit thing could be moved, i dont mind the ballasts being on show, i just want the lights in for the really bad weather, i opted for 4700k bulbs too, im not a fan of blue...
  3. if you look in the owners manual it actually suggests just driving it instead of leaving it to warm up on cold days
  4. thank you nrgizerbunny, you've helped me out twice now!, i got to the fogs from under the car as you suggested, and know i can get these bulbs ordered, top man also ive just noticed on your hid fitting guide that you have to drill into the cluster? why is that,? i always thought these were plug and play kits?
  5. Real quick one folks, a search didn't help me, does my 04 corolla t sport use a canbus failed bulb system, I'm looking to upgrade to hids and need to know before buying, thanks in advance, James.
  6. Oops my newbness shone through! Haha! On a side note, if you can afford to splash a little extra cash on coilovers you won't regret it, I've had d2's from new and tein superstreets from new (both on my old ef8 Crx) and the difference is night and day, the d2's are just too stiff for a road car, too high spring rates and poor damping, the teins however are fantastic, every click of the damper makes a noticeable difference, and are still stiff enough for track/ cut slick use, for the extra couple of hundred quid Its well worth the wait, the d2's are more adjustable (corner weighting, can run lower height etc) but lower isn't better, I've spent the last 4 years tweaking suspension and alignment, and always praise the teins, I have a few interesting articles on how to make a ff car handle brilliantly and can forward them if your interested, it worked for me.
  7. your cts is sweet bridges, its making me want to mod mine, thunder grey really is the best colour
  8. try ebay user: automotive_jandj i just ordered and recieved mine within a week, the heko logo is etched in but is subtle, they work a treat! £30 all in.
  9. Thanks for that fella, I'll get the wheels off and get in there. As for braided lines, my Crx had braided lines, brake master cylinder stopper, dixcel type z pads, and motul rbf600 fluid, and tbh I found the pads made the biggest difference, pads are a hard one for insurance companies to spot in the unlikely event of an inspection, whereas lines stand out a clear mile, but lines are possibly the weaker link in the cts's chain, I really told myself to not go overboard on this car, just minor visual mods, not performance stuff, but there is a definate lack in braking performance, I know it's a heavy machine in comparison to the metro and Crx's I'm used to!
  10. Fail, bestmotoring international. My trd shift knob came today, but due to the standard knob length I'll have to have a collar machined up to fill the gap, should look great once fitted though, feels sportier too, I'm slowly getting used to it now, did 200 miles today and it's much better than the Crx for comfort, I like the 6 speed close ratios and find the shift quick as standard, but still find the brakes uninspiring, think the ferodos will come sooner rather than later, I've never been impressed with ebc's, think I'll invest in a new a/c filter, it's in at Toyota for a free check over on Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes! Anyone know if you can remove the fogs without removing the front bumper? Cheers, james
  11. hi folks, thought i'd join up here as i know how useful forums can be for maintaining a car and for those niggles that are easier to sort when you know how! anyway heres some blurb about me, im 28 and male, so no perving over a new female member im afraid, i live in central lincoln, and ive made the swap from the world of honda, ive had 3 mk2 crx's over the past 7 years, the last of which was a 183bhp, caged, tein'd, lsd'd, delete spec'ed monster, but after 4 years of tweaking and sprinting/trackdays in it i felt it was time to move on to something sporty but refined so i opted for a 54 plate thunder grey corolla, ctr's have never impressed me much, but the corolla has always caught my eye. the said car has done a few miles over average at 94000 but knowing japanese reliability im not too worried, it has a fairly complete history (something my last crx failed to have when i imported it) and overall is in good condition, it has a couple of small soft dents, a laquer chip on the rear bumper behind the wheel, and a wing mirror that needs colour matching, it also has a very minor front end rumble at low speed, which im assuming is a tired balljoint or track rod end but its not completely shot, it drives very nicely and is un-noticeable above 10mph. the car set me back at just under £4k privately. the previous owner had apparently had a proffesional valet recently but that was balls, i gave her 4 hours of cleaning yesterday (so much easier on 6 year old paintwork!) the interior is mint, but had a minor dog odour, luckily my brother in law works for a big car firm and has access to autoglym pdi kits so i used one on the corolla, a new poppy coral later and its like new!. the drive is really nice, its very smooth, fairly responsive, the driving position is spot on, toe and heel is easy, and the gearshift is nice, engine wise im so far not blown away, the 'lift' isnt quite the vtec of old but it is progressively quick, it handles nicely and responds well to lift off oversteer, im not too sure about the heavy clutch though, when driving in anger it feels like (when depressed) the clutch is vibrating slightly? its not slipping but feels slightly odd, almost like the car revs slightly for you to make it pick up better in the next gear? also the brakes feel a little spongey to me, bear in mind ive only had the car for 2 days so its an initial impression! as for mods i'm keeping this very near to standard, firstly i'll get the bodywork up to top condition, i'll have an oil and filter change, then its in for some subtle jdm styling, i have some yellow fog tinting film which i really like the look of, and yellow light travels further in poor conditions, so the fogs will be tinted, i have some wind deflectors on their way (something my ef8 had and added an aero look to the top of the car), a set of 4.3k h.i.d's will be fitted, i have a trd white duracon gearknob on its way (to match the dials) and a couple of subtle decals for the rear window, nothing chavvy, only dedicated japanese car fans will know what they are, and further down the line i may have the stock wheels powdercoated off white, and i'll pop some ferodo ds performance pads in when it comes to replacing them, so all insurance friendly stuff really, im tired of having 3 insurance companies to choose from because of the cage... anyway, thats it for now, hope to get chatting to some of you lot soon, cheers, james.
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